Monday, December 5 of 2011

Daily messages

"Trust in My Heart, that I will shelter you. Do not fear for that which you still have not overcome, rejoice yourself in My Immaculate Heart, so that My Love may resound in your inner."

Dear children, today I call you to a daily contemplation of prayers; this will allow, My little ones, that the calls that are pronounced from Earth by each one of the souls, be heard by our Most Beloved Lord of the Heavens. For this My dears, today I invite to you to a meditation of prayers that elevate the spirit and the soul. Pronounce your voices to the Heavens, so that I, the Queen of Peace, can intercede for all the souls that in this last time get lost in materialism and in ambition.

For this, My little soldiers, ignite the praying inner fire so that you together with My Immaculate Heart, may help me in the liberation and in the forgiveness of entire world. I listen daily your prayers and My Immaculate Heart will correspond to your request according to the Will of the Lord.

I love your hearts very much, I contemplate you moment by moment. Thank you for answering to My daily call. My Heart protects you; we are united in prayer and in mercy.

The Kingdom of My Peace in your hearts.

Who protects  from all in the Celestial Light,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity.