Saturday, January 13 of 2018

Daily Messages

Pray, when the night seems to fall over the sky of the Earth.

Pray when the difficulties are great, and the challenges seem impossible, because in this way, My children, the Grace of God will always come to assist you.

Pray so that the world may receive the healing it so much needs, and may neither the wars nor the chaos cause the faith of your hearts to wane.

Pray when darkness approaches, when solitude seems infinite and emptiness takes over your inner world, and persevere.

From the perseverance of your hearts will be born the merits for a new life.

From the healing of your souls will be born the merits for the healing of the planet.

From the sun lit in your hearts, in spite of the difficulties, will be born the merits so that Aurora may rise again in the sky of the Earth and within beings.

From the fortitude of your hearts will be born the merits so that the weak of spirit may rise again.

From the invisible of your hearts, I build the universal triumph of God.

In the silence of your lives, I teach you to imitate My Steps and to transform the Earth in the anonymity of a celestial victory.

So that the world may know the Grace of higher life, persevere, and have faith in the invisible.

What is a mystery to you today will be tangible to you someday. But, before touching, you must believe, feel, and live under the Grace of what is not seen.

Have faith and strengthen the faith in your hearts.

Trust will make you free of doubts and you will know how to recognize within yourselves the portals of the new life, because you will already be part of it.

Build now, within yourselves, what will make you guides of the new humanity, because it is through knowing how to go beyond yourselves and the difficulties of these times that you will be able to guide others.

It is by trusting in what is invisible to you today that you will be able to guide beings to the path of their redemption, even when there is no light over the world. Because you, children, will not depend on the light of the Earth, but rather on the light that illumines your inner self.

Pray in the presence of doubt, pray on facing error, pray on facing temptations, pray on facing indifference, pray when you feel separate and distant from one another, and more than that, pray, pray a lot, when you feel distant from God.

Today I tell you, My children, that a great mystery is drawing closer to your lives.

The planet is facing the birth of the new human being, which will be painful, but also, it is facing a light that is unknown to you, in spite of it having been here since the beginning.

Pray to recognize the truth, pray so that the truth can be before your eyes, and even though it is invisible, that you may be able to see it.

The rays of Aurora that are being born within the Earth are already illuminating a part of the planet, and those who open themselves to its rays and to its light will never be in the darkness of this world.

Pray, My children, and feel that I Am part of this New Aurora, which as it is born on Earth, is also born in heaven, in the depths of the infinite, and illumines all spaces, renewing them with the balm of the Light of God.

Pray in order to know how to trust, pray to awaken faith and do not let yourselves be deceived or darkened, do not let yourselves become cold by this night that you live on Earth.

May the rays of the New Aurora warm your hearts and reveal a new path to you where Heaven and Earth unite, where that light that was ignited in the depths of the Earth finds part of itself in the infinite. And in this mystery the Creator reveals to you that the same Aurora is born in Heaven and on Earth, and that is where My Immaculate Heart is.

Pray so that, more than understanding what I tell you, you may live it.

I bless you, today and always.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace