Tuesday, January 10 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children,

A divine mystery for each one of your hearts is the prayer of the heart. It will take you towards the Presence of God whenever you need it, because prayer will lead you to the feet of the Creator.

Little children, today I take you all towards the feet of the Divine Father. Therefore, I invite you to convert your hearts into a living plea so that each one of your souls may express itself like a beautiful flower for the Creator. Thus, dear children, you will know how easy it is to live in the peace of the heart and in the peace that true prayer will give you.

Dear children, seek in My Immaculate Heart the perfect union of your lives with God. I, as the Divine Mother, the favorite Mother for each one of you, will take you towards the coming time of reconciliation. In order to forgive, dear children, you must open yourselves to love what you have never loved. By seeking the presence of the Divine Love of Christ you will know from where to truly begin the path of the conversion of your hearts.

When My voice pronounces “heart, heart, heart” so many times, it is because we are, My little ones, in the time of the calling to the conversion of all hearts of the world. And you are partakers with Me to be able to help Me in the total transformation of many lives in need of God.

Because of this, My little ones, I come towards you, calling you one by one so that the merciful God the Father may reign in your lives and thus, you may come to know the infinite emanation of His Love.

In the name of the Almighty God, I am inviting you to restore your lives not only through prayer, but also through the full and absolute trust of each one of your hearts in God. He wants to give you His Peace, the Eternal Peace, again. For this, dear children, My Immaculate Heart is coming to each one of your lives.

Let us continue firmly through this path of prayer and peace that together we are building through the giving of the heart.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity 

Peace on Earth, Love for those who wake up, Infinite Light for those who walk towards Me.