Saturday, February 4 of 2012

Daily messages

Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Live under the Law of Love. Walk without pause towards the Kingdom of the Lord. In confidence feel the Peace of My Heart in your heart. Renounce the past to be able to live in the new.

Rejoice your soul when you sing to God. Smile to the life that has been given and entrusted to you. Live the example of humility for life. If your heart is tired, withdraw your soul within My Immaculate Heart. If your heart is discouraged, listen to My voice that comes from the Heavens. Await with hope for what will later come as Good News.

Listen with attention to the sign of the Lord, because it may now be the time of your calling and of your awakening. Find in prayer the moment for your perfection, surrender and giving. In this way the souls that are thirsty for God will avail themselves of your service. Accept with gratitude the changes in life, thus you will understand the mysteries of the universal divine plan.

Unite your heart to the heart of each brother and sister, be a link that forms part of the great chain of fraternity. Imitate Jesus and live each day in Christ Jesus so that you will be able to follow from up close the footprints that His Sacred Heart leaves. Embrace with your soul the new time, live the Hour of Peace in this moment.

Work as a worthy child of God in the unity of the hearts; do not divert your heart from the purpose so that it may always be able to see the path. Surpass, with courage, the shadows that the life of transformation brings; withdraw your heart within the Kingdom of Redemption. Allow yourself to feel in your life the divine power that rules each creature; unite to the Omnipotence of God.

Bring your life close to the Lord; feel from up close the power of His Love. When you reach the emptiness in all, you will allow the Source to fill the amplitude of your heart. Be born again with joy so that all may live under My Grace.

Dear children, today I call you to the reflection of the heart so that all may unite to the one and only principle of life, which is God.

Let us pray for those who are in the ignorance of the heart.

Peace for all. Faith for each heart.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity