Sunday, February 5 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children:

Look for God in your hearts. Join again the ties of love with Him, so that your souls may be in peace. Live under the Light of Christ; find the path to conversion at His side, this way, your feet will walk at the same pace of His Sacred Heart.

Do not be afraid of the changes, the world is in the cycle of redemption. For this My dear children, do not lose yourselves for the faults committed to God, look how to unite your souls with the Creator so that His Gaze and His Heart irradiate to you the love.

Today I come to ask you that you pray with the heart, so that the gifts of the Father can be made visible in all of you. A gift from God is a gift of true love, to which you should always reciprocate so that life be permeated by the light of the Heavens.

Dear children: I call you with My great Heart of Mother, so that day by day you can live in reconciliation. The world offends God without perceiving it,this is why dear children you are being called to irradiate peace. Your hearts have to be like Mine, they should be like springs of peace for the world. Convert your hearts into a fountain of life, so that through prayer they irradiate the fruits that the love will bring.

Dear children: I thank you for the response of your prayers. We have to continue in prayer, as all the souls need the conversion and the hope. Live under the law of My Immaculate Heart. 

Thank you for responding to My call. 

In the Peace of the Heart,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.