Monday, November 4 of 2013

Daily messages

One month since the last marathon in the blessed City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, My Christic Consciousness returns to the origin of the origin, returns to the place where you have seen Me walking between the orange trees as was prophesized.

May this fourth marathon represent the perfect harmony for the hearts that pray the Chaplet of My Divine Mercy because the lack of harmony in humanity, in the continents, in the oceans and principally in the Kingdoms is leading to a disequilibrium of the axis of the planet.

But the Infinite Source of My Mercy perfectly harmonizes and aligns everyday all of the axes of the Earth and this is always possible when the prayerful ones call Me in prayer.

This fourth marathon that will be realized for the second time in the Marian Center of Aurora will have the purely spiritual aim of being able to repair extremely grave situations that have been gestated in the consciousness of humanity.

For this, through the Kingdom of Aurora and through the Lady of Aurora all of the prayers will be elevated to Heaven during this marathon so that they may be presented before the Thrones of God.  In this way Your Mother, by means of the loving intercession of Her Son Jesus, will ask for more Peace and for more Mercy for the whole world.

My principle intention for this fourth marathon will be the spiritual unity between the four Marian Centers, the one of Aurora, the one of Figueira, the one of the Holy Spirit and the one of the Child King.  This will permit the great celestial spheres to be radiated from the universe towards the Earth and once again that humanity be relieved.

All of the groups of prayer that follow the inner construction of these marathons will also be able to be united under the impulse of merciful prayer.

The Kingdom of Aurora expects that by the end of the 13th day of November Heaven will have complied with the task of redeeming the souls of this world.  Each new encounter with Me promises a change in the consciousness, in the life and in the cells of the physical body for those who open themselves in trust to My Redeeming Call.

With joy Heaven will be united again with the sacred lands of Aurora and this will be possible because of your fellowship with Christ.

I will thank in advance the effort of all of the marathon participants for taking part in this fourth marathon.  During the 5th Marathon of the Divine Mercy that will take place in the city of Londrina, the State of Paraná, Brazil, the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary will carry out a regional blessing for all of the South of Brazil with the aim of complying with the divine request of peace and of unity among all of the people from Brazil.

My companions,

Today My Heart approaches you to encourage you to go ahead.  Do not fear for the graveness of your faults or for them to occur, fear whenever you are not able to recognize that you need My Mercy, as most souls do not direct their problems to My Wise Heart.

I Am among you to make you grow up and love.  I wait for you in the communion of the heart.  

A good day of praying for all the marathon participants!

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Eternal Heart of Love!

Christ Jesus