Sunday, August 6 of 2017

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of the Glorified Jesus Christ during the 49th Marathon of the Divine Mercy, at the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Jesus Christ:

Today I come to proclaim My advent, but also My thanks for the good, honest and sincere souls, that have congregated here to celebrate with their Lord the triumph of His Kingdom in humanity. This event is part of My celestial Victory on the planet.

Do not fear companions, neither here nor in any part of the world, because My rival is agitated, it is a sign that his defeat is near.

Today I also come for the souls that suffer and are not here, present like you are, participating in this intimate Communion with My merciful Heart.

Through your prayers in these two days, a great number of souls could be immersed in the Ocean of My Mercy. The most indelible and unforgiving sins were dissolved by the celestial Flame of My Grace.

Now see, My companions, My soldiers, My disciples, what is the real task for the end of these times. Do not search for greater results through this Work. This will happen if My Father wishes so.

I invite you to always live in love and in truth, because you will always know how to be free from the prisons of this planet and of all the worldly illusions.

Today your souls opened the eyes of the consciousness.

Today your hearts opened the doors to the infinite. And this is part of My Grace, of all that My Sacred Heart grants to the souls, after having experienced the sorrowful Passion, a long time ago.

Today you have made My Cross lighter. Therefore, I am here together with the angels of the universe, to celebrate with you this new Supper, today the Supper of joy. Hope is very necessary in these times. Your hearts can never lose hope, because your brothers and sisters will come to look for hope in you and in each example of love and charity.

So, I come to pour upon you My Gifts, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Sacred Flame of God, which builds the evolutionary consciousness, transcendence and ascension. 

Today I come to talk to you, through the Law of Ascension, that Law that the Universe applied to raise My Consciousness to the Universe, more than two thousand years ago. This Law allows you to experience the transcendence of all that is corrupt, only when you open your hearts, as you have opened them in these two days.

The Law is broken under its own weight, and the souls no longer have unpayable burdens to experience. The chains are liberated, the ties are untied and the Ray of Will-Power is manifested in all that is planetary life.

Although the waters of the world and the nations are muddy, know that I will not abandon you. I fulfill the promises that I make, as I have fulfilled them with My apostles, with all the Christians, throughout times and by means of all miracles.

Today I come from the Heaven of My Celestial Church. May the doors open for the angels of the universe to descend and so we will praise the All Mighty, the Creator, for making humanity worthy so many Graces.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

At the request of Our Lord Jesus Christ, let us listen to the song "Praise be to God, Glorious His Kingdom. Hallelujah, Hallelujah."

All together. Opening the doors to the Celestial Church.

And now, at the request of Christ, let us open the doors to the angelical and archangelical universe. Let us sing the melodic Kodoish, united to our Guardian Angels, following the exercise that Our Lord is doing.

Let us worship, together with the angels, our Creator.

Let us be accompanied by Christ before the Primordial Source.

Let us visualize, through our hearts, this luminous Presence of the Father that approaches humanity by means of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of His Sacred Heart.

Let us see how our Master, within His Celestial Church, opens the door that will lead us to the encounter with the Creator.

Let us visualize through this portal of light that Christ opens to us, a great ocean of light, deep blue. Above it, we see a great sphere of golden light, more luminous than many suns and above it, we see our Eternal Father in His aspect of Wisdom and Discernment, of Goodness, of Love and of Mercy.

Let us see around our Father the different angelic winged consciousnesses that kneel before our Father and slightly bowing our heads, we will greet our Father, the Creator. Abba.

Jesus has taken us to Him so that we will hear Him, we will hear the Voice of our Father, just as the Voice of our Father has spoken to His beloved Son, many times.

In this recollection and adoration before the Primordial Source and before this Spiritual Universe, of which Christ invites us to fully commune, let us perform, at His request, an act of forgiveness and reconciliation.

And before the Primordial Source, let us deposit our feelings, our thoughts, our errors, our misunderstandings, our deviations, in order to serve the Father through Christ, from the Source of His Mercy.

Let us put our hands in a sign of reception, resting them on our legs. Let us relax our physical body for the Spiritual Energy of the Creator to enter our consciousness, through our head and towards the whole body, reaching the center of our heart.

At this moment, before the Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the angels and the Archangels and our Heavenly Father, let us issue this act of pardon and of reconciliation, liberating our hearts from any bitterness, from any disturbance or any affliction that ties us, that limits us on our spiritual path.

In the silence of our heart and of our consciousness, let us put in the hands of Christ our miseries and let us receive from Christ what He will withdraw from the Source and hand us in a profound emptiness, without intention nor expectation, in a profound nothingness.

Let us surrender at the Feet of the Heavenly Father, let us see His kind and merciful Gaze, let us see how He holds out to us His Arms and His Hands as a Father who embraces His little child, and let us be in peace, in communion with the universal life.

Creator Father:

Listen, children, to the Voice of your Father. Humanity, listen to the Voice of your Creator Father.

Straighten your paths. Place your hearts in the Hands of your Lord because the innocence of the world is being lost and the darkness is advancing, distancing all My creatures from the Source of My Love.

Receive from My Celestial Kingdom the healing for your consciousnesses, the Light for your renewal, the Love for your ascension, the redemption for your liberation.

Enter My celestial Church and say to all your brothers and sisters that the time has come of the return of the Father, to give witness of what you have learned on this planet.

Today a synthesis is taking place in your lives and a new spiritual cycle starts in your small consciousnesses.

Children of this Creation, let your loving Father deposit His Gifts in your hearts and, finally, in the name of Love be others, on this planet that suffers so much, that agonizes so much and that suffers persecution of this race and the destruction of all that I have created in image and likeness of My Consciousness. 

Feel the pain of Mother Earth and the request of Her Mercy. Feel the pain of the Kingdoms and Their request for redemption. Feel nature, that asks for peace. Feel the consciousness of this planet, the Great Crystal at the center of Earth that, in silence, asks for piety.

You are part of this world and of this Creator Universe. You are part of a Life that does not belong to you. You are part of an origin, a beginning and  an end, thought of by My fatherly Heart.

In this profound emptiness, that I invite you to experience today, in the Arms of your Eternal Father and in a profound surrender, of love and unity, I ask you, children, to help My universal Plan, all My angels, all the Archangels, My beloved Son and My blessed Mother.

Receive from the Source, the most Holy Trinity and commune, in My Celestial Church, with these Principles. May your cells awaken to the newness, may your feelings be raised and may your fears be dissolved; the time of the Great Judgement of Love has arrived, where I will come to ask you, children, all that I have given you, from My immaterial universe.

Before My Source, and before the Universe of My Love, find in it the Divine Purity. Believe that it is possible to recover it, because if I Am your Father  in Heaven, nothing will ever be impossible for His children, when it is My Divine Will.

Today receive in your inner worlds, a small spark from the Source of Original Purity and make it grow within you, as a flower grows to praise to the Creation.

Now put your hand on your chest and see how a flower of light opens itself in your inner worlds, and the reconciliation is established between the spiritual universe and the material universe.

There is no evil that opposes this, because if My Will, children, is that I am in you, it is also My Will that you be in Me, as My Son is in Me and I am in Him, in perfect unity.

With this exercise of the purest Love of your Creator, I dispel some darkness on Earth and I bring Grace, on this afternoon, of the awakening of new consciousnesses.

Children, be My Columns, so that I may erect My Temple over you and keep within it all those who suffer.

I leave you with My Son, because in My Son is Life, as part of My divine Emanation and of My sublime Consciousness in all the universes of Creation.

Today, in this place, a cosmic Law is fulfilled and Grace manifests itself to a great number of consciousnesses. This is a work of the Love that I feel for My children, but more so those who distanced themselves from Me and are lost.

Be the mirror of God in the world and My Light will be able to refract itself in humanity. Believe that it is possible, because in this way you will not recognize yourselves.

Jesus Christ:

If My Father had not sent me to the world, I would never have learned to love, because through My enemies is the experience of love and the expression of My Divine Mercy. 

Today I have brought you here, to the Source and before My Celestial Father, for you to listen, to experience and to feel Him, just as I feel Him every second of life and in each breath.

May the world turn its eyes to the universe, for it to recover its affiliation with God. May the world not offend God anymore, because the Father feels very offended by so much indifference, so much evil, so much cruelty.

Be the bearers of the Mercy of God and you will reach the Kingdom of Heaven, as you have experienced today the Kingdom of Heaven for a moment.

God has pronounced Himself, after His Silence. Blessed are those who opened their ears without being able to see, because they will be worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven.

I would like the world to experience the sublime universes, but I know that My enemy has put himself in charge of distancing humanity from its true consciousness.

Today, after you have learned to connect yourselves to God, imitate My example and do it for your brothers and sisters, for all those who are asleep.

I come to close this meeting through this union with the Creator. I come to officiate these Sacraments as one more gift for the souls. I ask you not to lose these inner treasures. May nothing or anyone takes them away, because they belong to the Creator for the experience of the souls.

Now, My angels will transubstantiate the elements and substances, for them to serve as healing, joy and bliss to the simple souls. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Let us stand up, at the request of Our Lord, for the consecration of the elements.

Jesus Christ:

Now, receive from My Heat the blessing of Love, the eternal gratitude for this meeting. And as this is part of the rejoicing of God and of the work of His Grace, today I want the nations of the world, beyond Brazil and the Southern Cone, to receive from their hearts the Ray of Hope, the one that opens the doors for the healing of humanity.

I rise to Heaven, listening to "Hope Color." May your voices sing for the world, for the hearts to heal from their spiritual pain.

So be it.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Thank you, God, for all You give us!

In this meeting we honor You, Lord.