My dear children,

On this radiant day, by the Solar and Eucharistic Presence of My Son among you, as Mother and Pilgrim, I approach you, My dear children, so that in perpetual prayer we may continue to pray to God through the light of the heart, for all urgent causes that need divine and spiritual intervention.

For this purpose, today your Celestial Mother and Holy Queen of Spain, with the Scepter of God,  banishes oppression, which throughout the centuries My slave children of Africa and the Middle East have experienced. 

Today, I am here as the Mother of the shipwrecked and those who have disappeared. I am here as a Mother who cries with the mothers of war and the mothers who have lost their beloved children and relatives in the earthquakes.

I come, in the name of the Most High, to close the great spiritual and regional wound that has not yet been healed since the terrible earthquake in Syria and Turkey.

As My Son told you yesterday, I come as Mediator and Intercessor to elevate to Heaven those who were discarded in the Mediterranean Sea and those who have gone missing in Turkey, Syria, New Zealand, Japan and Brazil in these recent days.

Dear children, does anyone else hear the cry of Mother Earth and all her elements?

This is why I came last Saturday, to ask the world for sincere penance, true repentance and deep reparation, so that the outrages of war and the fury of nature may no longer take place in the world.

Therefore, now and more than ever, seek inner balance, seek to be peacemakers of Christ and, with your prayers, in service, embrace and love all those who suffer, for this is the hour when the prophecies announced by Christ to His apostles, before His Ascension, will be fulfilled.

Pray for your families and for the families of the whole world so that the sacred cell of the Project of God may no longer becomes a model of lack of love, betrayal, revenge and hatred.

It grieves My Heart to see the present and sad situation of families. I ask you to truly pray.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

On this holy day, when the darkness of the Earth is withdrawn from those of Mine, I would like to dictate an aspiration of My Heart to you.

Today I have come to speak to you about the glorious image of your Glorified Lord Jesus and about the powerful image of the Merciful Jesus.

When I dictated the universal and celestial powers of My ocean of Mercy to Sister Faustina, one night I revealed My merciful Face to her, so that the world would know the infinite compassion of My pious Heart.

In this way, I showed her the Blood and Water that constantly flowed from My Side, but I also made known to her the great thirst that I felt, at that time, before a blind and deaf humanity, which never wanted to hear the Voice of God through His beloved Son.

At that time, the Blood and Water would be the great justification between humanity and God, through Christ, in order to awaken a way of universal atonement in the world.

So I asked Sister Faustina, My daughter, to have an image painted just as she had seen it in an outer vision. I came during the night to show, through My Mercy, that I Am the Light that defeats and illuminates all darkness. Thus, I revealed to her the ocean of My Mercy and asked in writing that whoever venerated and contemplated it in the end of times would be protected by the mantle of My unfathomable Mercy.

After ten years, when the war had already ended, My Face came to be known. No painter would be capable of expressing My Presence; they could only do so if they loved the Mercy of My Heart.

At that time, I asked that My Mercy be known and venerated the Sunday after Easter, for in the past, after My death, the apostles knew the power of My Resurrection through the Wounds of My Mercy.

Thus it was that Adonai, through the Face of My Mercy, granted that humanity, despite their sins, would know the path of the way out toward the universe of the Love of God.

Years have passed and humanity does not understand what this atonement that I offer the souls of the world means. And as I promised in the Garden of Gethsemane, before elevating to the universe, I will return with even more power and glory. That is why I told Sister Faustina, through inner speech, minutes before her death, that humanity would have the Grace to know My eternal Glory through the powers of My Mercy.

That is why I told her that before My return to the world, before the last eight lunar cycles are fulfilled, I would appear again with the Face with which My Father clothed Me, so that in this way, humanity could contemplate not only My Mercy, but also the mystery of My Grace through the essence of My Glorification.

That Face is known to the whole universe. Thus, on this day, I have come days before all can know My Face, to reveal the twelve promises to those who contemplate and hold the image of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus.

That is why I have come on this holy night, the holy night of the supper, so that the world may consciously know Who they will be contemplating.

To those who will contemplate My glorified image, I promise:

1. To unify the essence of the family purpose through a sacred life, free of the influences and tendencies of these times.

2. The concretization of the spiritual task through consecration of mind, body and spirit to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

3. Divine protection of the travelers and those who work daily out of love for the Plan of God.

4. Inner knowledge of an experience of spiritual love that will allow an inner maturity.

5. Liberation from the evils that influence the life of prayer and disturb sleep.

6. Reconciliation with the Holy Eternal Father, to thus find the spiritual task again.

7. To keep out of danger whoever carries and disseminates the image with reverence.

8. Spiritual union with the Primordial Source during the time of planetary transition.

9. Guidance beyond tests and fears.

10. Expansion of the channel of the heart so that Christ God may dwell in it.

11. Redemption from the habits and actions that lead to a life of condemnation for the soul and the loss of the spirit.

12. Union with the essence of the Most Holy Trinity, that is to say, spiritual Communion with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Thus, when you face My Mercy, you will be asking for redemption. When you face My Glorified Face, you will be pleading for the evolution of your souls. In this way, you will have two ways of entering My Kingdom, through My Mercy and through My Glory.

Under the Pity that comes from God, Who has allowed all of this, be blessed.

Who unites you with Divine Creation,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Dear children,

My Motherly Heart wishes to become the main core of families, so that the work of the approach of Christ to the lives of beings may succeed.

For this purpose, the cenacles of light are made through the groups of prayer, so that the sovereign Will of God may be fulfilled through the Heavenly Messengers.

The cenacles of prayer exist in the world to be pillars of the evolutionary life and for the manifestation of a Christian life based on the faith and devotion of the praying souls.

Through the cenacles of prayer, My merciful Heart can work and open the doors to the reconciliation of those who would not deserve it due to sin and error.

It is through each cenacle that I build the Kingdom of the Heavens within the beings so that, guided by My trust, they may welcome the day of their liberation and surrender to the One God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you and blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Weekly message of Mary, Queen of Divine Purity, transmitted in the city of Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías

My dear children,

After an important meeting with all of you, on September 12 and 13, in Vitoria, Espirito Santo; today, on this day of infinite Mercy, I ask you to seek and live in the purity of the heart at this time, so that the world may regain the innocence it has lost before God.

As Mother of the Most Holy Purity, I tell you to return to the true origin of your beings, to return to the sense of pure love of the heart.

The Lord needs imperfect and sinful souls to carry out His most pure works of peace and conversion.

In the sacred school that My Immaculate Heart lived on Earth, the Divine Purity was gestated in My Being before receiving the Grace of the Messiah.

That purity of which I speak, and that you should seek, is the purity of your intentions, it is the purity that does not generate judgments nor conflicts because the Divine Purity is the shield against your own sense of life that leads you to error.

The Divine Purity is the essence, the flower of My Heart, it is the universal principle that My Holy Spirit emanates through love and compassion.

For this reason, I beg you, dear children, to seek this ray of purity that flows fluidly from the Sacred Heart of God towards the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary because in its purity you will be able to recognize the power of forgiveness and Mercy.

I return to the world to remind you of the essence of the Divine Purity. All humanity has lost pure sincerity of heart because the world itself and the enemy have taken it upon themselves to extinguish this inner purity.

Pray and meditate, during this coming week, on your pure acts of heart. This way you will understand from your spirit how true you are before life and before your brothers and sisters.

As your Most Pure Holy Mother, I want you not to judge yourselves, but to observe and learn through the serenity that My beloved Son radiates to you. In Christ lies the living example of the purity of love and humility for families, priests the religious, the laypeople and the devotees of My Heart.

Week by week, I truly try so that, through prayer, one day you will die to yourselves and awaken to the Most Pure Universe of God; because in truth I tell you, My little ones, that if you seek purity of intention, the world will heal from the sea of ​​impurities in which it lives.

To be part of the new Earth, you will need to purify yourselves through prayer, communion, confession and the pure forgiveness that your little lives can reflect when you are faced with your impurities and the impurities of others.

The pure Love of Christ, of the Father and of the Holy Spirit, will be your endless spiritual force to reach the Kingdom of the Holy Purity of the Creator. By your effort to day by day live Sacred Purity, God can make humanity free from the great impurities and, as a universal grace, receive the Divine Mercy of My Son.

Be pure, try it every day. While waking up each day, call upon My Divine Purity. I will help whoever decides to be pure of heart.

I thank you for living My most pure call for peace!

Your Mother, Who blesses you and loves you.

Thank you, dear children! 

Mary, Mother of the Most Holy Purity of the Heart

Weekly Message received of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in Villa La Angostura, Neuquen, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías

Dear children of Mine,

Today I place each one of you in My embrace of love, so that you may feel My maternity within your hearts.

My children, praised be the homes of the families that open the door of their hearts to the Queen of Heaven.

Praised be the families that pray with Me every day, to reach conversion and redemption.

Praised be the families that teach their children to pray with the heart in the first years of life, for My motherly Heart will be with them.

Praised be the adolescents and the youth who find My Son in Communion because, as an example of faith, they will open the door to those who are lost, without love and protection.

Praised be the homes that day by day are consecrated to the victorious Light of the Immaculate Heart, for I assure you that God will be present through Me to guide you in faith and hope.

Dear children, today My motherly aspiration is that all homes may praise the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Today I come to you to ask for prayers for the families of the world since few live the Commandments that My Son has given you.

Today My Heart also rejoices for so much beauty created by God the Creator in this region of South America. Behold, dear children of Mine, how God is withdrawn in the silence of this entire blessed place.

For this motive of joy and praise, I ask you to unite in these times as one network of prayer throughout Argentina. I ask, out of love for God and everything created by Him, that you be one in spirit, in heart, and in consciousness.

Dear children, God expects from Argentina the absolute awakening to prayer and to the conversion of all those causes that offend the Creator. God has precious Designs and Graces for every nation that, above all things, is part of the universe of God.

Welcome the Holy Spirit in your homes, open the door to It so that just like in the Cenacle of the Virgin Mary, your spirits of love may be guided by Its blessed gifts. When My Heart approaches your lives, it is the Holy Spirit cultivated within My Heart that radiates to help you take steps towards the immaculate faith in It.

Dear children, this week, may your homes be consecrated to the infinite Home of the Immaculate Heart.

My children, may faith always motivate you to walk through the path of My beloved Son, through the path of your conversion.

I thank the presence of all My Children of the blessed Patagonia. Now and always, the Blessed Lady of Guadalupe blesses the beloved remaining indigenous people.

May Peace be with you and with your families.

Thank you for responding to My call for Peace!

Mary, Queen of Peace and Mother of the Sacred Family


Special Message received of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías

Praised be Jesus, dear children of Rio de Janeiro!

For the first time in the history of My Apparitions, My Immaculate Heart receives the celestial permission to descend in Glory and Mercy upon your needy city of Rio de Janeiro.

In honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, on this day I call you to truly open your hearts to My Heart, so that, in this way, I may have the permission to take you to Jesus Christ.

Dear children, after so many months and years in which My Work has been accomplished in this part of the Americas, together with the Center of Medjugorje, My fundamental Message for all of you is Peace! Peace! Peace! If you do not try to live in peace, how will the Kingdom of the Heavens reach your tiny lives?

For this reason, dear children, may peace reign among you, so that it may later reign in the cities and in the peoples; mainly, peace must reign in families, so that my Son Jesus may receive the permission to reign, with His redeeming Light, in your hearts.

My children, let peace be the keynote of this epoch. The world must be in peace so that it may be in the Arms of God, and this will be possible, beloved children, when you simply pray the Rosary with your heart.

Dear children, in each Mystery of the Rosary you have the keys to achieve your conversion and find the states of peace: peace in your heart, peace in your consciousness, inner peace, peace in your souls, peace in your work for God, peace in each space.

In the Peace of Heaven, you will find relief for your recurring problems. If you still do not have peace, My dear ones, it is because you must first love God. If you love the Father, you will never lack joy, and thus, Peace will be the main cause that will generate happiness, hope, and daily victory in you, a divine victory that can reside in the heart of each being.

Seek within yourselves where peace is to be found because peace is strengthened through the sublime power of prayer. The repercussion of prayer is many Graces; so, My dear ones, may prayer be the true reason for you to live in peace.

If peace is lacking, it is because prayer is lacking. True and sincere prayer is the impulse for the heart. Be good prayerful beings, because, with the rosary in hand, you have the path to your redemption, for the Rosary is the doorway of salvation and the straight path to the blessed Heart of My Son Jesus.

So, My dear ones, if the world truly prayed to God and lived the Commandments, it could be under the Grace of God, wars and the divisions between peoples would be avoided, and you would have yet another time of peace.

When I call you to prayer, I call you to the awakening of your sleeping consciousnesses. Children, awake to this important request. Thus, I come here on this evening to meet with you, because as a Mother, I love each of you and will do everything until you take the definite step towards the consecration of your hearts to God.

You cannot live without God, because it would be like a child without its mother. Nobody can replace your inner meeting with the Father of Heaven. He expects a profound union from you. God is the Lord of Compassion and Mercy, do not fear because of your sins, make way so that God may be the new path and in this way, your souls will be disseminators of the loving Light of the Father.

Dear children of Rio de Janeiro, as a Mother, I come to your city so that sleeping souls may awake in time; the time has now come to respond to the Call of God through the work of the heart.

My children, for this you have Your Mother, ready to lead you on the path of your quick redemption. First, seek the path of peace, because as Mother and Queen of Peace, I gather you around My Presence so that you may recover the strength and the will to say a loving 'yes' to the Lord of the Universe.

Dear children, remember that you are still in time to meet My Son, Jesus. I come as the Mother of all, to look for those who were called by My Son for a greater task.

Dear children, today, begin by giving all your love to My Heart through prayer.

May the blessing I bring today from Heaven for all those present be able to also radiate to those who most need it.

Receive from My Heart today the Mercy of Jesus, your only Shepherd.

I thank all My children of Rio de Janeiro for responding to My special call!

Who blesses you with love and compassion,

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace



Special message received of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías

Dear children,

With joy and compassion, I hold, within My arms, children and the youth, because as a Mother and Guardian of Faith, I take you every day to the Temple of My prayer, to the eternal Temple of My Father and, from there, I take you to the eternal meeting with My Son Jesus.

Beloved children, today I gather you in the name of the Love of God so that, impregnated by His Spirit, you may reach peace, the peace of the heart. 

In the Sacred Family, there is a real Temple of prayer where the Holy Spirit participates through Its Gifts, within the heart of the families. Praying every day to My maternal Heart, as a Mother, I can be present to guide you towards peace.

Dear children, may this encounter with the Queen of Peace open your hearts to the call of conversion.

I thank you for uniting your hearts to My call from Heaven!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Queen of Peace


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