The Spirit of God will speak through humankind

When the human heart, My children, understands, through the consequences of its actions, where its arrogance and ignorance take it, the Spirit of God will speak through humankind.

When religions realize that what is most important is to establish the Kingdom of God, rather than maintaining structures and institutions, the Spirit of God will speak through humankind.

When governments understand that there is no government distant from the One Who created and knows all things, the Spirit of God will come and speak through humankind.

When parents teach their children to live in communion with the Kingdoms of Nature, with the Universe, and with fellow beings, the Spirit of God will speak through humankind.

Humanity will become tired of living the consequences of their successive mistakes, the fruit of actions they carry forward without God. In that moment, My children, the simple will look to Heaven and the Spirit of God will speak through humankind.

When humankind no longer wants to aggrandize themselves, because they understand their human smallness and misery, they will seek the Word of Life in the Heights, and it is then that the Spirit of God will come and speak through humankind.

That moment will come when the consequences of human ignorance become visible to all the eyes of the world, and even those who longed for power will fear having it in their hands, because they will know their own frailty and inability to act without God.

The Spirit of God will speak through the simple, who at first will be heard by only a few, because they will be among the smallest, and many times, they will speak through the silence of their actions.

The Spirit of God will speak in the healthy of spirit, prepared by Him to come to the world, after having known the Universe, Creation, and the Divine Plan. They will be aware of human misery, but also of the greatness of God, which is hidden in their inner potential. That will make them humble and strong in Christ, to speak fearlessly to humanity, and through service and fraternity, proclaim the institution of the new life.


When Christ calls us to live His Path, we must respond and follow Him in whatever way because in Him we will have the inner strength to transcend and overcome all miseries.

Christ calls the sheep for them to convert themselves into His apostles and in this way to retransmit the impulses He wants to pour over all of humanity.

Christ calls the sheep to the consecration for them to vivify Him and to feel all the greater and infinite love that does not exist in the world nor in any other consciousness.

Christ calls His disciples for them to offer Him their swords and so that, surrendered before the Lord of Mercy, life can be redeemed.

When Christ calls consciousnesses for them to change their lives and experiences overnight, it is because these consciousnesses that are called receive the unique impulse of taking a great and last step for the Plan.

Christ calls to reveal the true and sacred task of each consciousness.

He calls for each soul to discover the warrior of mercy that exists in their being.

He calls His apostles for them to be at service of the Supreme Lord, the Eternal Father. Therefore, I ask My children not to refuse this call, because it would be the difference between offering life for the evolution of the planet or to spare efforts and miss the opportunity.

I pray every day for the souls that awaken for them to feel confidence and to be secure of taking the expected step.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

To those that are fallen, I will raise them. To those that are sad, I will cheer them. To those who have lost hope, I will give them hope. The ones who suffer, I will relieve them. Dear children, these are promised from My Son.

For this, pray, pray with the heart so that all My children may receive this precious and merciful act from My Son.  My Heart serves you as a support, as a guard and as a salvation, so do not fear the falls of life.  Today I invite you, through the Divine Spirit of Christ, to rise from where you are and walk again, held by My Beloved Son’s Hands of Light.

You dear children must build in your hearts through prayer the promises of the Live Christ as a preparation for the new time of peace and in honor of the return of Jesus, which is awaited by all.

Today each one of My little ones must see themselves as a disciple who having received the instruction of the Master of Love, now awaits in vigil the coming of the next call.

Thus My children, My Heart of Mother in this time brings you again to the call of prayer, to forgiveness, to reconciliation and to mercy; may your hearts purify the feelings and all intention become pure and crystalline as the water of a charming river.

Open your hearts, day by day, before the Voice of My Heart because know well that God calls you so that your lives manifest the gift of peace and of meekness for this time.

The world may receive from you the prayers, but even more it may receive the effort to transform life into an instrument of My Peace.

I prepare you with love and I guide you with immense maternal love.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Each day many souls live without prayer and their little hearts become distant from God. In this Grace of Conversion that some of My children are receiving, today I ask that you pray for all the souls that are fading because of the lack of God.

Dear children, the path that the world follows today separates souls from My Father. My children, hold in your hands the beads of prayer so that with each one of your pleas you may help to raise My children that do not live the Living Christ. In this way, dear children, My Immaculate Heart announces Itself in your lives. Thus you, together with Me, united in the divine mystery of prayer, will be helping the world which needs God more each day.

The Kingdom of My Immaculate Heart is open so that all My children may be able to enter. Do not lose the faith of your hearts and you will be guided towards the Heart of My Son. It is time to walk towards the Kingdom of the Celestial Father to prepare the hearts for the new time.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Peace for your lives.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Together with the angels and archangels, I am at the foot of the Cross of Christ, gathering all the Blood and Water poured out for the redemption of humanity and all Creation.

The spring of Mercy flows for all souls, inexhaustible and unfathomable, a mystery that has no end, held in the Blood and in the Water of Christ.

This Blood is now being poured out upon the world, upon the life of all creatures, changing their genes and their heart into the likeness of Christ.

The Blood of Christ is already being poured out upon the world and upon all beings, not only to redeem, but also to transform and restore life.

Humanity will finally come to know the Thought of God and, within themselves, they will go through what it is to feel and experience the Living Christ.

The Blood of Christ descends upon the Earth, transforming all blood and all life. His Passion became a living Eucharist for the whole planet, and His surrender now not only redeems the Tribes of Israel, but also all creatures, all life, all essences.

The sacrifice of Christ becomes a spiritual and cellular communion and, like a divine miracle and a spiritual Grace, souls are touched and transubstantiated by the Blood of Christ in the same way as the wheat and the grape upon the altar.

Humanity will be the Altar of Christ in this time of the planet, and everyone who prays in the name of His sorrowful Passion will be a living Eucharist and in unity with Christ. 

This is the gift of the priesthood spread over the Earth.

This is the miracle of Grace and of Divine Mercy that touches all creatures.

Meditate upon His Passion and yield your hearts. Live a unity with Christ.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Children, not all of humanity understands the universal science of the evolutionary cycles. Not all believe that these cycles truly exist and, still less, that they impel the consciousness to a certain apprenticeship.

All Creation responds to the Universal Laws, which are principles that organize life based on divine energies and rays. These Laws are captured and radiated by the Mirrors of the Cosmos and are received by the mirror in your own interior, so that then they can be lived and practiced on all levels of consciousness.

An evolutionary cycle is the moment in which the Creator sends, to His Creation, certain divine rays that organize new laws and impulses and that, radiated by the mirrors, must reach every creature so that they will express them.

These impulses of the Divine in each new evolutionary cycle try to lead His creatures to a more profound approximation to His Consciousness, through love and transformation. Not to live the cycles and not to open oneself to the impulses is like closing the doors of consciousness to the evolution, to the approximation to God and to the return to the Origin.

The 8th of August of each year represents a synthesis of all impulses given by God until then, when the Creator gathers the principles He aspires humanity to achieve and sends them to the world like rays of light for them to reach His creatures.

Although these impulses renew themselves at each new smaller cycle that you will live throughout the year, the response emitted to the Father on the 8th of August is primary for the evolution and assimilation of the cycles to follow.

To send this response to God, children, you do not need anything extraordinary: only to open the heart and dispose yourselves in consciousness for the Creator to be able to act in your beings.

You must be spiritually available for this union with God to be a priority in your lives and for the love to His Plan to guide you to unveil the truth about human creation.

It was on an 8th of August that the Lord sent His Holy Servant to the world, because She represents all the divine rays, all the mirrors, all the graces. Mary represents to humanity the path to the manifestation of the Divine Plan.


You will defeat the indifference about everything that is happening in the world when, in your prayers, your heart is one with the heart of your brothers and sisters, no matter where they may be.

When you feel the Heart of God within you, and in it, the love for humanity and for the planet, then for you the pains of the world will be greater than your own. Feel the Love of God for this Plan of His. Feel the hope of the Father for multiplying the Spirit of Christ in His children.

On taking communion, do not simply put a piece of bread in your mouth. In Communion, live the greatest miracle of Christ that, in union with the Will of His Father, gave Himself to the cross and continues to give Himself every day, several times a day, on all the altars consecrated by God, to share Mercy through the Body of Christ.

Every day, the Lord takes on the sins of those who have faith and make the bread the Sacred Body of Christ, and the grape juice, His Precious Blood.

Where are you at Communion time? What do you understand of the great universal mystery of Transubstantiation and Mercy?

Do you know that all the creatures of this vast infinity observe you and, on their knees, plead that this bread become flesh and that you become one with Christ?

Go, small soul, dive beyond your ignorance. Do not allow the cycles to go by and your mind remain sick in the superficialities of life, when you have before you the greatest opportunity for transformation of this universe.

Do not pray only to calm your heart and to find a little more peace in the madhouse that this world is for you. Dive into the universe of prayer, merge with God, discover His Love and His Sorrows, alleviate His Most Sacred Heart. Open the door to the balm that flows until today from the Heart of Christ and allow His Mercy to pour over souls and over the Kingdoms of Nature.

Make your life the reason for the sacrifice of Christ. Make your permanent effort to merge with Him and be a Living Christ, the reason for Him still having His Eyes focused on the beings of Earth and not ceasing to offer His Heart in reparation for the sins of the world.

Transform yourself and fly far.


The essence of a spirit that consecrates itself must be renovated, every day, in the adventure that is losing oneself to find in its place, the Living Christ.

For a new resident to enter your house, it must be uninhabited; otherwise, what a great confusion would it be, when such different inhabitants share a single house, being it so small.

Dears, Christ expects to be alive not only in the Eucharist, because He wants to be the living Eucharist inside every being of this world. But for this to be real, you must commune with Him every day.

Little by little, your bodies must give space to the Mystic Body of Christ, so that He can be the life that animates not only the soul, but also all that composes you, from matter to spirit.

This transformation in Christ is slow and, sometimes, painful, but you cannot escape from it, because Christ is transforming all that you are, and the transformation will be with you wherever you are. Many think that they undo with the mind a commitment made by the spirit, but this is not like that.

With all that you have already received in the last years, the seed of a new heart has already started to pulse inside of your beings: it is the Heart of Christ that asks you for space for Him to be your commander, as well He is in the whole Universe.

These are painful times for those who do not make of their own inner transition, a moment of grace and of surrender.  And the hardest will be when you do not want to see that, not only inside of you, but also outside, nothing will remain as it is.

Go ahead, soldiers! Be a little braver so that you can see, in losing yourselves, the great victory of Christ.

The Lord only wins when He defeats you, because He must be the great King of your inner world, and not yourselves.

Surrender yourselves, because it is already time to let yourselves be conducted by the Universal King.

I encourage you and take you to this great defeat at the feet of Christ.

May My blessing strengthen your consecration and give you the courage to be nothing and to surrender yourselves to The One that is all and that is in everything.

Your beloved Father and Companion, The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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