Tuesday, September 25 of 2018

Daily Messages

Behold, the Angels of the Lord will open two doors in Heaven, through which all souls will have to enter at the moment of their definition.

When Mercy and Justice have already descended upon the world, when peace has consolidadted in the hearts of those who have opened to receive the Love and the Kingdom of the Mother of God; when darkness has settled into the heart of the ungodly who cry out, who will weep for a new opportunity, the Angels of the Lord will open two doors in Heaven so that all souls may enter through them.

The first one will be narrow, simple, and luminous; the second will be as wide as the sea, but its destination will not lead to the Kingdom of the Heavens nor to the kingdom of the world, but to restart, to the void, to nothingness.

Up until the last moment of time, of this world, the Creator will try to rescue and awaken His Children; but those who insist on deceit and, with the malice of their hearts, condemn themselves, will shape their own destiny and build for themselves the path to the wide and uncertain door, empty of light and of God, for at that moment, the Father will only be able to observe His children.

The Angels of the Lord do not feel like humanity does; within their hearts only the Law dwells; their hands signal the destiny chosen by each being, their rays hasten the steps of the beings.

All those who honored and respected the king of darkness will return with him into his abyss. In his kingdom there will only be moans and darkness until the end of the Thousand Years of Peace when the day of Redemption will also come for them.

Prophecies will cease to be prophecies, which are called threats for those who do not know God. His promises will be true for everyone.

Those who have honored the King of kings, the Son of God, the Truth of beings, with Him shall see the fulfillment of His promises and in Him will serve until the end of their days, until the day of Unity, of the return to the Heart of the Father.

Empty your hearts of the sins of the world and do not surrender to the temptations of these times. Remember that, like this prophecy, everything that you live today has already been prophesied to you, and no one has been left unadvised of its definition.

''Persevere'', says the Lord, in the voice of His Messengers. Hold firmly to one another's hands. Life in the world is losing its meaning for those who do not discover their only meaning is the renewal of Love.

Do not listen to the voice of those who sow discord; rather, cry out to the Father so that unity may reign and, embracing your brothers, strengthen one another and make your fortitude indestructible.

The narrow Door of the Lord will open for beings and inside of it, infinite will be the Mercy, eternal will be the Life in Christ.

''Confirm yourselves! Renew yourselves!", says the Lord, in the voice of His Messengers. Those who do not want to continue walking toward the Light shall fall, by their own weight, by your side, but you keep your eyes lifted to God. The Creator should be your eternal goal.

Your Father and Companion until the end of days,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph