Friday, May 4 of 2018

Weekly messages

Grow in heart, in soul and in spirit, because the world agonizes and needs the potential that God has birthed in you. 

Grow in heart, in soul and in spirit and no longer be a child on this path, seeking your benefit and the supply of your needs. 

Grow in heart, in soul and in spirit, because many definitions in this time depend on you, who listens to the Voice of God. 

Your "no" closes the doors of Grace and does not allow souls to receive a new opportunity, while your "yes" opens the doors of Divine Mercy and, in a time of justice, allows the rescue of those who would not deserve anything. 

Grow in heart, in soul and in spirit and overcome yourself every day, not only for the love of this Work, this path and your spiritual mission. 

Overcome yourself and give more of you to the world, which agonizes; for those who are lost; for the outraged and tired Kingdoms, that – at the height of their pain – make their last effort to sustain the planet and allow humanity to live their learning until the end. 

Child, grow in heart, in soul and in spirit, and stop at once making your little problems so great, your little pains so great,  your little life immutable. 

See the world with the eyes of your heart and your conscience and know that after all you have received, within you is the potential to overcome yourself every day and, more than that, in every moment of your life. 

Grow in heart, in soul and in spirit; believe that this is the last cycle of the planet and reflect on what else you must do for the Plans of God.

Do not stagnate, do not stop, do not get tired. Discover, in your heart, the power of the renewal that God has granted you and that grows in your heart, in soul and in spirit. Grow and be a light to the world; do not take your siblings into the abyss of your stagnation. 

Grow and lift the world into the heart of God. Within you is the resemblance of the Father; let it express itself, manifest itself and absorb you, so that you may be a living truth, part of the Heart of God, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

Grow up, child, grow in heart, in soul and in spirit, because this planet still needs you.

Your Father and Companion, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph