Friday, March 2 of 2018

Weekly messages

Child, let the Heart of God show itself in your heart, so that you may know that you are not just this human smallness in which you entangle yourself every day without knowing how to get out.

Let the Living Heart of God show itself in your heart, not only so that you may live a spiritual experience but rather for an emerging need that you need to meet in order to manage to be on Earth.

What do you fear purifying, if you have been called to this world for this? Why do you fear acknowledging the truth about yourself, if you lived all your evolution on Earth for this moment?

You came to the world to heal your spirit, grow and be a miracle of conversion not only in the concepts of the Earth but for the whole Universe.

You already know that the Infinite waits for you. You already know that you must become something new and unknown. Why, then, do you not surrender to what God has for you?

My little child, soul in redemption, let what God has thought be fulfilled in you. And be it in humiliation or in exaltation, be it in solitude or among multitudes, embrace what He designed for your life, because everything is so that His Will may be fulfilled.

Be it among humans or alone with yourself, let the Heart of God that dwells in you emerge from your heart. Do the exercise and live the Grace of feeling the Presence of God inside of you, because it is He Who will give you the strength to be among multitudes or in the trial of Gethsemane. It is He Who will give you the humility to be acclaimed and honored and to carry the cross with the same love and the same inner emptiness.

It is God, child, in your heart, Who will live each test, as well as each triumph. It is He Who will renew Himself though your heart. But if you do not believe and do not live this, you will be alone in this world, with your human condition, without knowing where to go, even if the path reveals itself in your own inner being.

Do not want to be alone with yourself, but rather with God. Do not want to be yourself, but rather an expression of the Father.

Christ, child, achieved all that He achieved because He was One with the Father and He knew it, He lived it and He proclaimed it. He experienced being a living part of God and told you that this was the Way, the Truth and the Life. There is no Way, Truth and Life outside of God.

Do not be dead, walking through this world without knowing where to go. Be born to Life; let God, who is Life itself, express Himself in you. Give to the Father the place that corresponds to Him in your heart. You just be a simple servant, His instrument in this world.

I bless you and invite you to surrender your heart to God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph