Wednesday, December 9 of 2015

Daily messages

The School of humility of the Virgin Mary: The humility to be able to listen

Dear children,

In My school of humility it is essential to be able and learn how to listen to spiritual instruction. For this, the spirit of humility must permeate your consciousnesses so that you learn how to listen to everything which is needful to be heard. If your hearts listen, you will be humble, and in this time you will be able to understand what will allow the transformation to happen.

To find the spirit of humility and of surrender, first you must banish everything that your consciousnesses listen to in themselves. If you do not do this internally, you will never be able to generate the space needed in the consciousness for humility to act and have you be part of the inner transformation.

Dear children, consecration to God is not enough; the Father needs for you to learn to detach from your own forms and modalities, which have made of humanity a civilization without true instruction. For this reason, through the school of humility, you must gradually detach from every inner thought or feeling which opposes the higher action of humility. To achieve this detachment, you must recognize and accept the lack of humility existing in you, thus opening the heart so that it may govern above every mental or intellectual form.

Humility as essence is a powerful tool which allows doors to be opened to the healing of the heart and the deepest wounds, wounds which in most souls are caused by a state of incomprehension, and above all, by a lack of peace.

Every adversity or disappointment generated by the personal consciousness is the reflection of not feeling loved as one believes one should be, and of a lack of closeness to the higher principle of humility.

The school of humility allows the consciousness to recognize itself as it is and to see its difficulties as a possibility for exchanging them for attributes it has never experienced. The lack of humility generates a void in the inner world of beings, which cannot be filled by anything, not even by love. This happens because of permanence or the resistance to some true changes.

The lack of humility generates states of frustration or lack of concretization of goals in the material life in the consciousness. Therefore, for higher humility to draw closer, the consciousness must humble itself, and that is what arrogance and pride do not want to do from the moment in which they must be deposed from their power.

The invocation of humility presupposes facing some aspects of life that must die. When this search is honest, the Grace of God intervenes to dissolve the permanent difficulties. In humility there exists a door that leads straight to peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who heals you in the essence of humility,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace