Monday, November 2 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

May Peace be in this place and in the heart of all of the beings who invoke the Holy Name of the Creator.

Blessed are the constant and the persevering in the conversion of the heart because they will not lose themselves and they will find God everywhere.  Be joyful, full and holy; may your lives testify the path traveled towards the finding of redemption of these times.

Dear children, today I come to teach you about the path of redemption which is being forgotten by all of the souls, but if you accept this path of transformation and surrender, the Lord, Your God will always shelter you.

You know deeply inside that I am Your Mother and that I love you, as well as I Love humanity eternally.

Dear children, if your lives do not change as God needs, the world will not be able to change.  Your step will be decisive in order for the Divine Will to be able to manifest itself.  It is for this that the Lord, Your Father that is in the Heavens, makes the sincere offer to each child of this planet.  As long as there are wars, conflicts and disagreements, the world will not have Peace. It is for this, children, that before the cycle of Peace ends, I come to ask you for the consecration of your lives to the Perfect Plan of the Most High.

Dear children, as your Mother I come to bring a possible solution for a sick, malign and blind humanity that has lost the true union with the whole universe.  My children, there is still much to do in this world, there is still much to serve and to give so that all can be reversed.

Dear children, if your souls do not do something soon, something that may move the Heart of God so that He may pour out His infinite and powerful Mercy, I will not be able to tell you how everything will end.  This is My call to you: Bear witness to Christ in you in order for My Beloved Son, offended by the horrors of the world, be seen in the hearts who accept redemption.

Children, I am with you and with all of those who implore to the Celestial Father for a greater help.  Evil will never win but it may do a lot of harm.  Evil does not know love and does not know how one feels neither how one lives.  You, My children of Latin America, know the Love of God because you have already felt it and lived it in each prayer, in each communion and in each canticle.  Be diffusers of the Love of God and of the unbreakable unit between the souls and God, thus you will also make My Immaculate Heart triumph.

I thank you for listening to Me with attention!

Who unites you to the beginning of the Whole: to the Universal and Divine Love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace