Sunday, November 1 of 2015

Daily messages

To My beloved people of Venezuela

Dear children,

With joy I meet you again in the blessed oratory of My Immaculate Heart.  Today I come from Heaven to deliver My Peace to you, that powerful energy that nobody can take away from you because when Peace lives and dwells in you, everything is different and this is reflected in the lives of your beings.

I know, as Your Mother, that many of you lack the true peace for not having forgiven, for not having confessed to that brother or sister to whom once you did harm, for not having found the meaning of your existence.  But today from the sacred heart of Roraima, I have come to give you this same Peace that the Archangel Gabriel delivered to Me in the first annunciation.

Children of Mine, if your lives are in Peace, your people will soon abandon this shipwreck in which they have placed themselves.  Lack of love, of charity and of fraternity has converted your holy land into a scenery of horrors and debts.  But I, who love you and pray for you, come today to offer you this true and spiritual Peace, which will liberate your beings from the constant errors that lead you to never find the Love of God.

My beloved people of Venezuela, the Father loves you, the Father has given you one of the most perfect places of the whole Earth, the Father has given you the sacred mountains and the beautiful valleys so that you would be able to express the deep devotion of the heart.  I invite you to walk through the darkness of these times with true faith and with determination to change the destiny of an entire country, through the loving offer of a few.  It will be in this way, dear children, that also in this blessed place created by God, you will make My Immaculate Heart triumph.   But while you get disturbed and disturb others, and instigate the life of others with the thought, you will not find the peace that will transform you and that will transform all of your people.

Dear children, as well as in human wars of the past and of the present, the human beings forget that they are brothers and sisters.  Whoever is a brother or a sister, does not punish. Whoever is a brother or a sister, helps. Whoever is a brother or a sister, loves and at the same time forgives and is compassionate.  I call you, beloved people, to live something that you have never known.  I open to you the perfect door to this experience of love and redemption in which the welfare of a brother or a sister will be your fruitful goal.  This will make humanity deserving of the sacred Kingdom of God.

I thank you for praying with Me!

Who unites you in brotherhood,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace