In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thanks to the opportunity that God has given Me, I come to elevate all of Eastern Europe to the Kingdom of the Heavens so that it may be closer to the Heart of God, so that uncertain doors may continue closing and wounded hearts may be healed, especially those who were forced to abandon their homes, abandon their villages and all their belongings.

Through the Presence of Our Sacred Hearts, the Heart of My Beloved Son and My Immaculate Heart, we come to strengthen the channel of Divine and Unfathomable Mercy that springs as an inexhaustible wellspring of Graces and atonement for all of humanity and the planet.

My wish today, My children, is that you would not only honor the Mother and Queen of Poland, but also contemplate with Me, through the Love of My Heart, the divine channel of Mercy, that still remains open to the whole world, which must be remembered every day in your prayers and in your acts of charity and service. A channel of Mercy that must not be forgotten nor separated from your lives because this is the great moment of humanity, when all need this Mercy, not only to go through these challenging times, but also to live what My Son needs from you.

Remember that you are His apostles, apostles of the end of times, the apostles that learn to persist and move forward in spite of the spiritual and inner battles, and even in spite of the external wars. You will never defeat the enemy by confronting him, but, rather, you will manage to defeat him through the Love of My Son.

My children, I need you to understand that this channel of the Divine and Unfathomable Mercy of Christ, once opened here in Poland through the revelations made to Saint Faustina, is a channel that must be known to all. It is a channel similar to a fount, which you can approach, and in which you can wash and purify yourselves so that not only may your sins and those inner situations that you cannot overcome or solve be resolved by the inexhaustible wellspring of the Compassion of My Son, but also so that you, as bearers of acts of charity and Mercy, may teach, through your examples, the Love that the whole world has lost, a situation that has led it to punishment, impunity and injustice.

This channel of Divine Mercy, which is not only divine, but also cosmic, must be very present in your consciousnesses, and you will manage this through the prayer of the heart and through the powerful tool of Divine Mercy.

At 3 p.m. My Son continues opening His deepest Entrails, those most unknown to the world. Through His Entrails that lead you to the Ocean of His Infinite Mercy, He, with open Arms and outstretched Hands, invites all His companions and children to enter this Ocean of Light. This attitude is not theoretical nor is it a mental attitude, it is a deeply spiritual and scientific movement, when souls simply unite to the Divine Mercy every day at three p.m.

While this channel of Mercy is open, do not waste the opportunities of the Grace and atonement that you, your brothers and sisters of the planet, and the Kingdoms of Nature need.

You know that all need this Mercy, not only in order to persist, but also to survive in these difficult times. Because, in truth, I tell you, My beloved children, that there will not be another refuge other than the Heart of My Son for you to be protected by His Mercy and His Compassion.

Thus, when you consciously unite to the channel of Divine Mercy, opened in Poland, you will not only feel and see the Mercy of God act within you, but, wherever you go and serve, you will also see the works of the Mercy of God, works that are needed in these times to generate a broader and deeper atonement in the whole human race.

For this reason, it is important that you never tire of being postulants of the apostles of the Mercy of My Son, because He needs not only good works that generate fraternity and unity among all, but He also needs mirrors of Mercy on the surface of the Earth.

As the Mother and Queen of Poland, I am here, near you, on this day, to pray for this higher aspiration of My Son. And today, I receive your prayers and also your songs, so that Justice may keep being replaced by this channel of Divine Mercy in Poland, so that this channel may never close, even if humanity lives its worst moment of tribulation.

Because this blessed channel of the Mercy of Christ, expressed through the Sanctuary of Mercy in Krakow, is a channel sustained by the Angels, and the Guardian Angels of all My children can reach this channel to nourish their essences with new codes, to place within their souls new attributes, which, through the end of these times, will internally build the New Humanity. And everyone, together with My Son, will sustain the great moment of His Return to the world, so that this Return of Christ may take place through the channel of Mercy and not through the channel of Justice.

Because, as He told you a few days ago, My Son is not a Judge. He is the Advocate between souls and God, He is the Master of Love and Mercy that wants to lead hearts to the truth, to a recovery of the purity and innocence that the world has lost. This is why this moment that you are going through, this crucial moment of the planet, is important and unique.

For this reason, you must keep diffusing this channel of Divine Mercy, because many more souls will need it, and you will see this with your own eyes and will feel it with your own hearts.

May your lives keep being bearers of God's Mercy so that the Light that comes from the Universe not be erased from the planet, not disappear from the face of the Earth due to a lack of merciful hearts.

Mercy, in each one of you, begins in that which is small, in daily attitudes, in group sharing; in this way, you will be able to find Mercy and you will realize, for yourselves, how important it is that you be merciful, even in those moments that might seem least important to you.

May the Mercy of My Son be a gesture of Love for all, in this way, the world will approach the spiritual healing it needs, and the doors of evil will be completely closed, souls will leave their vices and bad habits and no longer be allied with sin, but rather healed and renewed in Christ by the action of His Merciful Rays, which, through Poland and especially Krakow, untiringly spring from His Heart, so as to lead all to peace.

I wish you would not lose this moment, because I cannot affirm that there will be another moment like this, when your souls and spirits are before the Ocean of the Mercy of God, before the Fountain of His Love and Unity that gives you wisdom and understanding to face all tests with meekness, because the purification of the planet will continue and your own purification will also continue. Here there must be no struggle or resistance between you and the tests, between you and the deserts, between you and the battles.

Act mercifully and you will have Mercy upon your own miseries, which, by the Grace and Work of the Holy Spirit, will be transformed and you will have very present in your consciousnesses that what is most important is to fulfill the Purpose, because everything else will be transformed and healed.

This is possible through the channel of Mercy and, as the Mother of God, and Mother of My Son, I protect and hold this important intention of Christ so that souls, through Mercy, may live in unity and truth, something that today the world does not teach nor does it live, but rather it moves consciousnesses away from God, creating their own gods and idols.

For this reason, I ask you, My beloved children, by the Mercy of the Redeemer: live in love so that you may always live in truth and justice. The world is very violent and vindictive, this nourishes conflicts and wars, this causes the existence of the displaced and strikes the innocent. This situation stimulates abortion and generates in souls a vice that is indelible, which is the vice of illusion and darkness.

For this reason, be merciful and help the work of My Son's Mercy by transmuting, together with the Redeemer, all that this planet lives, without feeling like heroes, but rather as warriors of prayer, conscious beings that sustain the Banner of Christ, so that peace not disappear.

Today, from the Sanctuary of the Mother of Poland and Queen of the Nations and Angels, I grant you Peace, through My maternal blessing, so that Peace may be present on the surface of the planet and especially in Eastern Europe; for this reason, you must keep praying so that, in this region of the planet, souls may someday live redemption.

I thank you for hearing Me and for, once again, entering My Heart.

On behalf of My Son, I give thanks for this fulfilled and concretized mission, from La Salette, including Lourdes, Garabandal, Navarra and Poland, and for all that will soon come.

I thank you for the self-giving of the heart!

May My Son always guide you to His Kingdom of Peace, because the Lord of the Universe never forgets His servers.

Feel yourselves in My Arms of a Mother, under the Mantle of the Virgin of Czestochowa.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I free you when you are as close to Me as today you are to the Father, through the beauty and majesty of this place.

How much has the Father given you since the beginning of Creation? Have you ever wondered?

And how much has this world and this humanity done with all that the Father has given it since the beginning when, through Divine Thought, the Father thought of creating and manifesting you?

If a heart is truly repented, even if it is a sinning heart, it will have the Grace to receive the Blessing of God and to be forever liberated from its faults, when this heart has the ability to contemplate Creation and be a part of this Creation in perfect unity.

In a special way, today, I not only come for France and for all of Europe, I also come for the whole world, just as I have presented Myself many times to nourish, through My Word, the essences that need Me, the servers that need to awaken, to be a part of the lines of My Return.

For this reason, I invite and I ask you today, in simplicity and in attunement, so that, through the beauty of this place, which God created, especially for each one of you, for all of humanity and the universe, that you enter the Heart of the Father through the contemplation of Creation and the value and respect that the Kingdoms of Nature need to continue on evolving.

By entering the Heart of the Father through Creation, a truly repented heart not only receives the Grace of the Love of God, but it also has the incalculable opportunity to approach the Divine Laws, those Higher and Cosmic Laws from which My enemy has set out to separate you, so that you may not know the Love of God.

And how great is His Mercy!

How infinite is His Grace!

How incalculable is His Forgiveness!, that He has deigned to give you this planet, which is a part of the House of God and of the whole universe.

For this reason, at this moment, look with different eyes at how this planet is. Placing your hand upon your heart, recognize what you have done to this planet, and how much it has been destroyed, contaminated and transgressed.

And, even so, the elementals and devas of the Creation of God, which are cosmic powers unknown to all, keep giving of themselves to the world and to all of Creation so that souls may still have the Grace of rehabilitation.

Through this natural scenery, which is the great basilica of nature, enter the Temple of God in reverence, gratitude and humility, and, uniting to all the Hierarchies of Heaven and Earth, receive this impulse of My Heart for your rehabilitation.

For this reason, I tell you not only to love and respect Creation, but also to be patient and persevering in your purification. When the ascent becomes very difficult, or when the cross weighs heavy upon you, you must not deter yourselves, you must believe in the power of faith and determination.

A true Warrior of God, a true Guardian of the Father, a Mirror consciousness or an apprentice of the Governor task does not deter themselves in the falls, but rather, through these falls or these inflections, takes the inner force they need to go forward.

Imagine, for a moment, if this wounded planet, destroyed and humiliated by the very hands of the Children of God, continues on in this way, and the Warriors of the Father, that is, all His servers, should come to give up because their cross weighs too much on them; how could they prepare My Return?

This is the time to sustain great things, many of them unknown to all, things that cannot be understood with the mind, but are rather welcomed by the heart that is decided to follow My Steps.

That this celestial dome that opens up today over this natural basilica of the Creation of the Father may, for an instant, allow all to enter again into the Heart of God, not only to be in communion with the Father, just as I am in communion with the Father, but also so that each one of you, through a sincere act of love and forgiveness, may repair the Heart of God, and that this may help solve impossible situations, treat difficult causes, cure wounds that have not yet healed.

And all this is granted today by the Natural Sanctuary of God, by the Sacred Places of the Father, which, with dedication and care, are kept by His Hierarchies, devas and elementals, which are a part of the evolution of humanity and are silently present in this place and in others, to help you in the process of inner healing, which is urgent and immediate so that the New Humanity may emerge, which will awaken in the redeemed, rehabilitated and forgiven hearts, because they will be hearts in communion with the Father, and, being in communion with God, they will be in communion with the Laws of Nature, with the Laws of Creation.

Today, My Word not only comes for you, today My Word descends to all of Creation because I Am a Glorified Human Being who emerged from this humanity just as you did, and I was born on this planet, which is especially loved by God, through His Magnificent Mercy.

I ask you to make My Words count so that your lives may be the example of all that I have asked of you today, as the world is so deviated, lost and with an unknown greed, leading it to want to conquer the Kingdoms of Nature, more and more. For this reason, the cause of your prayers must not only be for humanity, but  the cause of your prayers must also be for the Kingdoms of Nature.

How do you believe the New Earth will emerge if humanity still does not have the capacity to humble itself before the Lower Kingdoms and recognize that it has outraged and wounded the Lower Kingdoms through unknown impunity?

So that humanity may be healed and sick hearts may become healthy, so that the doors of evil may close and the earthly hells may disappear, so that the wars may be deterred and hunger may not be the cause of the tears of a child because it does not have anything to eat or drink, so that abortion may not be a cause and a fad in these times, so that those elder adults, that is, your grandfathers and grandmothers may be respected and loved, and not abandoned in the shelters of the world, and so that there no longer be refugees who escape the dangers in their lives, repentance is necessary, before all of Creation, and for having altered and transgressed the soul of the planet with the greed for oil and money.

Do not expect that nations will promise you great things and that their rulers will fulfill all they have said, because you know that the government of the planet is interfered with and conditioned.

I ask you to believe in My Word so that someday your lives may be a part of My Word, may be the justification that I need to redeem this humanity, and so that this race of the surface may finally come out of this ocean of illusion and chaos that is generated by its own human condition and by perversion.

If you have a river near you, go and contemplate, ask for forgiveness for humanity.

If you have the sea-breeze nearby, or if you can see the sunrise, on behalf of all, ask for forgiveness to the Kingdoms of Nature.

If you can climb a mountain or walk in a forest or in the woods, from the heart, thank, contemplate and adore God, and ask for forgiveness to Creation.

If you can rescue an inoffensive animal, or even water a plant, go and contemplate them on behalf of all of Creation, ask for forgiveness for humanity.

And, thus, many doors will close, chaos will be placated and the majority of humanity will realize that not only must there no longer be human bloodshed in the peoples of the world, but also there must no longer be animal bloodshed so as to satisfy the gluttony of men and women of the world.

Turn  to God through Creation and recognize, in humility and gratitude, that, in spite of everything, Creation keeps giving of itself to all with the aim that all can find happiness and peace.

My Heart is preparing to come to Poland again, and I ask you that, through your prayers, this important cause of the humanitarian mission may be present so that the paths that have to be opened may do so, and the consciousnesses that I will send may arrive.

Now, the responsibility for the Plan falls on all, the cycle in which this responsibility fell on very few is over. When you manage, each one of you, to feel in your hearts that you must fulfill the Plan that the Hierarchy presents to you, stage by stage, you will be with Me, just as I need you to fulfill what is necessary to fulfill and what is necessary to manifest in these times.

Because you must not forget that the world and the Hierarchy persistently seek the salvation of humanity and that, while this happens, more souls and more consciousnesses become lost in the abysses, above all, the innocent souls that are subjected by corrupt systems that impact peoples and nations.

Pray throughout these days so that My Spiritual Government may be present in Europe, so that the decisions that will be made in the coming times may be beneficial, lasting and sustainable decisions, so that the most intensely stricken and suffering peoples may no longer think that this is an empty performance but rather that the word of the rulers of the world may be united to God, in depth and in essence, and solutions may be concretized so that they may cease to be empty promises.

For this reason, I invite you to pray for Poland and for that which, in this stage, the Spiritual Hierarchy must develop and carry forward, with the help of everyone.

When you learn how to position yourselves a little more, and offer yourselves a little more, many inner situations will end and your consciousnesses will be concentrated on the Purpose, because the Purpose of God will always lead you to achieve the goal. Think of this and do not forget it.

I give you My absolution and I give you My blessing.

Be bearers of My Peace so that Peace may be in the world and where it is most needed.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Lord, we are not worthy that you should enter under our roof,
but only say the Word, and we shall be healed.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Let us invoke the Holy Spirit for the Gift of Healing for all of humanity.

May the Holy Spirit of God, through the power of the Gift of Healing, permeate with its Light all cells and consciousnesses, especially of those who are in spiritual prison and who, for decades, have not managed to be freed and redeemed.

Let us pray for this important cause of My Heart, because if Healing is not established in humanity and in consciousnesses, Love will not be able to be established in the world, let alone be established in the Kingdoms of Nature, which are outraged by the hands of those who do not know the Creation of God and deeply interfere in the evolution of the Lower Kingdoms.

While the Kingdoms of Nature continue being transgressed, diseases will still exist throughout the world, and even more will spiritual and psychological diseases exist, because the humanity of the surface, that is, the majority of humanity, is in disharmony with the Law of Nature.

Just as I invite you at this moment to love your neighbor, I also invite you to love the Lower Kingdoms, because without their intervention, you would be nothing, you would not have anywhere to place your feet.

And even so, with so many outrages and sacrileges made to the kingdoms of Nature, the minerals, the plants and animals, and even the Elemental and Devic Kingdom, as a greater sacrifice, keep sustaining the consciousness of the planet.

Has anyone ever wondered how much love is in a flower?

Has anyone ever wondered how much love is in a whale?

Or how all the Kingdoms still continue being outraged?

Why is there this need for exploitation, abuse and transgression of the Kingdoms of Nature?

The more that consciousnesses on the surface of the planet contact God internally, through the powerful instrument of prayer and the Sacraments, the more the human race will not only receive the Gift of Healing from the Holy Spirit for its diseases to be healed, but also the Kingdoms of Nature will receive the assistance they need to regenerate themselves, and this is something that begins in what is spiritual.

I did not want to fail to say this to you, at the moment when we light a new candle of the Menorah, because humanity is not observing nor contemplating this necessity.

Now, you, who claim to be spiritual, have a part in this situation, for all those who do not do it nor live it, for those who have completely lost the meaning of living in the Law and, through the Law, of attaining the happiness they need.

Do you now understand the cause of so much suffering on the planet?

In my heart these situations also weigh, because I am a human being just like you, who incarnated in the world to redeem it and turn it back to God, to the God that was forgotten and that many did not take into account, ignored and rejected, throughout the times.

For this reason, I had to live the Passion, among so many reasons and motives, which are not written in any book and which, through My Words, I declare to you today.

But My history did not end here, nor did it end in the Ascension of Jesus. My true history begins in the Spiritual Government of worlds and of the universe, when, in the highest of the Heavens, in the heart of the universe, your Lord began the second stage of His evolutionary trajectory, which is not written nor recognized in any book.

But so that Who Christ Jesus truly is may be revealed, it must come out of My own Mouth and of no other, because it is something that was already thought of and written in the Heart of God, because all has its time and all has its moment.

It is not My wish to fill you with knowledge or expectations. My aspiration is that you can elevate yourselves, just as I elevated Myself to the Heavens in consciousness, consciously living the path of Christification and peace, transforming your lives during everyday events and in all details so that you not adjust to what is spiritual or modern, or seek roles or recognition. Because while you do not love silence, as I love it, God will not be able to speak to your hearts. Do you know how long He has been waiting to do so?

For this reason, He sends His Son once again to the world so that, through the Presence of the Son of God and of His Christic and Cosmic Energy, hearts can transform and listen.

Believe that there is a Plan for each one of you, just as God drew a Plan for My human Consciousness, which incarnated and lived among you for a reason: so that you might know Higher Love.

For this reason, My history does not end in the Ascension, My great task begins after the Ascension to the Heavens, while the angels of the universe elevated Me and led Me physically to other dimensions, what is here known as the Material Universe, because the Son of God, when He ascended to the Heavens, did not return to the Divine Source.

The reason of My existence is to be with you eternally and for your essences to be Christified through an important experience of love and forgiveness that only you can conceive.

You will manage to do so through a great key: by loving the hidden symbol of your cross. When you manage to do so, and understand it, your cross, the cross of each one of My companions, will not be martyrdom, but rather the opportunity to concretize a victory for Me, so that your consciousnesses and, above all, your essences, may attain the same vibration and elevation that I achieved, although you may not believe it.

If throughout the times there have been incorrupt saints, do you not believe, by any chance, that your lives can be incorrupt and that matter can be sanctified and Christified?

How do you believe the Resurrection of Christ or even the Transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor was possible?

How do you believe that the multiplication of the bread and the fish, or even the healing of the paralyzed, or even of the lepers, or the resurrection of the dead was possible? In the example of Lazarus, do you believe it was the Master alone who did this?

The co-creator consciousness of humanity exists to evolve, and not to enter involution, and while you do not look to this objective or to this principle, the forces of evil will distract you from the path of Christification, making you feel that you need other experiences.

The commitment that many of those who are Mine have revoked throughout the years is something non-transferable, it does not end simply by changing your life or the experience. Be aware that the commitment that each one of you have with Me is spiritual and essential and, thus, indissoluble, it cannot disappear however much you may live other things, and when you live other things, be aware that you make the Lord waste time.

The way that I speak to you with the maturity that I have attained in My Spiritual Government is the same way that I speak with the Hierarchies, just as I have spoken with the people of Israel, with all those who were present two thousand years ago, to have the first opportunity, the first step toward the total redemption of consciousness.

And do you know what moves all that? The Love and Mercy of God. If that were not well constituted in your consciousnesses, nothing would be possible. Thus, you will be able to understand and you will be able to see how the world wastes time in other things, and consciousnesses do not value their incarnation.

Millions of consciousnesses waste their lives and so it is the angels of the universe themselves who descend to the hells of the planet, because there is no one who can save those lost souls.

But if, throughout the times, My soldiers on the surface, My warriors of prayer, act consistently, without letting their hearts become cold. I will be able to do all, and I will be able to do much more through you, just as I have thought of and just as it is written in the Heart of the Father.

When I was on Mount Tabor, I was only able to gather a few of the apostles, to let them know My true Face. The Transfiguration of Jesus, just as the Ascension of your Master, did not only end with the glorification of His Being, that is, with the illumination of His cells and atoms, which was what the apostles saw on Mount Tabor. In those times, they rather had an extraordinary Grace of knowing the true Face of Christ, which did not only refer to His person, that is, His human being, but rather, from the depths of My Being, I revealed to them My true Face, from where I truly emerged for you in accordance with what the Father had thought of, because it was God Himself who surrendered for those who needed to find Him and recognize Him again.

In this revelation of Mount Tabor, they came to know the Face of the Cosmic Christ, which is one of the seven aspects of My Consciousness, the aspect that is closest to the Material Universe.

However, after My Ascension to the Heavens, I want you to know that My history did not end there, and that, throughout the times and after the Ascension, I was formed in a very similar manner to the way I was formed by the Essenes, living specific initiations that were already programmed by the Most High so that, with all the experience of the Passion, the Death and the Resurrection, Love could again constitute, in this universe, the Spiritual Government that had been interfered with by My enemy.

For this reason, as much as there are still spiritual and material battles, as much as many still cannot overcome their own duality, as much as many cannot understand why they are always in such an arid and dry desert, or why they live certain experiences that they would never have wanted to live, do not forget that in your essences, God formed you as co-creators, just like the angels.

I say this not for you to feel powerful or stronger than you believe you are. If in all this there is no spirit of humility or of true resignation before the Heights, you will not learn to walk as I did, because, in spite of being the Son of God, the One who had been programmed to come to Earth, My human being, My earthly consciousness, also had to be Christified, overcoming fears, insecurities and even doubts.

We are all in likeness to God.

Throughout the times and after My Ascension, He taught Me many things that I now come to teach you, with the sole aim that you may be a faithful expression of the Will of God itself. And so that this is possible, it is fundamental that you may free yourselves from your personal will.

Now, when I return to the world, a moment that is not so far for humanity, I will come revealing the same Face that I revealed to the apostles on Mount Tabor, but it will be ten times stronger than it was at that time.

Because all those who are at that great moment of the Return of Christ will not only see the Glorified Son, they will not only see the Resurrected Son, or even the Redeemer of the world, they will see the transfigured Son of God, showing His true Face, which, with His mere Presence, through the Presence of God, will redeem the whole world.

And, at that moment, the Universal Judgment will be established and the Earth will be reconfigured and reconstituted. And the principles of the Commandments of God will be re-established in the consciousnesses, which will be able to recognize the Laws so as to be able to recognize the Rays of the Universe.

And those who will remain on Earth to be a part of the New Humanity will be re-grouped according to their lineages so that, together with Me, we may re-establish the Kingdom of God on the surface of this planet, where evil will no longer exist, nor will duality, energies that completely confuse consciousnesses.

But the one who loves the Will of God, the one who loves the Sacred Heart of Jesus, will overcome all the consequences that the transition of the Earth will bring, and will be placed where it is necessary to serve, preparing many more consciousnesses to receive Christ, your Redeemer.

For this reason, we must pray and not forget these moments that are approaching, because there will be no other occasion and no other moment for you to listen to these things that I am telling you today. Because when the times that are approaching come to the life of all, you must be ready and defined.

And be aware that this experience of Christification is unconditionally offered to all. And only the one who loves this experience will understand it, because it is a mystery that I build through your lives, through the lives that consecrate themselves to God.

And a demonstration of this is the consecration of the material life and of the inner life of beings, as at this moment will happen to those who revere and adore My Eucharistic Heart, and who, up to now, are postulants to be My adoring armies, to sustain the entire Work of the Hierarchy and, thus, sustain the planet and mainly the axis of the Earth.

This is the main cause of the adorers, and this must be their main motive; everything else must come afterward, even the very consciousness that adores. To place yourselves before My Eucharistic Heart must be done with an empty heart.

And so that you may understand what I am saying to you, I will offer to you a song, through the Choir. For this reason, I call My daughter, Faustina de Jesús, so that she may come here to sing to her Lord and Her Spouse.

May she sing to all how her experience of feeling an empty heart was. And, thus, after this song, through which you will have the experience of emptying your consciousnesses and, above all, your hearts, you will accompany the postulants to become adorers, who today represent a symbol and a significant number before the Confederation of Worlds.


Song: “Empty heart.”


If all spouse souls sang to Me like this, I would be able to give My Life for you hundreds of times, because I know that what God conceived through His creatures in inconceivable to many. Only an empty heart is capable of understanding these mysteries gestated by the Love of the Creator.

Thank you, Sister Faustina de Jesús! I am Jesus of Faustina.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Once again, I come from Heaven with a Message, but also with a call to the consciousness of humanity.

Today, with My gaze turned toward the ground, I share with you the lamentation of the Heart of the Mother of God, because humanity cannot understand Our Message, the Message of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph.

This is why Saint Joseph, My Most Chaste Spouse, is offering Himself before the Celestial Father to return to this world, to bring a message to this Humanity in an extraordinary way. His visit to this planet will be unexpected, because He will intercede, as a Guardian of Souls, at the most culminating moments of humanity, and one of these culminating moments is this very moment that humanity is experiencing.

For this reason, My beloved children, Our Divine Celestial Consciousnesses expand their offering before the Creator Father, because humanity cannot understand, and, as it cannot understand, humanity does not want to change.

Today I would have many reasons, not only to be here with you, so that you may feel My Heart, so that you may live in My Heart, but also to express to you, from the depths of My Heart, all the situations that the Mother of God observes in this humanity.

How do you believe, beloved children, that the world will not precipitate upon you, if the change has not yet arrived?

How will you believe, beloved children, that the Kingdoms of Nature and the elements will not show their strength and power to all eyes of the world, if the change has not yet arrived?

How do you believe, beloved children, that the climate change will not be unleashed upon this humanity, if the change has not yet arrived?

How do you believe, beloved children, that the injustice, the annihilation and the destruction between brothers of the same race will end, if the change has not yet arrived?

There are so many more things that I could say to you tonight!

There are so many more truths that My Heart could present to each one of you!

A few days ago, I told you not to fail to pray, in spite of what may happen, My beloved children, even though the opposing winds may be stronger than the expression of your supplications.

I ask you not to challenge the laws of Nature, because if you challenge these laws, you will challenge the Universal Laws, which is what many of My children in the world are doing, without being aware of it.

All that which is taking place in the world, all that which is presenting itself in current times has a motive and reason in order to accelerate the Return of Christ.

However, My dear children, where do you believe Christ will return first?

Upon what place will He descend and where will He present Himself to begin to correct this humanity from its mistakes and faults?

Where do you believe, beloved children, that Christ will show and reveal Himself to the men and women of the Earth when He returns to this world?

Have you ever thought of this?

I invite you, My dear children, to meditate, in prayer, upon all the Words of the Heavenly Mother, because this Message is not Her own, it is a Message that emerges again from the Source of God, from His compassionate Heart, which is infinite and invincible. All the causes that present themselves in this humanity today are the reasons to move souls away from the Compassion of God.

Who will have the bravery and also the determination to go above themselves, to place the needs of the world first, before their own? To be aware of the importance of gratitude and reverence, which have been lost in the world so quickly?

How do you believe My Graces will come to the Earth like the flowers of Light that I deposit within the hearts of each one of My children, to again give them life and renewal?

How do you believe that My Light will come to the world if many among My children close the doors to Me and do not allow Me to pass into their dimensions of suffering and agony?

God is also experiencing a riddle with this humanity.

For this reason, with this Flower of Light that I bring in My hands today to offer to each one of My children, I ask and supplicate to you: return to the Heart of God, return to the Essential Origin so that you can return to the Primordial Source. Because while millions of souls absolutely do the contrary, My enemy, the adversary of all, covers greater planes of consciousness. Do not allow this, beloved children.

Sustain yourselves, in these times, through My prayerful Heart.

My supplications will never cease to be pronounced, My Voice will never cease to speak to you, because I will fulfill what I promised to the Celestial Father, in spite of the time it may take Me to carry it out in this world. Therefore, I tell you, while still holding within My hands this Flower of Light that I offer to you, that all those who have already awakened should help those who have not awakened.

I do not ask you to instruct them, I ask you to give them the example, the example that is born from the heart, an example that leads you to the truth, to experience simplicity and humility, the example of the unconditional self-giving that allows you to make Christic Love bloom within you.

With love and even with celestial sweetness, receive this immaterial flower that I offer to you today so that, by holding it in the innermost core of your essences, you may once again commune with the Source of Creation for those who do not commune with My Son, for those who do not experience My Son, for those who contradict My Son, for all those who deny My Son, for those who, out of ignorance, wound the Heart of Christ, day by day.

May your lives be converted into flowers of light for the Mother of God, because I do not speak to you of an unattainable perfection, I speak to you, My dear children, of a simplicity that is near each one of you, the simplicity that the power of the prayer from the heart gives to you.

I still need, My beloved children, through all those who support Me and follow Me as praying beings and children of Mary, to carry out many works in this humanity.

Because humanity is not ready for the Return of My Son, it is more and more submerged in illusion and chained by certain spiritual forces, contrary to the Plan of the Father, which only subject and chastise souls.

I am also the Mother that liberates the chains of oppression, the chains of spiritual prison, because it is in that which is spiritual where everything begins, and it is in that which is spiritual where everything ends.

In this Vigil of Prayer for Peace in the Nations, when you have again prayed with My Immaculate Heart, in the name of Christ, My Son, I come to thank you, and I ask you to keep persevering, in spite of your purifications and your trials.

When everything becomes very difficult for you, as well as for your families, or even for your nations, remember the flower that I gave you today: it is the Lotus Flower, the Flower of Compassion of God's Consciousness, which is that which souls need at this moment so as to heal their deep wounds, to dissolve their deep episodes of incomprehension, to be worthy of again receiving the Grace of God, which will elevate their consciousnesses, will expand the love of their hearts.

Because through this Lotus Flower of Compassion of God's Consciousness, you again receive His Higher Love, which is what humanity needs in order to heal itself, in order to be liberated from the chains of oppression.

Children, the world lives its hardest moment, not only with the thousands of lives that have become lost through this pandemic. I assure you, My beloveds, that I have prayed for each one of those souls, who have been taken to the fire of hell, which My Holy Angels of Heaven have liberated from this oppression, so that they might achieve the Grace of Celestial Glory.

How many souls, how many people, known or even unknown to you, have been carried away by this pandemic!

Once again, I say to you that the cure is waiting to descend onto the whole planet, but if men and women do not repent, if they do not place their knees on the ground to ask for forgiveness and Mercy, how do you believe the change will come? How do you believe you will be worthy of Divine Healing and Divine Grace? In this there is no mystery and no science.

Children, listen attentively, I come to teach to you the same way as I learned here on Earth, while being a Woman and a Mother who assumed all the children of God, in the great promise that I made to My Son at the foot of His Cross.

Therefore, I again say to you that while this change is not made, while penance and repentance do not become present in the depths of the consciousness of human beings, I ask you to implore to the Divine Blood of Christ.

Because when a soul invokes the Blood of Jesus, His Heart opens up as an infinite fountain and, from the depths of the abyss of His Mercy, the Divine Grace emerges, which, with Codes of Light, bathes like rain the prayerful soul and all the situations for which the soul makes requests for in its prayer.

It is in this way that the apostles of Christ, the prayerful armies of Mary, learn, in a gradual and careful way, about the path of redemption, not only by living their own redemption through the power of the Blood of Christ, but also by opening the door for those who have condemned themselves to the ignorance of this humanity.

It is this ignorance, My beloved children, which since a long time ago humanity should no longer have been living, which does not allow for the changes to come, not only the material changes, but also the spiritual changes, which are so fundamental and urgent, and which, if you could see beyond that which is material, you would, from one second to the next, make this change that is so much awaited by the Eternal Father.

Therefore, I again ask you to pay attention to My Message, because what your Mother comes to ask of you is not impossible, I come to ask that which is closest to you, I come to ask you that which is most real.

While the changes in the majority of humanity do not arrive, My sorrow will be very great. My Heart is pierced by the indifferences, sacrileges, heresies and outrages of the men and women of the Earth, which must be transmuted, which must be relieved by the prayer of My children, strengthening the potent network of planetary prayer, to sustain, to the greatest extent, the axis of the Earth. 

The impactful expression of the volcanoes in these times is the deep cry of the heart of the planet, it is the warning that the axis of the Earth today is sustained by an extremely thin thread of spiritual light, which could break if My children cease to pray.

I know that all are responsible for this, and I know that the majority of peoples and nations are subjected by those who rule them, for all that they decide and lie about, for the false promises that they announce, because they are empty promises, empty of love, empty of truth, empty of true solutions.

For this reason, your only path, My beloveds, is to turn your consciousnesses towards God, because the more you are in God, the less you will lack.

Although at some moment you might experience needs, learn to understand the signs of God. Because God is not poverty, His Love is abundance. And it is this Love, which is present in the whole universe and in all of Creation, that allows for the expression of the Laws of the Most High Father, and these Laws do not allow for anything to be lacking.

But the imbalance that the surface of the planet lives is generated by greed, distorted throughout the times, a greed not only for what is material, but also for the power that has expanded, throughout this world, the level of poverty, misery and hunger.

But all this is what My Son must correct soon in this humanity.

I invite you to pray for that which you know and for that which you do not know, just as the Mother of God prays for all causes and situations of this world.

I would like to speak to you about how wonderful it is to be close to God, how wonderful it is to be a part of His Kingdom and to be able to unveil His mysteries to the whole consciousness of the Earth. But humanity, out of ignorance, and also out of ingratitude, has not yet learned how to appreciate Our Words and even less the Treasures of the Father.

However, as His Mother and also as His Servant, I do not come to judge you nor do I come to claim anything from you, My Love is present here so that you can overcome yourselves and help all your brothers and sisters overcome themselves in love, especially those who have greater difficulties, difficulties that emerge from deep traumas, from unknown sufferings, from guilty feelings that have not been dissolved from within the consciousness.

Therefore, you should never criticize, you should only contribute and contribute more so that the inner unity between souls may be possible, and that this unity, beloved children, may be converted into a great mirror that is the depository of the Grace and Mercy of God for all hearts.

Do you understand now how simple it is to change the world?

It is not through wars or through clashes that the problems of humanity will be solved.

Will the rulers of the nations of the world keep ignoring the existence of God?

How far will they go?

How much will they lie to people and not give solutions to all peoples?

I just pray, every day, for all rulers, who are also My lost children, to have the Grace of feeling what a hungry child feels, of hearing the cry of a poor child, of hearing the despair of an exiled refugee child in another part of the world, of being able to feel and know what is felt and experienced by a family that is rejected, despised and insulted on the borders of the countries of this world, because they cannot rebuild their hopes or their human dignity.

If God gave you Creation, all that exists in the universe, if God gave you nature and its fruits, the mountains, the rivers and oceans, the birds, the sun, the dawn, the stars and the firmament, how is it possible for human ignorance and the lack of fraternity to exist? I do not ask you to convert into assistant workers; I ask you to be kind souls, in service and love.

May My silence allow the Words that I bring from the Source to echo within the heart of My children, because the cup is more than overflowing and the world still challenges the Wrath of God.

I again ask you not to attract the Angel of Divine Justice toward the Earth, because, just as it was in Fatima, more than 100 years ago, I must again place myself before the Angel of the Justice of God to avoid world punishment.

Therefore, I again ask you, for the upcoming time, every 13th, until I indicate, to consciously work in the meetings of prayer with the prayer of reconsecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary so that difficult events in the world may be avoided.

Because, just as I am the Mother of Love, I am the Woman of the Apocalypse. Because a sign will appear in the sky: a Woman clothed with the Sun, crowned with stars and with the Moon at Her feet, will come like the dawn to announce the end of times, a time that is being fulfilled.

Children, I am very grateful because I have felt and I seen that you have listened to each one of My Words with bravery and courage, sustained by the Inner Christ.

At the request of Archangel Gabriel, I come to accompany each one of you so that, together, we may live the greatest sacrifice of Love through the Eucharist, so that My ardent wish may be fulfilled within souls.

May this Message echo in as many hearts as possible and not be just one more Message.

Beloved children, before the angels of the Kingdom of Lys, in the simplicity of this moment, let us make Our offering to God for the triumph of His Love and His Truth on the planet. Let us prepare ourselves for Communion.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Brothers and sisters, responding to this request of the Mother of God, before the Presence of Her Immaculate Heart, we invite everyone who can, to kneel down or stand up, to begin to offer this sacrifice of the Son of God, to relive it within each one of us so that, as the Divine Mother said, Her Message may echo in as many hearts as possible throughout he world.

Therefore, before the Angels of the Kingdom of Lys, like them, we invite you to symbolically prostrate yourselves before God so that His Celestial Universe may approach, and this offering, which we will make today as one spiritual family, may be received with love and gratitude in the Celestial Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

So, we reveal at this moment the mystery of the Love of God.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

On the night when Jesus would be handed over, before that moment, He gathered with His apostles at the Cenacle to give away His Greatest Legacy of Love, through the Eucharist, the Body and the Blood of Christ.

Thus, at that moment, Jesus took the bread, and, raising it to God, He offered it with His whole Heart and His entire Soul, and asked the Father for this bread to be converted into His Divine Body. Then, Jesus broke it, and, offering it to the apostles, He said to them, “Take and eat of it, because this is My Body, which will be surrendered for you, for the forgiveness of sins.”

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. 


Before finishing the Supper, Our Lord took the Chalice in His Hands and, carrying out the same exercise, he raised it, offering it to God for the wine to be converted into the precious Blood of Christ. Then He, passing it to His apostles, offered it to each one of them, saying, “Take it and drink of it, because this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New and Eternal Covenant, which will be shed by your Redeemer for the remission of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me, until I return to the world.”

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.



Behold the Body and Blood of Christ. May hearts rejoice at again participating in the Supper of Our Lord. Amen.

In union with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we ask for the Most Holy Trinity to consecrate these elements that we offer at this altar, for the glory of Its Kingdom.

Let us say together the prayer that Christ taught us, the Our Father in Aramaic.

Prayer: Our Father (in Aramaic).

May the Peace, the Love, the Light and the Mercy of Christ descend upon the planet.

Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof,
but only say the Word, and I shall be healed.

With love and reverence, we announce the Spiritual Communion of all souls on the Earth with Christ.


Most Holy Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
I adore Thee profoundly. I offer Thee
the Most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ,
present in all the Tabernacles of the world,
in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifferences
 by which He is offended.

And by the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I beg you the conversion of poor sinners.



And now, brothers and sisters, responding to a second request of the Divine Mother, to conclude this task She has entrusted each one of us with, we will prepare to make a short moment of Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament so that, in this moment of silence, each one of us may make deep contact with God, through the Eucharistic Heart of Christ. And, once more, let us offer this moment, so that the Message of the Divine Mother may echo deeply within many hearts.

Let us prepare ourselves for this exercise.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In reverence and gratitude, we begin this moment of Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament.

We revere the most precious Eucharistic Body of Christ.

We pray, phrase by phrase:

Who is in God, fears nothing.
Who is in God, does not retrocede.
Who is in God, lives from the Love of God.
This is the force of today.
In God, In God, in God.

We revere and thank the Eucharistic Body of Christ, and hold Christ in our hearts.

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

Thank You, Divine Mother, for all that You give us!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

From Heaven, I come to this ocean, I come to this sea, just as I did more than two thousand years ago, as a fisher of hearts. I come to invite you to again come aboard My Boat so that, in faith and hope, we may cross the oceans of consciousness, in which God lives, in which His Creation is latent, in which His Peace dwells.

A short time ago, I called you to step upon these oceans with your feet. Some have done this spiritually, but I still await those who have not done so, for those who have not dared to overcome the limitations of their minds and their consciousnesses in order to enter the mystery of Higher Life, of infinity, of the universe.

Today I come as this fisher of hearts, as That One who was at the banks of the Sea of Galilee to call upon the first apostles.

Today I come here, to meet My companions so that they may hear My voice and feel My Heart, so that they may receive My Love and My Peace, because we must cross the oceans of the end of these times.

From the great oceans of the planetary consciousness, the urgent needs of humanity and of the Kingdoms of Nature emerge, because the planet is on the verge of living its great birth.

The movement of the Earth is continuous. The changes bring events to an earlier moment. Everything becomes premature and the majority of souls are still not ready.

Just as I invite you to cross these oceans with your feet, have faith, because, in this way, your feet will not fail, and you will walk, like Peter, upon the waters, without being conscious of yourselves, but rather being conscious of the Truth of God.

My Father has delivered a Message for all of you and for the whole world.

My Merciful Heart, in spite of the suffering I see in the world, feels joy and bliss because Our Celestial Father has communicated with His children once again, just as He did many times with the ancient people of Israel.

Its descendants and its tribes must still prevail throughout the times, although this human civilization has sufficiently learned to self-destroy and wound itself.

Who will come aboard My spiritual Boat to cross these oceans and help your Master to launch the nets of salvation and planetary rescue into this universe of needs, of demands and emergencies?

When I formed the first apostles, more than two thousand years ago, I not only formed consciousnesses in surrender and in willingness to serve the Project of My Father, but I also founded the first missionary consciousnesses in humanity through service, charity and the Word.

These three pillars: service, charity and the Word. will be that which will heal humanity when the majority of My companions, especially those who still do not accept Me, understand that fidelity will always keep them in the Light and in the Truth because My enemy still keeps weaving his adversities and evil plans throughout the world.

Souls become stuck in his nets of capital sins, of ambition, of power, of lies.

Do not surrender to these projects of evil nor allow your brothers and sisters to be dragged or pushed towards the abysses of illusion.

As I told you at the beginning, these are times of emergency, these are times in which each one must serve Me wholeheartedly so that I can work and fulfill the aspirations of the Father.

My instruments in the world, that is, the souls that serve Me, must be these very nets that I can launch over the oceans of the emergencies of this world so that, not only may souls awaken, but they may also again find the truth they have lost, the inner truth.

Meanwhile, I wait for you here, in My Boat, on this ocean of the world, in which I am today, and I will be very attentive and open to receive your true and not fleeting offers.

I know it is not easy for the majority to surrender their lives for My Plan, and, above all, for My Will. I have seen that many made the effort, and few have managed to do it, and this should not be a reason for guilt or disturbance. I only ask you to give Me what in truth each one of you can give Me, because, in this way, I will not only be able to launch the nets of salvation, but I will also weave a net of Light, of Power and of Peace through the brave and available hearts.

You already know that the world agonizes at each moment that passes, at each day that goes by and is fulfilled, and the material necessities, and also the spiritual ones, grow.

Many souls have still not understood the Message that I delivered to you more than two thousand years ago through the Gospel. I invite you to study the parables again, because, in such simple and essential Teachings, you will understand everything I tell you.

During this Marathon of Divine Mercy, I invite you to pray for the expansion of human consciousness so that, beyond the material limits and the spiritual prisons that many souls in the world live, all hearts may receive the Grace of the expansion of consciousness so that they can transcend and overcome themselves, to the point of attaining higher degrees of love and service.

The great key of this time for the service of souls is missionary life, because, in missionary life, you will not only step out of yourselves, but you will also surpass yourselves by means of absolute self-giving and unconditional surrender, and, even more, companions, you will know, just as I know, the pain of the world, the indifference of souls, the cruelty of many hearts, the deprivation of many people, social and global injustice.

But I do not ask you to serve as missionaries of peace and fraternity only to see these things, I impel you to the missionary service so that you may heal the spiritual deprivation of this humanity. The more souls serve, the less will be the effects of the planetary purification, the less will be the consequences of the climate and even of global warming.

Today, I do not send this Message through a religious message, but rather I send this Message through My Divine Consciousness, which is the emanation of the Consciousness of the Truth of God, because I also know that many of My apostles, of My companions, have felt ashamed in the face of what they have seen in My Church upon the surface of the Earth.

I do not ask you to believe in them, I only ask you to believe in Me, because I will never fail you, and I am fulfilling My Word, that I am returning to the world, more each day, with greater power and consciousness, with greater determination and spiritual strength.

From My Heart the Government of the Heavenly Father will emanate so as to again raise this sick and wounded, destroyed and self-annihilated humanity.

I will take the false scepter of power from the hands of those who govern, and, with your own eyes, you will see that no stone will be left upon stone.

If you see, in these times, that the planet expresses its rebellion, its agony and its pain, do not fear, this is the sign of the final time of the Armageddon, because, somehow, humanity must be purified of all it has done throughout the times. Everyone will receive what corresponds to them by Law, nothing will be out of place, although many put everything out of place and believe they will come out unaffected by the events of the planet.

I will remove the monarchy from this world, a corrupt and indivisible monarchy for those who believe they live it, because this human project is unique and will be fulfilled with those who, by faith, service and hope will repopulate the Earth with new attributes of evolution and love.

Because the Return of your Master will not only place in order the whole chaotic planetary situations of the peoples, nations and even of nature; the Return of your Master and Lord will be very similar to two thousand years ago, when I was able to be closer to Mine, to instruct them, to strengthen them, to ignite the flame of Christic fire in the human heart. This is what I most expect and this is what I most aspire to experience during My Return.

It will not only be a universal and planetary order, it will be the moment when I will invite you to physically board My Boat, so that you may know Who God is, because I will tell you so.

I only wish to have in My Arms those who have so much asked Me for this, in these times. I only wish to place My Hand upon the anguished, disturbed and desolated hearts, upon the hearts that lack peace, that have lost faith, that no longer believes in anything nor in anyone. 

My Love will transform the wounded hearts and re-establish union with the universe, of all those who lost it due to the injustice and shame of the men of this world, and even of My Church, because I will cause My Spiritual Church to spring up from the hearts of men and women of the Earth, of the children, of the youth and even of the elderly, and it will no longer be necessary for them to live bodily disease due to spiritual disease.

Hold on tightly to My Mantle and, in this way, I will not only protect you, but I will also sustain you with My Presence, which is the Presence of the Father, to go through, with courage and bravery, the end of these times.

From these oceans, I bless, renew and reconsecrate you to My Heart of Love so that the one thousand years of peace may be fulfilled.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Take refuge in Me. 

I am a part of your breath and of all your senses, and, even more, of all your inner senses.

Do not fear, dare to cross the oceans of My Consciousness.

You have emerged from a space that is blessed and sacred to Me, which you must aspire to remember.

Do you know this? 

Have faith, because I will always sustain you. 

You are like a little harmless bird upon My Hands. 

I caress you and comfort you with the Light of My Eternal Heart.

Awaken, child! It is time for you to open yourself internally to come to know My deepest mysteries. Do not doubt what I say, be brave and you will manage to do so.

All that I have given you was for you to make Me happy. Each part of My Creation was perfectly thought of to please you and make you feel very close to Me.

In the silence, there I am. In each Lower Kingdom of Nature, there I am. And in the elements, there I am. I ask you: seek Me and you will find Me.

I am beyond what is concrete. I am very close to you, closer than you can imagine.

Draw near to My Creation. All that you see, on this planet and throughout the whole universe, has open arms to receive you.

Be strong, but also be patient. 

Like no other, your Celestial Father knows about the moment that you and His other children are going through.

But where My Love is, there lies My Creation. 

Open your mind and imagine Me. I am something more than what has been written about Me.

My Science is Wisdom and I give this Wisdom to My creatures so that they can imagine Me.

My Love is Compassion. I give My Mercy to My creatures so that they can forgive themselves and others.

You must know that I am not far from all that this humanity and this planet live. 

I also suffer the sorrow of My creatures, but many of My children have moved away from My Love, and, as they moved away from My Love, they moved away from My Truth.

I still have my arms open, and, in silence, I wait for each one of My children so that they may be by My side, together with a Father who has always loved them, with a Love that does not change, with a Love that leads them towards the Truth. 

Today, I am emitting this Message to the inner universe of all My children, because all are My children, without distinction.

This is the time to prepare the arrival of My Beloved Successor, the Christ. 

In Him, I gave you Life. I taught you the Path and I gave you the supreme Truth of the Heart.

Children, do not let yourselves be confused by the world, look within yourselves. 

I am there because that is where My Church is. 

I am in this sacred space to hear you, I am there to attend to you, I can see you, I can feel you, I know about each one of your thoughts.

Do not be afraid, empty yourselves a little more so that My Love and My Light can govern you.

Blessed are those who suffer injustice because they will be comforted.

Blessed are those who are enslaved, exploited and exiled, because, on the final day, they will be recognized and called “blessed saints of the Father."

Those who receive My Mercy, let them rejoice, because the chains and the prisons will break, and the Light of Emmanuel will win.

May your hands always be in prayer with Me so that, beyond everything, we may be in communication, in spirit.

Come to Me, those who feel hopeless, come to Me, the oppressed and those who are tired; because I will console you and bless you with My Spirit, just as My blessed Son Jesus was blessed in the River Jordan.

May your life aspire to be a new sacrament. I offer My reconciliation to you so that you may know that I am Peace.

Walk, with your feet, aware that you follow the path of return to the House of your Father, who art in Heaven, and, within you.

Quench your thirst in My Divine Fount. 

Here is My Name, praised and exalted, so as to raise from the ruins the consciousnesses of My children.

Stay in Me, because I listen to your words.

Your Celestial Father, 


Immaculate Lady of Peace,
manifestation of the Original Purity,
permit us to enter into Your Heart,
Sacred Kingdom of Love and Protection.
May Your Mantle of Light guard us
and transform our little beings
into servers of Your universal task.
We revere You, Mother,
Queen of Peace,
Divine Conception of the Trinity.
(three times)

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In this silence that embraces you, feel the Mother of God's Heart beating.

From Heaven, I bring to you what is most beautiful that exists; for this reason, I gather you together with Me so that you can once more feel the Love of God.

Today, I come as a Mother who agonizes at seeing this planet in suffering.

Today, I come to look for each one of My children so that they may console Me, because, in this way, the Mother Earth will be consoled and each Kingdom of Nature will receive the attention it deserves, so that the souls on the surface of this planet may help the Kingdoms of Creation, because without the Kingdoms of Creation, humanity will not be able to survive.

For this reason, I have asked you, My children, to invoke and implore the intercessory power of Saint Gabriel the Archangel, because the faithful Messenger of God will be able to help each one of you and, thus, it will also be able to help the planet.

When I ask you to console Me, it is not only through the prayer of the heart, but also through remembering, every day, the importance of saving Creation and, especially, everything that dwells upon this planet, all Kingdoms of Nature, including the Elemental and Devic Kingdoms.

Children, I come here as your agonizing Mother, so that you may understand the symbol, but also the cry of the planet.

I know that the majority could respond to My call, but the more voices gather to ask for respect for this planet, the less these voices are heard by those who believe they have the power in this humanity; but, do not give up, My children.

I do not only invite you to serve the Kingdoms of Nature, but I also invite you to defend them, to protect them with actions of love and charity, because the human being of these times has completely forgotten that it comes from Creation and that each part of its being belongs to the Kingdoms of Nature.

So that you may understand, beloved children, what I am saying to you, understand, at this moment, that your essences come from the ponds of Creation and that a small particle of Light of each Kingdom has given of itself, out of Love for God, to constitute the formation and the expression of your beings.

In this way, you will understand, beloved children, that when the world hurts the Kingdoms of Nature, it hurts itself.

Beloved children, how can you allow humanity to always wound itself and remove from its habitat all that God has given you with so much Love, since the beginning of the Genesis?

How is it possible, beloved children, for human beings to lose their sensibility and even their earthly feeling in the face of the suffering of the Lower Kingdoms?

Has humanity realized that it destroys its own consciousness? That, by contaminating the seas at each second of this time, it loses the possibility of having water to quench its thirst?

The world has great problems with water, and, once again, the poorest among the poor suffer the consequences of those who claim to be powerful.

How is it possible, beloved children, for the human being of this time to destroy forests just to have paper?

Children, how is it possible for you, in this time, to contaminate the Earth or sacrifice the animals without feeling absolutely nothing?

I do not speak of vegetarianism, I speak of feeling, in the depths of the heart, that the Lower Kingdoms are consciousnesses that deserve to evolve, just like you. And those who believe they have power over Creation have decided not to do anything.

If the majority does not pray on their knees, only social revolutions will come, and the men and women of this time will keep becoming sick, because the mutations of these times, which modify the perfect genetics that God created, absolutely degenerate the spiritual condition of humanity, and My enemy has advanced in this field.

But do not feel indignation or guilt, because the Original Project of God will be fulfilled with the transmutation and the transcendence of humanity, of those who really fight with the banner of Christ so that His Plan may be fulfilled on the surface of this planet.

Once again, I say, especially to those who do not hear or believe the Word of God, that, if they do not undergo a deep change, their destiny will only be to perish. And how far should the Mercy of the Father or the Justice of God go? How far should compassion embrace the most miserable conditions of this planet?

Love does mean concession. Love does not mean alliance with the laws of the Earth. Love is also Justice, but it is Wisdom. Love is not punishment, it is a correction.

Therefore, I invite you to be careful and to heed My warning, because while the Kingdoms of Nature keep being transgressed and outraged, who will deter the wars on this planet? Who will close the doors that open to evil? Who will transmute these doors? Who will relieve the displacement of millions of refugees in the world? Who will help face the climate crisis of the poorest peoples in this world? Who will have the means to meet the great necessities for food?

I am not speaking of assistencialism; I am speaking of being aware and of human fraternity, of doing what God taught you a long time ago, the same that He taught the people of Israel: sharing their material goods so that all may receive spiritual goods.

I do not tire of hearing the cry of this planet. The eruption of volcanoes demonstrates to the world a great warning call. There is no one who can stop it. By any chance, will you allow the Pacific Ring of Fire to keep on expanding, as if the volcanoes were a form of entertainment for society?

Beloved children, you must respect the universal Laws so that you may learn to respect the Laws of Creation.

The string of this world is too stretched. Its tension and friction cause it to be about to break; who will prevent this? Who else will sacrifice themselves? Who will form with Me a great and powerful network of prayer that may congregate many souls, more and more, who will postulate to be the praying ones of the end of times, those called the praying ones of the Apocalypse?

It is in this way that you will be with Me, without being at fault with the prayer from the heart, because prayers are still very insufficient; extremely great numbers are the sins, in very great numbers are the faults, many are the errors and the omissions of humanity. Everything grows gradually to the point of becoming out of proportion.

Who will attain, above everything, the so necessary and extraordinary Grace that may allow a spiritual amnesty for the souls that are already condemned to hell?

This is the time of overcoming for the new Christs. These are no longer times of claims or complaints, it is a time for your lives to be totally different, just as the life of the Mother of God became different from the Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel to the Assumption.

I do not ask you for great things, My children, I only ask you to fulfill what My Son asked of you during His last Message of October 22, for you to love one another more for those who do not love one another; because if the Love of God continues to be lacking in this world, how do you believe this humanity will end up? Have you ever wondered, My beloveds? Do you now understand the agony of the Mother of God?

I no longer carry only seven swords in My chest, which pierce My Heart; now My Heart is pierced by fourteen swords, of the gravest sins of this world; and there lies, in this way, a central sin that makes My Heart ache, which is the sin of indifference. For this reason, when you do not feel with your hearts, be careful, so that your hearts do not become as hard as a stone, to the point that all that is shown to you in this world and all that will be shown does not move your inner world.

Attention, My beloveds, invoke your Guardian Angels, invoke the powerful Blood of Christ so that the Lord may purify and cure you, so that your hearts may always feel the need to pray and not to do so as a commitment or a schedule, because it is time for the Father to see that My Work is being fulfilled, in spite of the adversities.

It is time, My beloveds, for your lives to be prayer itself.

As a Mother who loves you, as a Mother who sustains you, I come to confess all these Words to you because there is still a little time left so that at least as many souls as possible not lose the opportunity of redemption.

I cry together with those who feel injustice. My Heart agonizes together with the Kingdoms of Nature, from the depths of the oceans to the top of the mountains. The cry of the planet is heard by the universe. By any chance, are you hearing it?

So that My Son can return to the world, just as He has announced so much, humanity needs to deserve it, even if it is in what is essential; and if that which is essential still does not exist, how do you believe that My Son will return?

But as His Love is greater than the errors, as His Compassion is more infinite than the indifference, as His embrace is stronger than all darkness; He comes in Divinity and Spirit, for seven years now, He comes to meet you, to prepare you for this moment.

But He also anguishes, although many times He does not demonstrate it, because He knows that you could not bear it, but He patiently waits for the moment when, by means of all the adorers and also of those who are not yet adorers, each soul may be its own tabernacle, so that He may be present in Spirit and Love, and thus He may begin to heal the world and prepare the planet for His Coming to humanity.

We must fervently pray for this, because, if it does not happen, beloved children, very few parts of the planet will survive the aggressions of climate change. God did not give you this world for you to convert it into what it is today; the Celestial Father gave you this planet so that, within this universe, a civilization of Christs could emerge; but, yes, many Christs have emerged throughout times, however, they have not been enough, because these Christs, called Saints, have had to carry the same cross of the debt of this humanity, like the sacrifice that Christ made for you.

For this reason, through My Words, through this Message, I come to make you meditate with Me upon all that God has dictated to My Heart. And today, your Celestial Mother dictates, to all Her children throughout the world, the same Words that God gave Me for this Apparition.

For this reason, I tell you again that in the Sacraments, in prayer and in service lies the keys to face and overcome these critical times.

This is all that I needed to tell you, My beloveds.

Share with Me the pain of God; after having felt the Silence of God, feel now the pain of God for the great ignorance of humanity.

May the doors of Divine Mercy open.

May the 144,000 come forward.

May the Celestial Kingdom descend to Earth.

May the Guardian Angels guide and accompany the servers.

May all listen to the Call of God to fulfill His Promises, until the emergence of a New Humanity.


And, as I always do, from the heart of Lys-Fatima, inner Sanctuary for all souls that thirst for God, I bless you again today, My children, and I give you the strength of faith, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Go in the Peace of My Son. Go ahead.

Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

A story is written in the Mirrors of Heaven, a story that you should come to know today. It is the Will, but it is also the impulse of your great awakening, of the awakening of consciousness that all the creatures on Earth should experience, although we are in a time of transition.

Within the Mirrors that I rule throughout the universe, the Will of God is deposited, and, through this Will, His most ardent aspirations are written. One of these aspirations, My children, is that humanity be withdrawn from illusion, from world illusion, so that it may enter the Celestial Truth, that which we call the “awakening of consciousness”.

If today you have come here, and if others arrive later, it is because you have already begun the path toward the great awakening, toward the discovery of your true inner being, which can allow you day by day to step out of appearances and illusions. May all of you have the Grace of coming to know your essences and of being aware that you are a part of a great system of universal communication, a system that the planet integrates.

Today I want to lead you through My Divine Consciousness toward these spaces. I want you, just like your Celestial Mother, to only contemplate, in reverence and in solemnity, the great network of the subtle Mirrors of the universe, of which a part of your being is a part.

It is toward this origin that you must return today, because, by returning to your origins, My children, you will allow the consciousness of humanity to be elevated and transmuted. You will allow the suffering, the anguish and all the conflict of the world to be dissolved by the spiritual Light of My Mirrors, which can descend to your lives through sincere and true prayer.

Today, this great system of great universal communication is latent and present at this moment upon the world, upon what you call the orbit of the Earth, so that this humanity may be helped and alleviated, so that the soul of your planet may be withdrawn from the hell in which it lives in this time.

Do not forget, My children, that My Son and His Heavenly Mother have incarnated here, and that we are a part of this humanity, we are great universal Consciousnesses that understand the human condition and work every day towards sublimating this inferior condition by means of the great keys of Love, Mercy and Peace.

I want you to enter with Me into three specific mirrors that today I reveal to you, to your souls and to your inner beings, which are the Mirrors of Love, Peace and Wisdom.

For a moment, open your inner eyes, feel your inner senses, and contemplate the Purpose of God, which, through you, must still be revealed and built.

In these Mirrors lies a part of your existence, of your origins, of your universal trajectory. You can perceive that you are not only matter, but that what is true is your spirit united to the Divine Spirit of God. You can perceive, at this moment, how through a simple but loving attunement with Me, you can reach God and come to know, from within yourselves, the purpose that He has for each one of you.

Today I make your essences return toward the great Mirrors of Creation, which have their foundations upon the Mirror of Unity. Let it be Love, Peace and Wisdom that lead you to build, within and outside of yourselves, Sacred Unity.

All of you have walked much throughout this universe. So many experiences are registered in the Mirrors of Creation! What a long trajectory you have lived throughout the times, the eras and the generations! And you still aspire for your awakening? So that once and for all you may recognize that you are not only what is imperfect, but rather that within yourselves, within the innermost essence of each being, there lies the Perfection of God, which was thought of by the Eternal Father Himself, before the emergence of Creation.

Do you dare to love the mystery ever more? So that the mystery may some day be converted into a revelation, and the sacred secrets may be unveiled so that souls may awaken and know, beyond everything, that each one of you has a purpose and a mission to accomplish in this life and in the next one.

Work for this, every day, strive for this, every day, because the Kingdom of God is drawing near and the Sacred King of the Universe will meet you again, face to face, and will ask you for the talents that He left within your heart. In this crucial time of humanity, may these talents be converted into virtues, into concrete actions, into the expression of the higher Love of God in all situations and circumstances so that, My children, you may learn, each day more, to love among yourselves.

For this reason, God still awaits, through your service, that through your surrender and obedience to the Plan of the Creator, you may come to know His Will, which must be the will in you in the three planes of manifestation: material, mental and spiritual.

With the effort that you experience in this time, with dedication to the life of prayer and to service for your fellow beings, as well as the Kingdoms of Nature, many are approaching this truth written in the story of the Mirrors, because within it your spirits will live the synthesis and find the meaning and reason for having come here to Earth, to live this school of forgiveness and redemption.

For this reason, today, I tell you, My children, that many of you can count on the sacred places that are present throughout the Americas, places where the different Purposes of God beat, not only for this planet, but also for all souls of humanity.

Sooner or later, the consciousnesses will face the Will of God, and they will have just one instant to decide which path they will take.

But today, I not only come for you, so that you may keep walking toward this Will and toward this Purpose, so that the great awakening may be more real in each one of you, but I also come as the Mother of the World, for all those who have lost the path toward the Purpose, for the most lost.

In this time of tribulation, a point of Light of the Third Order of the Brotherhood shines upon the surface of the Earth, which after 33 years has become a reality. May the Sacred Star of Divine Union between Heaven and Earth, between souls and God, between the servers and the Hierarchies, shine within your chests.

Carry within you a feeling of true concretion, not only of your path of redemption, but also of concretion of the Divine Plan, by means of all those who someday self-summoned to respond to this call of the Brotherhood.

I want to tell you, My beloved children, that the loving and compassionate gaze of the Hierarchies is at this moment upon you and especially upon this wounded and outraged planet.

Who will dare to go, together with Us, to the rescue of the essence of this planet and of this humanity?

Who will dare, together with Me, to listen to the cry of the soul of the Earth, subjected and enslaved by human beings, by those who outrage Creation?

May your prayers and all your services, in the coming times, mend the mistakes that are being lived today, and, above all, the grave climatic causes that the planet is experiencing today.

Do not cease, not even for a moment, to pray, although you may see in the coming times a dark sky or even the Moon painted red like blood. Do not see the horrors nor listen to the cries of despair of many nations.

Elevate your hearts toward God and cry out with the power of the Divine Word. May your words not only be words, may your prayers be decrees in the moments of greater tribulation, may your hearts burn in the love for service so that many more souls may have one last opportunity.

This is what is emitted today by the Mirrors of Love, Peace and Wisdom, Mirrors that not only remind you of your origin, where the principle of your harmony and balance exists, but also Mirrors that reveal today the true situation of humanity, where evil has conquered many hearts.

Because if you have ever been struck, as My Son was struck, stand up. Because if you are ever humiliated, do not respond, and, thank God. Always practice the good, because in the good you will find peace and the certainty that you are serving God, in spite of the consequences.

Today, I extend My arms toward the wounded world. Today I open My Mantle so that all My children, those awakened and those not awakened, can be under Me, under My spiritual and maternal Light.

For 33 years, since 1988 began, the Hierarchy was waiting for this moment, for a united Fraternity to be present in the three planes of consciousness. Today, this great spiritual triangulation is complete, the Brotherhood of the Divine, the Brotherhood of the Universe and the Brotherhood upon the surface of the Earth, prepared to face the last moment of the Armageddon, the great and last battle between the Light and the darkness.

I also pray, from this day on, that all My children, all possible consciousnesses, may have the Grace to recognize the Return of Christ, who will not come as many may think, but He will come in an indescribable way, and I would even say an unknown way, because no one has seen and no one knows how He will come, but the hearts will feel His arrival in the very depths of their beings. At that moment, in spite of where they may find themselves or wherever they are, they will start walking toward the Return of Christ, and many will hear about His arrival.

But pay attention not to be confused. Many will use this moment to benefit themselves. The true Return of Christ is the one which you will only feel within your heart. If your hearts do not feel the Return of Christ, it is because it will not be My Son, but rather others who will pretend to be Jesus.

But those who in these last eight years had the Grace of His Presence, within this Work of the Mercy of God, have learned to recognize Christ as a sacred spiritual vibration that leads them to peace and to feel His ardent Love. In His Words you will always find strength, in His Sacraments, you will always find salvation.

As hard as these times may be, never lose faith, because if you have come this far, My beloveds, how much more will you be able to do in the end of these times? He died for you, to give you eternal life, because, in Him, all will always be renewed, rest assured of this.

As the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity of Aurora, today I bid farewell, and, after fourteen years, I am here again to be close to all My children, to bring them the healing of the heart of Aurora, which will always be able to shine within you, if you just trust in the Light of Aurora.

Let us recognize the Grace of God, at this moment, and, just for an instant, let us see, My children, all that has been built through effort and surrender, and, especially how much your lives have changed up to the present moment. Believe in the power of the Love of Christ so that all may be renewed, although it may seem impossible in these times.

Today, I bless the planet, I bless the continents, especially all the regions that are suffering the catastrophes of these times, all those who are exiled and take refuge in other places of the world, fleeing wars, mistreatment, blood. Today, I pour out My Light upon all those who are sick, lost, forgotten, forsaken, impoverished and miserable.

May this Light of Aurora that you have received throughout these years, by an act of true Love and Mercy, be deposited in the places that need it the most. May this spiritual family bless the families of the world so that, once and for all, upon this horizon of Creation, the New Humanity may emerge, the New Humanity may awaken, the New Humanity may arise.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I leave here, listening to a poem that was made for My Heart. May this poem, that you will hear today, through a song, confirm you to My Heart forever.

I am very grateful.

See you soon.


 In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Listen in silence to the beating of My Heart, of a Heart that gave itself for you and for the world.

This is the Heart that still continues to suffer for humanity and for the planet. It is a human Heart, just like yours. A Heart that was glorified and enlightened. A heart that propagates Peace and Mercy.

This is the Heart that humanity feels within. A Heart that welcomes all souls and Kingdoms of Nature. It is the Heart of the Creator, of the Living God, of the Merciful God.

Today My Presence reaches the world through the Heart of the Lord and, with open arms, contemplates the planet and everything that inhabits it.

You are in the time of great inflection, but also in the time of great repentance, before more situations are unleashed in humanity. The door of My Mercy is still open, and it is through My Heart that you will reach it.

The Heart of the Lamb of God is still being scourged, but this time in a deeper and more unknown way.

The ideals of humanity wound the Heart of the Lord.

The actions of humanity wound the Heart of the Lord.

The lack of awareness and love wound the Heart of the Lord.

You are souls that come from God and that keep, within yourselves, the Love of the Universe.

Injustice cannot surpass the love within you. You need to do something, not only to offer your prayers to the heights, but also to change.

The change of times will arrive in the rhythm of the events of the planet. For this reason, may your hearts not close.

This is the time to assert the Teachings of God through His Divine Messengers.

We tell you again that the Word must be fulfilled within you so that you may be a testimony, so It may be a reality and justify all the threats that the world is experiencing, through nations and governments.

A great part of humanity is innocent of the wars, persecutions, famine, lack of care, of everything that is outside of the Law.

But My Return cannot be at this time, because humanity must still realize all that it has done. My arrival will be in a culminating moment, but also unexpected.

The celestial doors are being prepared for this moment, as events unfold in humanity, in this rhythm, My arrival comes.

I cannot help but tell you that you still have to prepare yourselves; and that this preparation is born from awareness, discernment and adherence to the Hierarchy.

Most will learn about the end of time through another school, which is the school in which many should not be in. Therefore, do not allow indifference to embrace you or fill you; do not allow indifference to replace love.

In difficult moments, think of My Passion and all the pains and martyrdoms that I suffered for you, from the Garden of Gethsemane to the top of Mount Calvary, until the moment of My expiration.

There you will find an unknown inner force that will give you an impulse to experience transcendence and surrender; and you value all that I have lived for you, even though it was a long time ago. My Passion is spiritually timeless.

Souls can access the records of the events that I experienced more than two thousand years ago, because, in each step of My Passion, I left a teaching, a message, a lesson for the world.

Not everyone is able to fully experience the pain I suffered for you.

My Passion is not to be understood, but to be loved. It is not to be recognized, but to be valued. In it, I have left the steps of your sanctification, and so, you are always blessed by the Heavenly Father.

The planet as a consciousness lives its passion. A passion that it has never lived or suffered before, and its essence, which is humanity, is sick.

Therefore, your change and your repentance will relieve the world and the Kingdoms of Nature. But the currents of the universe will continue to descend, they will continue to work, they will continue to transform, because at least a small part of humanity must reach the Portal toward a New Earth and a New Humanity.

The aspiration of the Eternal Father is that all may reach the New Earth, the new Eden, the New Humanity. But the world, being far from the Law, moves away from that portal. This is why these are times of greatest sacrifices and of great resignations.

Now will be the cycle in which each one of you, companions, will confirm if you are within Me, so that I may be within you.

When I appeared to you, for the first time, more than seven years ago, it was for this moment, so that you would live this moment with Me and not retreat, not abandon Me.

The experience of the Christic life is for everyone, but I know that not everyone could achieve it, this does not mean being far from God and His Will, it means living different schools and lessons. Therefore, everything you do is written in the universe and it is witnessed.

These are times to keep the doors of My Mercy open so that the greatest number of souls may be redeemed and saved, at least they can have an opportunity in the next world.

Your happiness, companions, will be in the next world, because this is the time of surrender, and of faith to live in Me.

I need your lives to be balm for My Heart, and not the wounds.

I need your lives to be an example of transformation and charity, and not of offenses. I do not need you perfect, I need you true and pure of intention so that, through you, I can be in the world bringing My Love to humanity and to the places that need it the most, beyond distance.

In My Heart is the refuge for your souls, the aspiration of your consciousnesses, the renewal of your lives. Whoever is not in My Heart, it is because they do not want to be, it is because they have not yet seen, beyond themselves, the Grace received.

I want you to be aware of the opportunity, to not only receive My Presence, but to also receive My Message, to be close to Me at this crucial time of humanity. This represents a lot for Me, because I know what it means, especially when one of you fails Me and turns your back on Me, abandoning Me, invaded by incomprehension and unconsciousness.

I need you to live the truth from the heart and, through that truth that I bring you, to learn to love and serve.

Learn to be among brothers and sisters, in these difficult times, because in each new message, I bring you My Priesthood, which comes to sanctify and bless you in the Holy Spirit.

Let us pray for better times to come. Do not stop praying. The Father hears the prayers of His children, and He feels purity when their intentions are true.

Do not stop returning every day to the essence of the Purpose and the Divine Will, so you will be protected and safe in these times of darkness.

My Staff will show you the way. My Heart will be the Light along your paths. My Mantle will be your Peace, and My Cross, your protection.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Unexpectedly, today I present myself to humanity, to call it to repentance.

Before now, the cup was almost full; now the cup is overflowing. Be aware of what you are doing, stop the attacks of brother against brother.

The nations and some of their leaders are already more than puppets in the hands of My enemy. A hidden and evil network subdues the innocent: children are abandoned, human beings are despised and rejected at the borders because they try to escape famine and persecution.

Do not play with nuclear weapons anymore. You, human beings of the Earth, are not aware of what a mere slip would generate upon the entire planet.

In the mid-1940s you were warned about the consequences of using nuclear energy, and you did not listen to our messengers. Now you run and compete, threaten the world and conduct hidden tests in places upon Earth that are already highly contaminated by so much radiation.

When will you realize that power does not belong to you?

Stop and listen to the Voice that comes from the Heart of the Universe.

You no longer have anything else to experiment with and to create. At this moment, recognize that you have failed at your experiments in laboratories and with humans; and that the current pandemic is the result of malpractice.

What else do you want to have?

There have been previous humanities that transgressed Creation and hurt themselves.

You are the fifth and final race. The danger is no longer in your paths; now it is in your hands, and you cannot control it.

Abandon the social and conquering arms race that you still promote in many nations. No longer attack the seas and the oceans. The planet is heading to an unexpected salinity.

The Earth cannot endure any longer, and it will reflect its agony. You cannot imagine this world without fresh-water, or in long dark days due to the spread of the ashes of all volcanoes.

What will you do if that happens?

As long as the Kingdoms of Nature remain the focus of an unlimited exploitation, blood will continue to be shed throughout the world, and it will continue to be in the news.

You have lost the intuition of your souls; you no longer have the sensitivity to listen to God within yourselves.

Your lives are darkened by ambition and injustice, while thousands of people in the world are hit by marginalization, exile and exploitation.

The same hands as always enrich themselves through global suffering, but that will end. It will be one of the first corrections that I will impose on humanity.

Today I speak to the whole world, I do not speak to just one religion. I speak to all believers and non-believers, to those who have wasted their lives for pleasures and desires of the world, I speak to those who feel satisfaction in doing evil.

There is no angel or Hierarchy that will stop the overflowing cup. You are at the edge of the great abyss.

My Heart not only sustains the suffering and agonizing world; My Soul endures the injustices and the contempt of those who abandoned me and did not believe in Me. They did not hear My message. They judged My work and My dedication, and My enemy deceived them.

Therefore, be attentive. Everything I have given you throughout these years was to prepare you for this time, and most of you let My Words pass you by and you lost them.

Now, with little time left, reconsider, correct your mistakes and ask for Mercy, because no one knows Justice and, even so, souls challenge it, out of ignorance and indifference.

In truth, I tell you that I can no longer justify before My Father everything that you do. The time has come for everything to be defined between you and God.

But if love, tolerance, respect and care are experienced in your lives, you will suffer no more; because everything that will come will be the result of pride, exploitation and the evil of those who continue to live them.

I can only tell you to repent, so that in these acute moments, you not lack peace.

Hold on to My Words. Be the New Testament so that the whole world stops suffering its own consequences.

On the twelfth anniversary, together with the Mother of God, and for an undetermined period, we will give you Our final Words, so that you may listen to them carefully, and your consciousnesses may understand the message.

For this reason, responding to the Will and Justice of the Universe, and for everything received at each new meeting, you will listen to our Messages after prayers, which will be delivered beforehand, since for an undetermined time, I will protect the visionary, so that he may help Me to sustain this moment, in prayer and in silence, so that My Graces may reach other parts of the world.

It is time for you to live My Messages, especially the last ones.

My Heart has endured offenses from very close companions, something that has opened the Wound on My Side. The offenses of those who leave hurt My Heart, because I give them life and, instead of living in Me, they let themselves die. 

May discernment and peace guide you through these difficult times.

May this Marathon be the synthesis and confirmation of your lives before the Sacred Heart of the Lord.

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus



The Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdoms, every day, accept all of your prayers and exercises of service, for each one of them.

Thus, through the love of human beings, they will be able to express themselves and teach humanity that which humanity has lost, such as values ​​and dignity.

The Kingdoms of Nature are masters of being given, of love and of surrender, which the human being must perceive and recognize.

Within the task of each Kingdom lies the healing for humanity. But the Kingdoms expect to be cared for and recognized by humankind so that they may receive the opportunity to continue evolving.

Observe each Kingdom with attention, their beauty and particularity, and in them, you will find true teachings of love and spontaneous self-giving to Creation.

Thus, join the Whole, the universe, the essence and life, and when you pray, pray for the Kingdoms of Nature which, long-suffering and abandoned, are orphans of the Human Kingdom.

Feel within your heart the Kingdoms of Nature and give thanks that they are still here to serve Creation and the planet.

Relieve their traumas, repair their wounds and calm their suffering. May the Kingdoms, through their devotion and beauty, make you find peace.

Thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, 

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Today I come to the world because it still needs it, because it still has not found Peace.

Thus, My children, in this culminating moment, I have need of you, beyond what is happening to you or everything you are going through. I need you close to My Heart, under My Mantle, so you can help me establish Peace in the world, so that later, the healing of humanity may be established.

Therefore, it is important to pray the Holy Rosary every day, especially in these last days of July, which will prepare you for August, in which My annual Message will come to the world as a preamble to the coming of the Celestial Church of Christ.

Today I come surrounded by the Creation of God, especially the Kingdoms of Nature, which still need your prayers and supplications, because not only humanity suffers; your younger brothers and sisters, the Kingdoms, throughout the breadth and length of the world, are also suffering the consequences of the climate change and global warming, which are becoming worse upon this planet, every day.

But there is something that can prevent it all, which is the prayer of the heart and fasting, something fundamental for this end time in which humankind will be able to be reconciled with the laws of nature through prayer and fasting. Something that I taught you in the first years of the apparitions, not only for the cause of the Kingdoms of Nature, but also for other causes that are still necessary and urgent to attend to.

In this way, dear children, through prayer and fasting, you will awaken within you the talent that My Son left you, which the Heavenly Father calls gifts. Fundamental virtues that, in this moment of humanity, need to be available for this planet and this race because, through the Gifts of God and the virtues that you can live, you will be more aware and have the knowledge on how to rebuild this planet regarding how to help the Kingdoms of Nature, regarding how to support this humanity.

I come with this message from Creation, from the universe, the stars and the suns. God expects that at least a great part of His children, in this definitive time, may begin to rebuild humanity and the Kingdoms of Nature.

Here, in this sacred place, through the sacred tree of Figueira, knowledge and instruction descended directly from God Himself through His instructor José Trigueirinho, who Our Father has in His Glory.

Through what he taught you, in simplicity and in love, you have the first signs, as current humanity, of how through your inner contact with the universe, with prayer and fasting, you could rebuild the Kingdoms of Nature, because as long as the world continues to commit infractions against Creation, it will continue to suffer.

My children, this is what you must know today, and take into account within your hearts. Not only humankind has need of healing and redemption, not only does the pandemic need to end so that we may see what humanity has learned, but also the other Kingdoms of Nature have need of your help and love.

You could never imagine a world without the sun, without the dawn, without the morning breeze, without the tide of the oceans, without the singing of the birds, without the freshness of the Plant Kingdom, without the splendor of the flowers.

How could you live without Creation, My children?

God created the universe, this Solar System and this planet, to demonstrate to each one of you how He loves you.

When will the world become aware that it is no longer time to destroy, but rather to build?

If you had the Grace of hearing the cry of the Kingdoms of Nature, you would feel the great pain as I feel it.

But, while this happens, the Kingdoms do not cease surrendering and giving of themselves.

Mother Earth suffers from the aggression of Her children, but even so, she gives the fruits that God's creatures need to continue living and growing in this humanity.

Each one of you, as part of this human civilization, as an expression of the Will of God, beyond faith or religion, has a duty toward Creation.

You, My children, were not only born to live or to think, you were born to be aware of Creation and of the sacred Divine Purpose.

Thanks to the Most High, there are islands of salvation in the world and beautiful places of nature that are still protected from the hands of humankind, so that the human race may learn to feel and live from Creation, not in destruction, but in union.

As long as this change does not take place, the prophecies of the Apocalypse will be fulfilled, but I Who am your Mother and wish the good for each one of My children, do not want you to experience this, that you suffer or endure because of your lack of awareness of Creation and of the Law.

But you could say to Me: "Mother, no matter how much we may do something, there are people in the world who, because of their ambition and power, destroy the planet."

I do not come here to generate a parallel movement, nor a worldwide complaint. Each one today has enough awareness to be able to take care of the Kingdoms of Nature and to know that, without them, it is not possible to live on the surface of this planet. As much as you can do small things, the repercussions will be very great.

Have you ever thought about what a flower feels when watered? What the soil feels when touched with love? Have you ever asked yourselves what the sea feels when it is contemplated by you?

Everything has awareness, a knowing and wisdom. Nothing is static. Everything has a reason in Creation.

I am the Mother of the World, Mother Nature. I am the Governess of the consciousness of the planet. All those who come to Me are not only redeemed in the Name of My Son, but they also come to Creation to discover its wisdom and its science.

The planet needs to be healed of the exploitation of humankind throughout the centuries, and this will be possible because of your adherence to My call. Thus, the Earth will not be left behind, but rather, will be contemplated by the rest of Creation, so that it may be regenerated and deeply healed, just as the planet has expected from the beginning.

You are part of the consciousness of this world. Have you understood? This is your home.

In order for My Son's Celestial Church to descend, the world must change and not continue to struggle to live in the normal and in what is superficial.

Time is running out, it is time to become aware. For this reason, I am here, so that you may grow within.

My enemy does not want you to reach this awareness, but through the offering of your prayers and fasts, you will allow the spiritual and material condition to be generated so that this change in the human consciousness may be possible.

And now, I invite you, My children, to carry out an inner practice with Creation. I invite you to prepare yourselves and to open your hearts even more through inner contact with the intra-oceanic world.

Close your eyes.

And now, at the request of the Father and through the intercession of the Mother of God, we will listen to "Intra-oceanic Aurora".

And through this exercise, which we will begin tonight, I will guide the world and the souls to an inner healing of the heart and of the emotions, of the mind and of the body, by means of your souls.

Open your inner worlds, beyond what your ears may hear. And now, see yourselves facing the ocean, at dawn. See God within that ocean, through His Consciousness of cosmic and inner Love. Feel yourselves to be empty and listen to the ocean like great streams of light coming towards you and, consequently, towards all of humanity.

Placing your hands in the sign of reception, offer your whole being to God and, in the name of the human race, facing that ocean that lights up in the dawn, ask for forgiveness and cry out inwardly for reconciliation, for all that the planet Earth has experienced, since the presence of humankind up until today.

See the great Sun of God emerge on the horizon of the ocean that, with the power of His Presence and Consciousness, with His Light, fills everything that lives and vibrates. Feel your cells and atoms light up through the intra-oceanic presence of the Consciousness of God's Love. Feel Adonai, feel at one with the sacred Divine Unity. Feel within yourselves the Truth of Creation and that which you have been a part of since the beginning.

Breathe slowly. Each time you breathe in, feel how the light of Creation enters your being and your entire consciousness. You are facing Adonai and Mother Nature, in the great void of consciousness, to be filled and blessed by the Love and Wisdom of the Father.

Between the Sun of God and the ocean, see the Son of God emerge in the sky, Who reaches out His Arms as the Redeeming Christ, and from His Heart and the palms of His Hands, He emanates the powerful light of Divine Grace over the four corners on the Earth.

The ocean lights up in blue light and its being, each of its consciousnesses, lights up in the blue light of Aurora.

In the name of the whole human race, in the name of fraternity, of forgiveness, and of love, affirm your inner vows with Creation and the Kingdoms of Nature, so that all may be renewed in accordance with what was foreseen by Divine Purpose.

In the Light of the Grace of Christ, in the Presence of the Father and of Mother Nature, we unite with the essence of Creation, so that we may remember where we came from and what the reason is for our being here today. 

May the Laws of Creation descend, may the gifts be given to the men and the women of the Earth. May the sacred virtues awaken, and the consciousness of the human beings expand, so that ignorance may be transmuted and wisdom bring an awareness of this present moment.

Feel the calm of the ocean. Feel the peace of Creation and the establishment of harmony. 

Now bring your hands to your heart and feel the union with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

In reconciliation with the planet and Creation, before the ocean, in the dawn of the Sun of God and the Presence of the Divine Son, we will repeat a prayer, phrase by phrase, which will be translated so that we may all may pray it in the Presence of Adonai:

may the advent of the new race be fulfilled.
May humanity be able to express its archetype.
May the word be alive and build Your Temple.
That Your Mystery may expand within us
and true existence be revealed to the world
so that we may gather in Your Name
and glorify perfect Unity.

Thus, I bless you and thank you for responding to My call.
May Creation and all nature be renewed in humanity. So be it.
I leave you with this instrumental, so that your consciousnesses may be united with God.

Peace and redemption for the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


When nature becomes stirred, enter into prayer and seek unity with the deepest Spirit of the Earth, the silent Spirit of God that permeates life and supports the planet. 

Find peace in its silence, in spite of all the noise of the elements on the surface of the world. Let the wind and the seas roar, the fire crackle and the earth move. Let your heart be always in the heart of the planet, in prayer, serving for the balance and for peace.

Learn to observe and hear nature, learn to see its signs in the elements, and know that when it becomes stirred, it is because its deep Spirit is in need of peace.

Everything in Creation is life. Every soul and every spirit is part of One God. From the heart of humankind to the depths of the Kingdoms of Nature, everything comes from God, and in Him everything finds unity.

For this reason, child, feel yourself to be a part of nature, feel that your prayer calms it, that your love brings it peace and that, when you are within God, all of life can be there, in the eternal Presence of the Creator.

For this reason, pray for life, for balance and peace within all that is life.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Fiftieth Poem

Queen of Peace,
Consoling Mother,
Guardian of hearts,
intercede for this planet and for this humanity;
intercede for the Kingdoms of Nature.

Bring to each soul
the strength and immensity of Your Love
so that, in this definitive time,
Your children may know which path to go through,
and thus they may find the pathway
towards the Sacred Heart of Your Son.

Queen of Peace,
may Your Peace echo
throughout the inner universe of each heart.

May all of humanity be able to feel brotherhood
among their fellow beings.

May hatred, adversity, injustice
and the trafficking of people no longer exist.

May hearts awaken
and again find the path towards God,
our Powerful Father.

Through faith, Mother of Peace,
may the whole world sow hope and inner healing
so that those who suffer may have the Grace of being touched
by the maternal Rays of Your Heart.

Allow us, Most Holy Lady,
to be ambassadors of Your Love and Your Peace.

May we be deserving of Your supreme Grace.

May each life be rebuilt
so that reconciliation may be established
and forgiveness may bring to all
the end of disunion and indifference.

May each child of Yours
recover the faith they need to continue forward 
until, like birds of light,
we may know how to someday return
to the Dwellings of the Celestial Father.

Queen of Peace,
Mother of Hope,
immeasurable Love,
prepare us, now and always,
for the awaited Return of Christ.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Thirty-fourth Poem

Light of God that descends to Earth,
State of Grace and perpetual Mercy,
I ask You, on this day, that my soul and my heart
may live inner consecration
so that Your Son may find a space within my soul
where He can govern and work.

Therefore, Most Holy Virgin,
I offer my life as a path for consecration.

Divested of my ideas and concepts,
take me to the void of everything so that,
in this practice of constant renunciation,
I may be deserving
of all the Mercy possible,
in order to redeem and sanctify my life.

Dear Celestial Mother,
may daily prayer impel me to transformation,
to an absolute living of service to the neighbor
and the Kingdoms of Nature.

May my human heart become sensitive,
to be able to feel the need
of those who cry out for help.

I hope that, someday,
I may be responding to Christ
as a beginner disciple
who learns to recognize service and love

Lady of mine, make of my soul
a missionary soul.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


A devout soul always willing to give more of itself to God, while they prayed, asked the Lord a question, saying: "Lord, I lift up my voice to the Heavens and pray for the souls that suffer, for the Kingdoms of Nature, for the planet, for Your Plan. What more must I do for this prayer to truly reach You and generate merits for the salvation and the redemption of the world?"

And the Lord responded to it, saying: "While you pray, speak with Me, pronounce each word not only to hear your own voice and feel that you are fulfilling your part. Pray, allowing your essence to look into My Eyes, may your heart be within Mine and may your word be an echo throughout all infinity, in all Creation.

To pray in this way, beloved child, My soul, you need to be fully with Me, without caring about time, tiredness, the sensations of the body or those that are around you, as to whether they strive as you do or if they sleep and become distant from their words. You should not care about anything except My Presence and the imperative need the world has for sincere and real prayers.

When you sing, your ears should not care about the sound of your voice, your mind should not care about who is listening to you, but rather your heart should care to attune your voice and be with Me, singing with perfection for the One that is the Master of all sound, the Creator of each note, of each tone, capable of transforming your vibration into gifts that expand through Life, transforming lives. This, little soul, is how your prayer should be."

May this dialogue teach you, children, to go deeper each day in your prayers. May they be sincere and reach God.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Nineteenth Poem

Morning Star,
Aurora of rebirth,
Patroness of all nations,
that, as a people,
we may prepare the Arrival of Christ.

May our feet walk towards
the sacred Temple of the King’s Heart
so that, blessed by His Spirit,
we may renew our strength in service and charity
for humanity and for the Kingdoms of Nature.

Dear Celestial Mother,
help us to alleviate the sorrows of humanity.

May Your Love teach us
to always be present, in all needs.

May we learn to take care of and protect our nations
through fervent prayer,
because we know that
You are present in it to help us.

help of all Christians,
envelop us with Your Mantle of Light
so that we may dare to follow the path
of the apostles of Christ.

May our redemption be the example
for those who have not yet found Christ.

May our fidelity be the united flame*
with those who do not live in God.

In the void of our beings,
 may Your beloved Son find a place
where He can govern and work,
out of love for humanity and for the whole planet.

May our faith help our nations
fulfill the Purpose of God.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

* United flame is the energy of love and compassion that, from our hearts, we can radiate to others.


The month of May, children, could be known as the month of intercession for souls and the planet.

It is the month in which the Laws of Grace and Mercy are more intensely active on Earth, through the devotion of the souls that consecrate themselves and re-consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

May is not just a chronological period, but rather the period of a spiritual cycle in which the Mirrors of the cosmos align with the Mirrors of the depths of the Earth, as well as with those that are within the heart and essence of those who pray. In this way, a network of spiritual, divine and planetary light manifests through the simple fact that souls expressed their devotion and love for the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Queen of all the Mirrors of Creation.

Through the prayers of Her children, the Mother and Celestial Governess manifests Portals of liberation and intercession between dimensions for the most sinful and lost souls. It is in this way that an opportunity for Grace is granted to those who repent from the heart and pray for redemption and peace on the planet.

The Kingdoms of Nature, the elements and the life that dwells on the planet are also touched by the deepest Graces that come from the Heart of your Celestial Mother.

In the universe, as well as on Earth, the angels and archangels remain attentive to the pleas of those who pray in all cultures and religions, those who sincerely cry out for peace, because in spite of their lack of understanding and ignorance, the love in the hearts of those who pray is transformed into merits for healing, redemption and the awakening of all souls.

For this reason, pray, children, and re-consecrate your lives to God in each instant. You are in a cycle of Graces, of Mercy and of intercession, even during the chaotic scene of the planet. Let your souls be in the correct position for your elevation so that you may always achieve peace.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When the time for Mercy comes, may your heart be ready, just as the Heart of your Lord is ready to pour out Blood and Water upon the world and into the depths of the most sinful, lost and lonely souls, the most deceived and distant from Divine Truth.

Feel within yourself the need to overcome limits, tiredness, harassment or even those most important commitments of yours, so that, for an instant, your heart may contemplate in Heaven the wounded Heart of the Lord, overcoming Himself throughout the centuries, re-experiencing His surrender, renewing  His Love; and then, child, beyond the Heart of Christ, may you find the Heart of the Celestial Father, attentive to each sacrifice of the Lord.

May your prayers point to Christ and, by the merits of this perpetual surrender, cry out for humanity, for the Kingdoms and for the most lost souls.

If your heart contemplates the Heart of Christ and offers It to God with love, the Lord then receives permission from His Father to pour out His Mercy upon the world.

But the yes of humanity is needed. It is necessary that you cry out and ask, that you pray and surrender before all the Graces that descend from Heaven; thus, they may enter deeply into each being and transform them.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And although I was placed in the sepulcher, My service for humanity had not ended.

Today I continue with everyone about what really happened in those times during the sorrowful Passion of your Master and Lord.

To be able to understand it spiritually, this afternoon you will enter with Me into the Universe of God, another space of the nonmaterial and cosmic creative manifestation, where the memory was also kept of all the events that took place during the sorrowful Passion of your Lord. Let us prepare for this moment.

Place your souls at the service of the Plan so that it may be they that participate in this moment, and hold in your memory all that you will go through and experience, following the universal records of your Master and Lord.

To enter this Universe of God, it will be enough to open the door of that space with your word and your song; this will be the key that will allow the revelation of all that will happen afterward.

Now, while I show you the Universe of God behind Me and the angels that are accompanying this moment, for they are the ones in charge of revealing the universal records of your Master and Lord, you must intone the musical key that will allow you to enter this span of consciousness.

We will intone "Adonai, Holy Spirit" until the Lord give us a sign, and may Adonai resonate within us and in our consciousness so that our souls may enter into this space. We can begin.

Song: "Adonai, Holy Spirit."

Once again.

Let us return to the previous instrumental.

We are in a space that is not material, yet rather spiritual. We are in a part of the Consciousness of God that expresses itself as a great sky blue Sphere of Light, where angels write of this moment in our essences. The center of this place is a powerful Sphere of golden light that in its manifestations alternate different colors and forms, manifesting the most perfect beauty of Creation.

Our souls are in the Universe of the spirit, a place they have always aspired to reach and participate in.

Our souls participate in this place with their most subtle and elevated consciousness and are invaded by many impulses that come from the center of this Source, where within little Crystals of Light, within a golden Sphere, is held the experience of our Redeemer on Earth, the most important and emblematic portions of His spiritual and cosmic task.

And in the mental Universe, the ultra-terrestrial Universe, another part of the plane of Consciousness of Creation, another faithful copy is held of that space and place, which are other aspects of the task that Christ carried out on Earth in that time.

Feel how, at this moment, the center of our soul connects and unites with that great golden Sphere that governs the center of this space of Creation.

And outside of this blue Sphere, that envelopes us and protects us, let us see the different angelic Hierarchies accompanying Our Lord at this moment.

But let us see Christ absolutely transfigured. A deeper and more complete transfiguration than what He lived on Mount Tabor. He shows us, at this moment, His true Aspect, the consciousness of the Cosmic Christ, called the Glorified Christ.

We will contemplate this along side that golden Sphere of Light and, meanwhile, inside of that golden Sphere, let us not lose our focus and our attunement with those small Crystals of Light, of how they spin in likeness to our DNA, like the movement of our molecules and atoms. We are in front of the scientific aspect of God.

Let us contemplate Christ. How part of His Being is illuminated and glorified, and has achieved a transubstantiated and sublimated matter by the power of the Love He incarnated, because of that Love He expressed to each one of us, from His birth to His Ascension.

There, through Christ, all the stages of His life on Earth are gathered, not only the stages of His material life, but also the spiritual ones. We are in front of the revelation of the Living and Glorified Christ. All of His being is the living Eucharist itself, is the great Reliquary of God that is illuminating before our souls and consciousnesses, bringing our beings into spiritual and cosmic communion with the Laws of the nonmaterial Universe.

At this moment, we must believe in what we are experiencing and feeling, beyond distance and separation. The Glorified Consciousness of Christ unites us and gathers us together in this moment to live this experience.

Let us see Our Lord levitating in the Universe, within this great sky blue Sphere of Light and, with us within there, consciously participating with all of our being and consciousness, opening our soul so that all our being may receive, through Christ, the mysteries of the nonmaterial Laws that are to be found there at this moment and which are the Laws that gave impulse to material Laws, called universal Laws. We are under another vibration and spiritual condition, let us keep our connection and our heart open to this.

Let us allow our soul to be overrun by each one of these luminous impulses, which the transubstantiated Consciousness of Christ offers us at this moment.

And so, in an act of profound gratitude and reverence, within this space of the Consciousness of God, where His scientific aspect is present, let us feel the absolute void, in a complete divestment and in a necessary surrender so that it may be He, Christ, Who will act through our souls, rather than us.

Within that golden Sphere of Light that He presents to us and which He lights up through the palm of His right Hand, He offers that we live the Will of God.

He has us face the vision and the conscious moment of being able to recognize Divine Will, which comes from the Source as a powerful emanation of Love and Unity.

Outside of this great sky blue Sphere of Light we see Saint Michael the Archangel approach, also with a transfigured aspect, like a great warrior of light that takes care of the different Projects of Creation. In His right hand we see a lance and in His left hand we see a scale that maintains its balance, its equality and justness.

Let us contemplate all these symbols but, above all, let us merge together this reality that Our Lord offers to us today with all His humility and Love.

In the center of each of our souls He places those Crystals of Light that hold His Christic energy. Our souls yield at His Feet, not feeling worthy of this merit, but recognizing the supreme Grace that has brought them here.

And now, that great sky blue Sphere of Light dissolves into space. Hundreds of souls, from different parts of the world, are present there, yielding at the Feet of the Redeemer, within that Consciousness of God, in which the non-material Laws are active and work through the Law of Silence.

Let us contemplate the beauty that God shows us in this place and in this space, which is part of His Universal Consciousness.

Through our head, from the center of our crown chakra, a subtle thread of light rises, which connects us with that Universe where our soul is present.

The transfigured Christ does not speak through words, but rather through the actions that He performs today with all of us and with all of humanity.

But He requests something of us:

Be aware of what you are receiving and value what is being given to you, because this will be the only time until I return to the world, when many will recognize My Presence, although many others will deny it.

Through this, I am preparing you for that time. For this reason, I have brought you here in consciousness and in spirit, in soul and in essence, because it is here where God resides within each one of His children.

The one who empties themselves is redeemed. The one who yields is redeemed. The one who surrenders to Me is redeemed. The one who gives Me their life, is redeemed.

Meanwhile, the Universe, through the melodies, reveals different impulses of Creation, similar to the great nebula, stars or galaxies, that are etched in this firmament of the Consciousness of God, in the presence of the angels and of the Saint Michae the Archangel. Christ still keeps His right Hand close to the golden Sphere of Light.

At times, we are dazzled and overrun by explosions of golden Light that make our souls invisible. We are bathed by His Love-Wisdom, that Love and that Wisdom that incarnated in the world through Jesus, to bring redemption to the planet for a single purpose, the purpose of Love.

While Jesus was in the sepulcher, various aspects of His Being and of His Consciousness carried out this task that He performs today with us, helping different groups of souls and redeeming the hells, giving an opportunity and Grace to all the fallen stars.

Today, through the divine power of His Mercy, He gives us these impulses from the spiritual Source that holds the records of all His experience on Earth and of all the levels of His Being, which are revealed to our consciousnesses so that we may know and recognize that God is in all things.

With great gentleness and harmony, let us bring our consciousnesses to this material space, to the place where we are now, and let us feel how this experience is kept in the center of our being, in the deepest core of our inner being.

We still see the Glorified Christ, the transubstantiated Christ here, with all His Being like one same and only Eucharist that is offered to the world for its redemption and forgiveness.

We still see, behind Christ, that Universe and space of God beating.

The universal Plan is centered on the redemption of humanity. For this reason, God Himself offered Himself to the world through His Son, so that the humanity of that time and today's humanity could understand that they are here for a divine Purpose and not only for a material life. Your cells, atoms and the center of your beings must understand this, must affirm this so that your souls may govern and move forward with the Aspirations of God and the Will He has determined for each one of His children.

On this seventh day of the meeting, I see the majority of souls empty of self. You must recognize this all the time. You must safeguard it from yourselves. You must preserve it from the world, the chaos and the unfaithfulness. You must commit to yourselves for the Plan of God, because God is waiting to act through His children, as He has acted throughout the times and the different races.

But so that this decision that God has can manifest, after all that humanity has received throughout time, it is for the race of today to take the great and last step so that this Will may be realized and concretized. While that still does not take place, humanity will continue to suffer.

The Kingdom of the Heavens was on this planet. The Kingdom of the Heavens is reflected through the nature of this planet. The more aggression it endures, the greater the pain felt by the human being. There will be no place nor consciousness that will be able to address that pain nor calm that suffering.

You are beings that come from the Source. This is why I have taken you toward that favorite place of God. He has placed all of you in His Heart, have you perceived this? It is the Love that emerges and emanates from the Source, the renewing and untiring Love that will make of each being a new being; this is why your yielding is important.

Do not be afraid of the changes. Open to the changes that will come in the end of these times. Celestial joy is the promise that God has for each of His children, and today He fulfills His promise, taking all souls that listen to the chamber of His Sacred Heart, beyond all errors, debts or traumas that each human being may be experiencing and going through.

God is the unconditional eternal. Your Master is the unconditional eternal. The Holy Spirit that is among you today is the unconditional eternal.

When humanity learns to live within love rather than in indifference, to practice equality, tolerance, respect and faith, everything will be transformed. For this to happen, I will return to the world at the most difficult and culminating moment of the race. The days for this occurrence are drawing closer. 

Today I have asked the Father to give Me the Grace of taking each one of you into His Heart.

Now, Christ, placing His Hands in the sign of imposition, transfigures His vestments and all His Consciousness into a subtle rose color. He shows us His spiritual aspect of Love. That which upon being subject to and assaulted by humankind during His sorrowful Passion, His Love never surrendered. 

We are facing the invincible Love of Christ, the Love that He, at this moment, radiates to the whole world, bringing our planet, all of humanity and the Kingdoms of nature close to His Chest.

Today His spiritual and invincible Love gathers up the groups of souls of different animal species, such as the whales, which are being wiped out; such as the cattle, which are being killed; such as the species that are losing their habitat; and from the plant Kingdom, that is exploited, burned and destroyed on the surface of the Earth.

And even further, the invincible Love of Christ penetrates to the depths of our planet and gathers up the group soul of the mineral Kingdom, the minerals of which suffer and are destroyed and extracted with violence and vengeance. 

His Love, especially today, also reaches those who live in slavery, in Africa and in the world.

We are in the moment and in the Grace, in light of the invincible Love of Christ, of asking for forgiveness for the errors made by this humanity against the Kingdoms of Nature; of asking for forgiveness for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters who are blind and only want the advantages and benefits of Nature.

In light of the invincible Love of Christ, let us ask for forgiveness for destroying Creation and for not valuing it.

We bow down to Christ to ask for forgiveness and so that His Love may triumph in the world by the merits of His sorrowful Passion, for the descent of His unfathomable Mercy.

We may stand, breathe deeply and give thanks.

Today, at the request of Christ, we are going to offer this communion for the Kingdoms of Nature, but also for those who thirst in the world and have no water to drink and to hydrate their bodies. Let us ask for the Grace that the Kingdom of the waters, from the deepest core of the Earth and through Mother Nature, may grant the Grace of causing streams to flow from those places where there is great thirst. Amen.

Lord, God of the Universe and of Life, inexhaustible Fount of Love and Truth, infinite manifestation of providence, of abundance and of universal wisdom, we offer you this Sacrament in the name of Your most beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and we ask for the Grace and the opportunity that all that we receive here, beyond what we deserve, may reach the souls that aspire and wait for this spiritual abundance that You allow to descend to Earth through Your glorious Son. Amen.

The novena of prayer of this Holy Week, the Spiritual Trilogy that I taught you many years ago, has been of vital importance to Me, because it has allowed this whole task to move forward without interruptions or obstacles.

Thank you for those who strive in their hearts! May Peace be in each one of those who pray, that support this Plan of Love.

Thus, on this Hallelujah Saturday, so that tomorrow your souls may rise in spirit, in joy and in gladness for having the Grace of hearing the Word of God, I offer you this Eucharistic Communion, fulfilling My promise of being with you every day, until the end of times.

Father, Infinite Love, Consoler and Healer, I offer You this bread so that You, by the power of Your Glory, may change it into the Body of Christ so that today, consummating this spiritual and divine task, I will offer it to each one of Your children and say to them again: "Take and eat it, for this is My Body that is given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

In the same way, I offer You the Chalice of Redemption, Beloved Father, so that You may transubstantiate It into the Blood of Christ. For this reason, I again offer it to those of Yours, saying to them: "Take and all drink of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, that is still poured out by your Lord up to these times for the forgiveness of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

And now, taking each other by the hand, and those alone in their homes, place your hands in the sign of reception toward Heaven so that, together with Our Lord, we may repeat this powerful prayer that He taught us:

Our Father (in Spanish).

Our Father (in English).

May the Peace of Christ descend upon Earth and elevate all fallen stars to Heaven.

So be it.

You can place your hands on your heart, for where there is unity, no illness can prevail.

May the Peace of the Kingdom of the Heavens be in you and in the whole world.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you for having shared this afternoon with Me. Hold in memory that which you experienced today.


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more