Saturday, August 13 of 2022


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


You must not forget that the Americas are the cradle of the New Humanity, it is the land of the emergence of the New Earth. For this reason, We, the Three Sacred Hearts, are returning, because not only do the Americas need it, but the whole world as well.

From the depths of My Heart, I thank in advance all those who will make these Sacred Meetings possible in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. You could not even imagine what My Heart feels upon getting to know that My Beloved Son will return to Argentina and that the Three Sacred Hearts will again found a new Point of Light on the surface of the Earth, through the Marian Center Sanctuary of Creation.

This means that the door to the Spiritual Universe will finally open in that region of the planet, and the angels that accompany Me and serve Me through the Marian Centers will also help make possible the expression of the Marian Center Sanctuary of Creation.

I have always held in My Heart the aspiration of fulfilling the blessing and consecration of this place, which has fully opened to respond to the call of the Heavenly Mother. And  this call has especially resonated and had repercussions in all hearts that, with faith and persistence, have made the physical expression of the Marian Center possible.

This means, My children, that the Kingdoms of Nature, the essence of each one of the Kingdoms that you know, as well as the Elemental and Devic Kingdom, will have the great celestial portal of the Marian Center. And this will allow them to be received and welcomed in spirit and, as a consequence, the Kingdoms, the elementals and devas of the whole world will have a place within this Work, just as they have within the Light-Communities, to live a process of restoration and healing that is unknown, hidden and invisible.

And do you know what allows all this?

It is when the One-Thousand Hail Marys are prayed at the Marian Centers. Because not only humanity and the planet are worked on through each prayer pronounced by each sincere heart, but also the Kingdoms of Nature, which suffer and have to endure so much in these times.

After the consecration of the Marian Center Sanctuary of Creation, they will finally have the space they deserve to be taken to other places of the universe so that each soul-group of the Kingdoms may be repaired and healed, redeemed and re-established.

Because My Son, when He returns to the world, will come not only for the Human Kingdom. He will come for all the Kingdoms of Creation. And He will bring to Earth the Kingdoms, the elementals and devas, healed and redeemed, when the planet has been redeemed and thus renewed.

The Kingdoms, elementals and devas that will be welcomed through the portal of the Marian Center, as well as of the other Marian Centers and Sanctuaries in the world, will have the opportunity to repopulate the planet with new species, forms and expressions, never seen before.

At that very important moment for humanity and the universe, when the New Earth and the New Humanity will emerge, many of you who will be present at that event, will consciously remember all that the effort of expressing the Work of the Hierarchy on the surface of the Earth has represented in these times. And, above all, the effort to concretize it, in the unity of souls and of conscious hearts that listen to the call of Heaven and respond to it.

This is why this moment you are living is a culminating one. It is a moment when a story may be re-written, the story of love within your hearts, the story of redemption within your hearts. This is what My Son needs, to justify before God what He essentially needs to rebuild in this humanity, despite the errors of the world.

One of the reasons for Our return to South America is that which I have explained to you. This means, My children, that it will not be just another meeting. It will be a unique meeting in which My children as well as the Kingdoms of nature will have the opportunity to attain inner healing, through the portal of the Marian Center "Sanctuary of Creation."

And for the Hierarchy, Aurora will complement this task in Southern Brazil. Because the Kingdom of Aurora, with Its consciousness, will encompass beyond South America and even the oceans, to try to stabilize and balance the psychic disorder of humanity, especially the disorder lived today by many nations in Latin America, where souls cannot see a future nor find new hope.

Thus, we are making this great movement for you and also for your brothers and sisters throughout the whole world, just as we will soon be making for the Middle East and Northern Africa, and, at some moment, we will make for the Far East.

It is very important for you, My children, that in your minds, and especially in your hearts, there may be no differences or divisions, judgment of values of what the Hierarchy does on the planet or where It can work or intervene at this moment. Because if I were not here today, I would not be able to justify, before the Higher Laws, what I need to, in the face of the errors of the world, of the indifference of hearts and the impunity placed upon the whole world by some.

You must learn, you should have already learned how to follow the steps of the Hierarchy and feel like citizens of this universe, just as the entire Hierarchy feels like citizens of this Sidereal Universe.

This allows you, My children, to understand the Purpose in a universal way and not understand the Purpose in an individual way. Because while you have this attitude, you will be far from Us, and this does not mean that We cease to love you or forgive you, because My Son loved you and forgave you on the Cross, do you remember?

Do you remember what My Son said on the Cross?

This is the same that I do for you today, so that you may grow and mature internally. Knowing that there is a lot to do, knowing that there is a lot to do in correspondence and that there is a lot to concretize.

This is the destiny of each one of you: to concretize the Projects of the Divine and Spiritual Hierarchy, because it is something for humanity and not only for you, it is something for the whole world. It is something for all those who do not have the Grace and the Mercy that you have today, by being here with Me.

When many of you dare to serve in Africa, you will remember this day. You will remember it by yourselves, and I assure you that you will feel ashamed for having received so much and for not having understood anything, when you see that which true misery and true poverty is, on a continent like Africa, which for thousands of years has been subjected by evil itself.

And although this may be happening, My Son will free Africa, much more than He did in recent times. Because when He returns physically, many hostile and difficult situations will spontaneously disappear, because they will fall on their own weight.

The mere Presence of My Son, during His Return to the world, will free souls, break chains. It will break each one of the shackles, and souls will be able to glimpse the Return of Christ, just as it has been prophesized.

As a Mother who loves you, as a Mother who sustains you with nothing in return, I make this reflection to you so that you may consciously grow and, from this August 8 that you have lived with Us onward, no longer allow yourselves to use justifications. Because this, My children, is not just before the Law and it is not necessary that you suffer, because suffering prevails in the world now.

You must be deeply thankful, sensible, honest and merciful. Because none of you, at this moment or at any other moment, could measure the meaning of the Grace that you have received in the last fifteen years.

For this reason, keep taking steps in faith without resentments or guilt. You already hold the capacity to come out from where you have deterred yourselves and know that not only is My Hand extended to you, but the Heart of My Son is also open to you, just as It has been and will always be, so that you can feel His immeasurable Love.

I need you to clearly understand what I am saying to you, and not an interpretation of it, because Our Words are to be kept in the heart, and nowhere else. It is in the heart of each one of My children where the sacred transformation takes place, because the hearts of My children are intuition, wisdom, feeling and faith.

Allow your hearts to govern so that someday your souls may govern, and it may be your souls that will conduct and guide you toward the sacred encounter with My Beloved Son, to fulfill the sacred summoning of all that which He and I need to carry out in the world, in the end of these times.

You should not only feel as a part of a spiritual family, blessed and guided by the Hierarchy, which does not rest nor stop, in spite of what happens in the world. You must also feel like a universal family that can be a receptacle for the attributes of the Fount of Creation that will be part of the emergence of the New Earth.

Keep these Words in your hearts as well. Not trying to understand them, but by trying to accept them, knowing that what I am telling you is something that your spirits will experience in the coming times, when this great moment of the New Humanity arrives.

My children, have you by any chance ever wondered if you truly aspire to be a part of the New Earth?

If We are still appearing here, speaking to the world and pouring out Our Graces upon all hearts, what does this represent to you?

What it represents, My children, is a visible sign that you have been chosen to be postulants as members of a New Humanity, which must be born first within you, so that it may later be born in the world, in a world that has been redeemed and healed, forgiven and liberated from darkness.

After these last two years of restrictions and agony for many, the Sacred Hearts again mark, on the path of the spirit, each one of Their Steps in this humanity, so that you may again feel that We are with you and that We have not distanced ourselves. We are always there, in the heart and soul that open to welcome Us, through the life of the Sacraments and the sacred prayer of the heart.

It is My wish that what will happen in Camboriu, through the Marian Center Sanctuary of Creation, what will also happen in the Marian Center of Aurora and later in the city of Buenos Aires, in the Presence of My Beloved Son, for all Argentinians, may be moments of celebration and true joy, the joy of a re-encounter, for being able to be close to Us and for Us to be able to be closer to you, close to all Our children in the world, who need much Love, Light and Redemption.

Before I leave this long journey that you have lived with the Sacred Hearts, before I prepare Myself together with My Son and My Spouse, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, and before blessing those who want to be consecrated as Children of Mary, I would like to address My Words to My daughter Viviana Walsh, telling her that I am with her, and that I have been with her at each stage of her suffering. Also that God has accepted her anguish and her grief to help all of Argentina, so that Argentina may continue to be the cradle of the Return of Christ, because My Son has not changed His Mind.

Because despite this agitated shipwreck that Argentina is going through, and although the boat seems to be about to sink, have faith and go ahead. Not only for you, but also for all Argentinians, My children. Remember that My Son is on the boat, and that a true Master only intervenes when it is least expected, to liberate from slavery all who are placed within it.

For this reason, Viviana, My dear daughter, at the request of My Son, today you are anointed in spirit. But you will be anointed in body and soul through a priest. Because I will go to Argentina, through My sons that are priests, to live a re-encounter that your heart will feel. My Son raises you today, takes you by the arms and sustains you, knowing that you will be reborn after the calvary that you have anonymously lived.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Those who will be consecrated as Children of Mary may approach, and, by listening to the Hymn of Consecration, we will prepare for this moment of blessing, but also for this moment of true thanksgiving to the Divine Hierarchy for all that It gives us in an untiring and permanent way, for how much It trusts in us to carry forward the Project of God on Earth.

Together with the brothers and sisters that are being consecrated today, we will say the Prayer to the Universal Mother once, to carry out this moment of consecration through the Attributes of the Divine Mother.


Prayer: Universal Mother.


I consecrate you as My children, because you are always My children, the Children of Mary.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You may go in Peace.

With all My children who will self-summon to accompany the Sacred Hearts in South America, We will meet there to commune once again with God, with His Mercy, Forgiveness and Reconciliation.

I thank you for responding to My call!