Sunday, October 24 of 2021

Immaculate Lady of Peace,
manifestation of the Original Purity,
permit us to enter into Your Heart,
Sacred Kingdom of Love and Protection.
May Your Mantle of Light guard us
and transform our little beings
into servers of Your universal task.
We revere You, Mother,
Queen of Peace,
Divine Conception of the Trinity.
(three times)

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In this silence that embraces you, feel the Mother of God's Heart beating.

From Heaven, I bring to you what is most beautiful that exists; for this reason, I gather you together with Me so that you can once more feel the Love of God.

Today, I come as a Mother who agonizes at seeing this planet in suffering.

Today, I come to look for each one of My children so that they may console Me, because, in this way, the Mother Earth will be consoled and each Kingdom of Nature will receive the attention it deserves, so that the souls on the surface of this planet may help the Kingdoms of Creation, because without the Kingdoms of Creation, humanity will not be able to survive.

For this reason, I have asked you, My children, to invoke and implore the intercessory power of Saint Gabriel the Archangel, because the faithful Messenger of God will be able to help each one of you and, thus, it will also be able to help the planet.

When I ask you to console Me, it is not only through the prayer of the heart, but also through remembering, every day, the importance of saving Creation and, especially, everything that dwells upon this planet, all Kingdoms of Nature, including the Elemental and Devic Kingdoms.

Children, I come here as your agonizing Mother, so that you may understand the symbol, but also the cry of the planet.

I know that the majority could respond to My call, but the more voices gather to ask for respect for this planet, the less these voices are heard by those who believe they have the power in this humanity; but, do not give up, My children.

I do not only invite you to serve the Kingdoms of Nature, but I also invite you to defend them, to protect them with actions of love and charity, because the human being of these times has completely forgotten that it comes from Creation and that each part of its being belongs to the Kingdoms of Nature.

So that you may understand, beloved children, what I am saying to you, understand, at this moment, that your essences come from the ponds of Creation and that a small particle of Light of each Kingdom has given of itself, out of Love for God, to constitute the formation and the expression of your beings.

In this way, you will understand, beloved children, that when the world hurts the Kingdoms of Nature, it hurts itself.

Beloved children, how can you allow humanity to always wound itself and remove from its habitat all that God has given you with so much Love, since the beginning of the Genesis?

How is it possible, beloved children, for human beings to lose their sensibility and even their earthly feeling in the face of the suffering of the Lower Kingdoms?

Has humanity realized that it destroys its own consciousness? That, by contaminating the seas at each second of this time, it loses the possibility of having water to quench its thirst?

The world has great problems with water, and, once again, the poorest among the poor suffer the consequences of those who claim to be powerful.

How is it possible, beloved children, for the human being of this time to destroy forests just to have paper?

Children, how is it possible for you, in this time, to contaminate the Earth or sacrifice the animals without feeling absolutely nothing?

I do not speak of vegetarianism, I speak of feeling, in the depths of the heart, that the Lower Kingdoms are consciousnesses that deserve to evolve, just like you. And those who believe they have power over Creation have decided not to do anything.

If the majority does not pray on their knees, only social revolutions will come, and the men and women of this time will keep becoming sick, because the mutations of these times, which modify the perfect genetics that God created, absolutely degenerate the spiritual condition of humanity, and My enemy has advanced in this field.

But do not feel indignation or guilt, because the Original Project of God will be fulfilled with the transmutation and the transcendence of humanity, of those who really fight with the banner of Christ so that His Plan may be fulfilled on the surface of this planet.

Once again, I say, especially to those who do not hear or believe the Word of God, that, if they do not undergo a deep change, their destiny will only be to perish. And how far should the Mercy of the Father or the Justice of God go? How far should compassion embrace the most miserable conditions of this planet?

Love does mean concession. Love does not mean alliance with the laws of the Earth. Love is also Justice, but it is Wisdom. Love is not punishment, it is a correction.

Therefore, I invite you to be careful and to heed My warning, because while the Kingdoms of Nature keep being transgressed and outraged, who will deter the wars on this planet? Who will close the doors that open to evil? Who will transmute these doors? Who will relieve the displacement of millions of refugees in the world? Who will help face the climate crisis of the poorest peoples in this world? Who will have the means to meet the great necessities for food?

I am not speaking of assistencialism; I am speaking of being aware and of human fraternity, of doing what God taught you a long time ago, the same that He taught the people of Israel: sharing their material goods so that all may receive spiritual goods.

I do not tire of hearing the cry of this planet. The eruption of volcanoes demonstrates to the world a great warning call. There is no one who can stop it. By any chance, will you allow the Pacific Ring of Fire to keep on expanding, as if the volcanoes were a form of entertainment for society?

Beloved children, you must respect the universal Laws so that you may learn to respect the Laws of Creation.

The string of this world is too stretched. Its tension and friction cause it to be about to break; who will prevent this? Who else will sacrifice themselves? Who will form with Me a great and powerful network of prayer that may congregate many souls, more and more, who will postulate to be the praying ones of the end of times, those called the praying ones of the Apocalypse?

It is in this way that you will be with Me, without being at fault with the prayer from the heart, because prayers are still very insufficient; extremely great numbers are the sins, in very great numbers are the faults, many are the errors and the omissions of humanity. Everything grows gradually to the point of becoming out of proportion.

Who will attain, above everything, the so necessary and extraordinary Grace that may allow a spiritual amnesty for the souls that are already condemned to hell?

This is the time of overcoming for the new Christs. These are no longer times of claims or complaints, it is a time for your lives to be totally different, just as the life of the Mother of God became different from the Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel to the Assumption.

I do not ask you for great things, My children, I only ask you to fulfill what My Son asked of you during His last Message of October 22, for you to love one another more for those who do not love one another; because if the Love of God continues to be lacking in this world, how do you believe this humanity will end up? Have you ever wondered, My beloveds? Do you now understand the agony of the Mother of God?

I no longer carry only seven swords in My chest, which pierce My Heart; now My Heart is pierced by fourteen swords, of the gravest sins of this world; and there lies, in this way, a central sin that makes My Heart ache, which is the sin of indifference. For this reason, when you do not feel with your hearts, be careful, so that your hearts do not become as hard as a stone, to the point that all that is shown to you in this world and all that will be shown does not move your inner world.

Attention, My beloveds, invoke your Guardian Angels, invoke the powerful Blood of Christ so that the Lord may purify and cure you, so that your hearts may always feel the need to pray and not to do so as a commitment or a schedule, because it is time for the Father to see that My Work is being fulfilled, in spite of the adversities.

It is time, My beloveds, for your lives to be prayer itself.

As a Mother who loves you, as a Mother who sustains you, I come to confess all these Words to you because there is still a little time left so that at least as many souls as possible not lose the opportunity of redemption.

I cry together with those who feel injustice. My Heart agonizes together with the Kingdoms of Nature, from the depths of the oceans to the top of the mountains. The cry of the planet is heard by the universe. By any chance, are you hearing it?

So that My Son can return to the world, just as He has announced so much, humanity needs to deserve it, even if it is in what is essential; and if that which is essential still does not exist, how do you believe that My Son will return?

But as His Love is greater than the errors, as His Compassion is more infinite than the indifference, as His embrace is stronger than all darkness; He comes in Divinity and Spirit, for seven years now, He comes to meet you, to prepare you for this moment.

But He also anguishes, although many times He does not demonstrate it, because He knows that you could not bear it, but He patiently waits for the moment when, by means of all the adorers and also of those who are not yet adorers, each soul may be its own tabernacle, so that He may be present in Spirit and Love, and thus He may begin to heal the world and prepare the planet for His Coming to humanity.

We must fervently pray for this, because, if it does not happen, beloved children, very few parts of the planet will survive the aggressions of climate change. God did not give you this world for you to convert it into what it is today; the Celestial Father gave you this planet so that, within this universe, a civilization of Christs could emerge; but, yes, many Christs have emerged throughout times, however, they have not been enough, because these Christs, called Saints, have had to carry the same cross of the debt of this humanity, like the sacrifice that Christ made for you.

For this reason, through My Words, through this Message, I come to make you meditate with Me upon all that God has dictated to My Heart. And today, your Celestial Mother dictates, to all Her children throughout the world, the same Words that God gave Me for this Apparition.

For this reason, I tell you again that in the Sacraments, in prayer and in service lies the keys to face and overcome these critical times.

This is all that I needed to tell you, My beloveds.

Share with Me the pain of God; after having felt the Silence of God, feel now the pain of God for the great ignorance of humanity.

May the doors of Divine Mercy open.

May the 144,000 come forward.

May the Celestial Kingdom descend to Earth.

May the Guardian Angels guide and accompany the servers.

May all listen to the Call of God to fulfill His Promises, until the emergence of a New Humanity.


And, as I always do, from the heart of Lys-Fatima, inner Sanctuary for all souls that thirst for God, I bless you again today, My children, and I give you the strength of faith, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Go in the Peace of My Son. Go ahead.