Friday, May 20 of 2022

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I free you when you are as close to Me as today you are to the Father, through the beauty and majesty of this place.

How much has the Father given you since the beginning of Creation? Have you ever wondered?

And how much has this world and this humanity done with all that the Father has given it since the beginning when, through Divine Thought, the Father thought of creating and manifesting you?

If a heart is truly repented, even if it is a sinning heart, it will have the Grace to receive the Blessing of God and to be forever liberated from its faults, when this heart has the ability to contemplate Creation and be a part of this Creation in perfect unity.

In a special way, today, I not only come for France and for all of Europe, I also come for the whole world, just as I have presented Myself many times to nourish, through My Word, the essences that need Me, the servers that need to awaken, to be a part of the lines of My Return.

For this reason, I invite and I ask you today, in simplicity and in attunement, so that, through the beauty of this place, which God created, especially for each one of you, for all of humanity and the universe, that you enter the Heart of the Father through the contemplation of Creation and the value and respect that the Kingdoms of Nature need to continue on evolving.

By entering the Heart of the Father through Creation, a truly repented heart not only receives the Grace of the Love of God, but it also has the incalculable opportunity to approach the Divine Laws, those Higher and Cosmic Laws from which My enemy has set out to separate you, so that you may not know the Love of God.

And how great is His Mercy!

How infinite is His Grace!

How incalculable is His Forgiveness!, that He has deigned to give you this planet, which is a part of the House of God and of the whole universe.

For this reason, at this moment, look with different eyes at how this planet is. Placing your hand upon your heart, recognize what you have done to this planet, and how much it has been destroyed, contaminated and transgressed.

And, even so, the elementals and devas of the Creation of God, which are cosmic powers unknown to all, keep giving of themselves to the world and to all of Creation so that souls may still have the Grace of rehabilitation.

Through this natural scenery, which is the great basilica of nature, enter the Temple of God in reverence, gratitude and humility, and, uniting to all the Hierarchies of Heaven and Earth, receive this impulse of My Heart for your rehabilitation.

For this reason, I tell you not only to love and respect Creation, but also to be patient and persevering in your purification. When the ascent becomes very difficult, or when the cross weighs heavy upon you, you must not deter yourselves, you must believe in the power of faith and determination.

A true Warrior of God, a true Guardian of the Father, a Mirror consciousness or an apprentice of the Governor task does not deter themselves in the falls, but rather, through these falls or these inflections, takes the inner force they need to go forward.

Imagine, for a moment, if this wounded planet, destroyed and humiliated by the very hands of the Children of God, continues on in this way, and the Warriors of the Father, that is, all His servers, should come to give up because their cross weighs too much on them; how could they prepare My Return?

This is the time to sustain great things, many of them unknown to all, things that cannot be understood with the mind, but are rather welcomed by the heart that is decided to follow My Steps.

That this celestial dome that opens up today over this natural basilica of the Creation of the Father may, for an instant, allow all to enter again into the Heart of God, not only to be in communion with the Father, just as I am in communion with the Father, but also so that each one of you, through a sincere act of love and forgiveness, may repair the Heart of God, and that this may help solve impossible situations, treat difficult causes, cure wounds that have not yet healed.

And all this is granted today by the Natural Sanctuary of God, by the Sacred Places of the Father, which, with dedication and care, are kept by His Hierarchies, devas and elementals, which are a part of the evolution of humanity and are silently present in this place and in others, to help you in the process of inner healing, which is urgent and immediate so that the New Humanity may emerge, which will awaken in the redeemed, rehabilitated and forgiven hearts, because they will be hearts in communion with the Father, and, being in communion with God, they will be in communion with the Laws of Nature, with the Laws of Creation.

Today, My Word not only comes for you, today My Word descends to all of Creation because I Am a Glorified Human Being who emerged from this humanity just as you did, and I was born on this planet, which is especially loved by God, through His Magnificent Mercy.

I ask you to make My Words count so that your lives may be the example of all that I have asked of you today, as the world is so deviated, lost and with an unknown greed, leading it to want to conquer the Kingdoms of Nature, more and more. For this reason, the cause of your prayers must not only be for humanity, but  the cause of your prayers must also be for the Kingdoms of Nature.

How do you believe the New Earth will emerge if humanity still does not have the capacity to humble itself before the Lower Kingdoms and recognize that it has outraged and wounded the Lower Kingdoms through unknown impunity?

So that humanity may be healed and sick hearts may become healthy, so that the doors of evil may close and the earthly hells may disappear, so that the wars may be deterred and hunger may not be the cause of the tears of a child because it does not have anything to eat or drink, so that abortion may not be a cause and a fad in these times, so that those elder adults, that is, your grandfathers and grandmothers may be respected and loved, and not abandoned in the shelters of the world, and so that there no longer be refugees who escape the dangers in their lives, repentance is necessary, before all of Creation, and for having altered and transgressed the soul of the planet with the greed for oil and money.

Do not expect that nations will promise you great things and that their rulers will fulfill all they have said, because you know that the government of the planet is interfered with and conditioned.

I ask you to believe in My Word so that someday your lives may be a part of My Word, may be the justification that I need to redeem this humanity, and so that this race of the surface may finally come out of this ocean of illusion and chaos that is generated by its own human condition and by perversion.

If you have a river near you, go and contemplate, ask for forgiveness for humanity.

If you have the sea-breeze nearby, or if you can see the sunrise, on behalf of all, ask for forgiveness to the Kingdoms of Nature.

If you can climb a mountain or walk in a forest or in the woods, from the heart, thank, contemplate and adore God, and ask for forgiveness to Creation.

If you can rescue an inoffensive animal, or even water a plant, go and contemplate them on behalf of all of Creation, ask for forgiveness for humanity.

And, thus, many doors will close, chaos will be placated and the majority of humanity will realize that not only must there no longer be human bloodshed in the peoples of the world, but also there must no longer be animal bloodshed so as to satisfy the gluttony of men and women of the world.

Turn  to God through Creation and recognize, in humility and gratitude, that, in spite of everything, Creation keeps giving of itself to all with the aim that all can find happiness and peace.

My Heart is preparing to come to Poland again, and I ask you that, through your prayers, this important cause of the humanitarian mission may be present so that the paths that have to be opened may do so, and the consciousnesses that I will send may arrive.

Now, the responsibility for the Plan falls on all, the cycle in which this responsibility fell on very few is over. When you manage, each one of you, to feel in your hearts that you must fulfill the Plan that the Hierarchy presents to you, stage by stage, you will be with Me, just as I need you to fulfill what is necessary to fulfill and what is necessary to manifest in these times.

Because you must not forget that the world and the Hierarchy persistently seek the salvation of humanity and that, while this happens, more souls and more consciousnesses become lost in the abysses, above all, the innocent souls that are subjected by corrupt systems that impact peoples and nations.

Pray throughout these days so that My Spiritual Government may be present in Europe, so that the decisions that will be made in the coming times may be beneficial, lasting and sustainable decisions, so that the most intensely stricken and suffering peoples may no longer think that this is an empty performance but rather that the word of the rulers of the world may be united to God, in depth and in essence, and solutions may be concretized so that they may cease to be empty promises.

For this reason, I invite you to pray for Poland and for that which, in this stage, the Spiritual Hierarchy must develop and carry forward, with the help of everyone.

When you learn how to position yourselves a little more, and offer yourselves a little more, many inner situations will end and your consciousnesses will be concentrated on the Purpose, because the Purpose of God will always lead you to achieve the goal. Think of this and do not forget it.

I give you My absolution and I give you My blessing.

Be bearers of My Peace so that Peace may be in the world and where it is most needed.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.