Saturday, June 11 of 2022


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thanks to the opportunity that God has given Me, I come to elevate all of Eastern Europe to the Kingdom of the Heavens so that it may be closer to the Heart of God, so that uncertain doors may continue closing and wounded hearts may be healed, especially those who were forced to abandon their homes, abandon their villages and all their belongings.

Through the Presence of Our Sacred Hearts, the Heart of My Beloved Son and My Immaculate Heart, we come to strengthen the channel of Divine and Unfathomable Mercy that springs as an inexhaustible wellspring of Graces and atonement for all of humanity and the planet.

My wish today, My children, is that you would not only honor the Mother and Queen of Poland, but also contemplate with Me, through the Love of My Heart, the divine channel of Mercy, that still remains open to the whole world, which must be remembered every day in your prayers and in your acts of charity and service. A channel of Mercy that must not be forgotten nor separated from your lives because this is the great moment of humanity, when all need this Mercy, not only to go through these challenging times, but also to live what My Son needs from you.

Remember that you are His apostles, apostles of the end of times, the apostles that learn to persist and move forward in spite of the spiritual and inner battles, and even in spite of the external wars. You will never defeat the enemy by confronting him, but, rather, you will manage to defeat him through the Love of My Son.

My children, I need you to understand that this channel of the Divine and Unfathomable Mercy of Christ, once opened here in Poland through the revelations made to Saint Faustina, is a channel that must be known to all. It is a channel similar to a fount, which you can approach, and in which you can wash and purify yourselves so that not only may your sins and those inner situations that you cannot overcome or solve be resolved by the inexhaustible wellspring of the Compassion of My Son, but also so that you, as bearers of acts of charity and Mercy, may teach, through your examples, the Love that the whole world has lost, a situation that has led it to punishment, impunity and injustice.

This channel of Divine Mercy, which is not only divine, but also cosmic, must be very present in your consciousnesses, and you will manage this through the prayer of the heart and through the powerful tool of Divine Mercy.

At 3 p.m. My Son continues opening His deepest Entrails, those most unknown to the world. Through His Entrails that lead you to the Ocean of His Infinite Mercy, He, with open Arms and outstretched Hands, invites all His companions and children to enter this Ocean of Light. This attitude is not theoretical nor is it a mental attitude, it is a deeply spiritual and scientific movement, when souls simply unite to the Divine Mercy every day at three p.m.

While this channel of Mercy is open, do not waste the opportunities of the Grace and atonement that you, your brothers and sisters of the planet, and the Kingdoms of Nature need.

You know that all need this Mercy, not only in order to persist, but also to survive in these difficult times. Because, in truth, I tell you, My beloved children, that there will not be another refuge other than the Heart of My Son for you to be protected by His Mercy and His Compassion.

Thus, when you consciously unite to the channel of Divine Mercy, opened in Poland, you will not only feel and see the Mercy of God act within you, but, wherever you go and serve, you will also see the works of the Mercy of God, works that are needed in these times to generate a broader and deeper atonement in the whole human race.

For this reason, it is important that you never tire of being postulants of the apostles of the Mercy of My Son, because He needs not only good works that generate fraternity and unity among all, but He also needs mirrors of Mercy on the surface of the Earth.

As the Mother and Queen of Poland, I am here, near you, on this day, to pray for this higher aspiration of My Son. And today, I receive your prayers and also your songs, so that Justice may keep being replaced by this channel of Divine Mercy in Poland, so that this channel may never close, even if humanity lives its worst moment of tribulation.

Because this blessed channel of the Mercy of Christ, expressed through the Sanctuary of Mercy in Krakow, is a channel sustained by the Angels, and the Guardian Angels of all My children can reach this channel to nourish their essences with new codes, to place within their souls new attributes, which, through the end of these times, will internally build the New Humanity. And everyone, together with My Son, will sustain the great moment of His Return to the world, so that this Return of Christ may take place through the channel of Mercy and not through the channel of Justice.

Because, as He told you a few days ago, My Son is not a Judge. He is the Advocate between souls and God, He is the Master of Love and Mercy that wants to lead hearts to the truth, to a recovery of the purity and innocence that the world has lost. This is why this moment that you are going through, this crucial moment of the planet, is important and unique.

For this reason, you must keep diffusing this channel of Divine Mercy, because many more souls will need it, and you will see this with your own eyes and will feel it with your own hearts.

May your lives keep being bearers of God's Mercy so that the Light that comes from the Universe not be erased from the planet, not disappear from the face of the Earth due to a lack of merciful hearts.

Mercy, in each one of you, begins in that which is small, in daily attitudes, in group sharing; in this way, you will be able to find Mercy and you will realize, for yourselves, how important it is that you be merciful, even in those moments that might seem least important to you.

May the Mercy of My Son be a gesture of Love for all, in this way, the world will approach the spiritual healing it needs, and the doors of evil will be completely closed, souls will leave their vices and bad habits and no longer be allied with sin, but rather healed and renewed in Christ by the action of His Merciful Rays, which, through Poland and especially Krakow, untiringly spring from His Heart, so as to lead all to peace.

I wish you would not lose this moment, because I cannot affirm that there will be another moment like this, when your souls and spirits are before the Ocean of the Mercy of God, before the Fountain of His Love and Unity that gives you wisdom and understanding to face all tests with meekness, because the purification of the planet will continue and your own purification will also continue. Here there must be no struggle or resistance between you and the tests, between you and the deserts, between you and the battles.

Act mercifully and you will have Mercy upon your own miseries, which, by the Grace and Work of the Holy Spirit, will be transformed and you will have very present in your consciousnesses that what is most important is to fulfill the Purpose, because everything else will be transformed and healed.

This is possible through the channel of Mercy and, as the Mother of God, and Mother of My Son, I protect and hold this important intention of Christ so that souls, through Mercy, may live in unity and truth, something that today the world does not teach nor does it live, but rather it moves consciousnesses away from God, creating their own gods and idols.

For this reason, I ask you, My beloved children, by the Mercy of the Redeemer: live in love so that you may always live in truth and justice. The world is very violent and vindictive, this nourishes conflicts and wars, this causes the existence of the displaced and strikes the innocent. This situation stimulates abortion and generates in souls a vice that is indelible, which is the vice of illusion and darkness.

For this reason, be merciful and help the work of My Son's Mercy by transmuting, together with the Redeemer, all that this planet lives, without feeling like heroes, but rather as warriors of prayer, conscious beings that sustain the Banner of Christ, so that peace not disappear.

Today, from the Sanctuary of the Mother of Poland and Queen of the Nations and Angels, I grant you Peace, through My maternal blessing, so that Peace may be present on the surface of the planet and especially in Eastern Europe; for this reason, you must keep praying so that, in this region of the planet, souls may someday live redemption.

I thank you for hearing Me and for, once again, entering My Heart.

On behalf of My Son, I give thanks for this fulfilled and concretized mission, from La Salette, including Lourdes, Garabandal, Navarra and Poland, and for all that will soon come.

I thank you for the self-giving of the heart!

May My Son always guide you to His Kingdom of Peace, because the Lord of the Universe never forgets His servers.

Feel yourselves in My Arms of a Mother, under the Mantle of the Virgin of Czestochowa.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.