Friday, January 11 of 2013

Daily messages

Partners of My Path:

I know that sometimes you fall to My right and to My left, for this  today in the name of the unfathomable and infinite mercy,  I come to your meeting because My Heart, wounded by the thorns of humanity, searches for relief in the dwellings which are still not pure, because My Divine Love comes to consecrate them, searches for relief in the empty dwellings, because My Love comes to take loneliness away, searches to relieve in the dwellings that are in pain, because My Love comes to fill each soul with healing.

Come towards Me and trust! I know very well your difficulties and your talents, those which you have to give Me. Open the door so that My Sacred Mercy may free your past and your heart. Let Me find a space for Myself inside of your being.

What else more do you want, My Son and Daughter;  only that I may stay close to your inner life?

I know which desert your are now walking in and for where you are going.  Unite yourself to My caravan which is going towards the destiny of redemption.  Trust in the great Pilgrim who walks around the world looking for where to land and rest.  The great moment for the awaited encounter with Me is close and all the servants must be prepared from the heart.

Stay in Me so that I can stay in you. Just wait in patience and in vigilance for the great encounter.  I Am with you to encourage you to live in My Meriful Hope.  I know that you have fear to look at Me and even to find Me before your little life;  now wait, only wait for Me because I Am arriving to each being.

Quiet yourself and be serene in My Heart, I want to birth you into the eternal life, to the encounter with My Redeemer Love.  I forgive your falls, but I contemplate your love for Me; today I stay inside of you in prayer.

In the Grace of God, be blessed each one of you with the others.

Thank you for guarding My signs in your hearts!

Christ Jesus.

At the end of the message of Christ, I see arise again from the Heart of Christ a blue source of light that He pours upon us, it was the Source of His Grace and He transmits to us the following prayer:


Prayer to ask for the Grace of the Merciful Jesus

 For the Source of Grace,
that springs as a fount
from the Heart of Jesus,
Lord, have mercy on all of us.


To download this prayer, click here