Thursday, November 28 of 2013

Daily messages

If you lose the peace of your heart, you will soon know that you are lacking in love; for this do not permit that the hardships, the tests and the unachievable challenges that I send you with so much love, may take away your infinite patience. Now, in another degree of maturity of consciousness, all that God gives His children has the goal of liberating, each time more, the evil and the sin of humanity.

For this, in truth, those who are with Me until the end are always very few; the quantity of disciples who are encouraged to be burned by the Divine Fire of purification is the minimum.

Now, in a time of emergencies, the universe is served by the virtues and the faults of those who are Mine, so that in time they may revert all the causes that oppress the total consciousness of humanity.

In the path of suffering there exists transformation and the partial purification of that which many carry on their shoulders. But who in truth will risk to live it out of love?

While the clock of the world sets the moment of purification for all, I will support My disciples, those who are encouraged to carry a cross similar to Mine. Know that I will not leave you alone, because I know what it means for you to live the consecration in a time of chaos.

Under the Light of God, be blessed.

Thank you for persevering through My Heart!

Christ Jesus