Saturday, July 25 of 2015

Daily messages

The great sign will mark a before and an after at the end of the cycles, times that will be manifested by means of two different nights. The two days of darkness will signal to the world the arrival in a time soon, of a profound change in the whole planetary life.

For this, from the 8th of August on a new time will begin which will be framed by the spiritual definitions that humanity will live.

When the upcoming times show themselves with signs on two different nights it will mean that the souls in their homes must be in prayer and in communion in order to be able to pass through the last critical cycles.

But before this ends, the Mother of God, the Woman Clothed with the Sun will reveal, as sign for the world, the moment to unite to God forever. It will be at this hour that from Aurora, as well as from other places on the Earth, this sign, that will be visible to the world, may be seen during the darkness of the coming time.

The day of the 8th of August in recent years marked for all time the change in which the planetary consciousness was passing through the first moments of transition. The inner strength that will ignite the hearts will be the fire of prayer. Whoever prays in these moments with devotion and faith will be invisible and hidden in the face of the ambushes of the adversary.

Whoever in the last hour adores My Son will be hidden in the Spiritual Heart of the Supreme King. Whoever embraces their own cross, carries it and lives it, will be relieving the great burden that the Law will have.

The Aurora of My Heart in the days of August will demonstrate inner signs in the hearts that have had humble faith in the Mother of Heaven. The soil of Aurora will be one of the witnesses and thus, the world will be late in comprehending that it should have changed.

The Archangels Michael and Gabriel will witness the Judgment of the Earth and the simple but humble eyes will see them as light on the greater horizon. Thus, the seventh seal will be opened by the Woman Dressed of the Sun after the two nights of the coming time.

Some will get to know this revelation which is guarded by the angels in the blessed safe of the Holy Ark of the Covenant. This will be the last sign before the red moon and the pathways of the self-summoned must be cleaned from all stain.

On the 8th of August the Mother of God will bless everyone, and those who receive this Grace with a humble heart will recognize the inner meaning of it. Thus, the rays of the Immaculate Heart will show the seven pathways in order that the disciples of Christ in redemption may define the fulfillment of their commitment before the Creator.

The Work of God will be understood and loved by few during the last times and faith will be the shield against all darkness. Before the Mother of God retreats into the arid fields, a sweet aroma from the flower of the orange tree will indicate the moment of a spiritual change.

In the days of August your souls will be able to renew their mission before God, the Portal of Peace will be the blessed refuge for those who want to hear God in their interior. On these days there will be moments of clarity and understanding, this will be the greatest portent of the Grace of God, to know what to do with your life and how to comply with heart with the Higher Will.

While a great part of the world is blind, the Aurora of August will open its heavenly doors so that the souls may receive the gift of redemption. The most sublime Graces will be in the most simple and devoted hearts of the Son of God. Christ will complete on these days an inner cycle for all.

Certain doors will be closed in order that the souls may walk by means of a last impulse of light. Those who are empty of self will be able to feel a priceless well being, a peace that will restore the wounds and a love that will make happy the life of those who in truth enter Aurora without expectations, only in surrender and in prayer.

The days of August will be the last moments of preparation, it will be at this hour that the hearts will be able to unify themselves in the Purpose of God. Joyful are those who will not get lost nor be distracted because of the apparition of the signs of the coming time and that will only seek to be in God, this is what will make the Work to be concretized.

Greetings of Peace and Redemption for the most young of the world and, especially, for the youth of the New Earth. If you are with your Mother of Heaven you will not allow to die the seed that has been sown for Mercy.

Be receptive to the guide that accompanies you. Be builders and collaborators of the New Humanity. Be an example of gratitude, of love and of Grace. Be the favorite flower in the blessed garden of My Heart.

May the heart of this soil remind you that it will be the refuge and the dwelling for your redemption.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who lifts you to the Kingdom of God in Mercy and forgiveness,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace