Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Thirty-sixth Poem

Lady of Adoration,
may we enter the Divine Temple of the Lord
 in prayer and consciousness
so that we may be purified of everything
and liberated from any oppression within our consciousnesses.

Lady of Adoration,
help us so that our sins may be dissolved
by the power of Your maternal Love.

May we be cleansed and purified in the Temple
so that our souls may be reborn,
freed from the prisons of life
and surrendered in trust to the Will of God.

Lady of Adoration,
may our purification teach us
about the redemption of our forms and ways of life.

In this offering of purification
that we experience in this time,
may we reach the first pathway of sanctity.

Mother and Lady of Adoration,
with Your Grace, illuminate our paths.

After our purification,
may we find the Light of the Face of the Glorified Christ.

May our souls be exalted
for being able to feel and participate in the Spiritual Communion
and consecration that Jesus offers us.

During this purification,
may we see the good side of this whole experience
because, through this learning,
we hope to be able to grow in Love and Truth.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children,

In the name of the Love of My Son, I gather you once again to show the world that it is possible to live the Divine Will.

This is how, dear children, My Immaculate Heart draws near to bring you the infinite Gratitude of God because truly, My servant children, you are carrying the Will of God forward.

This is why today I come from Heaven to announce this Message to you, so that in your lives and in the lives of your fellow beings, the sacred Purpose of God may be fulfilled.

Here, dear children, there is a simple strand of prayer, devotion and charity; and I wish that the impulse of unity and love, which you must always internally gestate amongst you, may radiate to the whole world.

You are a sacred and ancient people who came to the world to realize the manifestation of the Plan of God through selfless service and charity.

Now, your sacred task, dear children, will be the service for souls through the formation of seven groups of prayer, which spiritually represent the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit and, through this task that you will undertake, I can work for the divine protection of the whole of Brazil.

With this, dear children, I would like to invite you to spread the Work of the Divine Messengers in this region and in the whole state of Minas Gerais.

I especially wish, dear children, that the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and the Glorified Christ may be known in this place and throughout Brazil.

It will be through the living devotion of your hearts that I will be able to protect the destiny of this nation, My beloved nation.

Today, I came to thank you and renew the commitment that you will help Me in awakening consciousnesses, which through prayer will be able to enter the spiritual path and Christic life.

For all that you have manifested for the Plan of the Father, I thank you and, today, I leave engraved in the spirit of this house, My beloved house, the following prayer to the Sacred Sky,

Prayer to the Sacred Sky
For the protection of the task of all servers of the Sacred Sky Nucleus of Belo Horizonte
Sacred Sky of God,
which is manifested in the sublime heavenly vault.
Oh, Sacred Sky of God!
Descend to this human reality,
sanctify our lives and
 light the flame of our hearts all the time.
Oh, Sacred Sky of God!
Summon all servers of the Greater Good to serve;
may charity be the torch of the peacemakers,
may devotion be the light that illuminates all paths.
Oh, Sacred Sky of God!
May Your Celestial Kingdom descend  upon us so that
the Plan may triumph.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and loves you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón, for the 25th Marathon of Divine Mercy

Today I have come to the world for the second time in Glory so that you may know it, so that you may come to know the power of My Grace.

Before your hearts is the Throne of God, happy are those who enter It with humility in their heart.

Now listen to My Words.

Two years ago, in this simple place, I asked you to gather in My Holy Name, to pray the Chaplet of My Divine Mercy for two days.

The souls that followed Me and the ones that did not follow Me gradually gathered together as My new flock to respond thus to My Requests.

Over the course of these months, your lives have come to know the powers of prayer, have found the real meaning of life in faith, and transmitted this spiritual invitation of brotherhood to those who did not know Jesus or His unfathomable Mercy.

Then, you were called to participate in a perfect and repairing union through My Blood. You prayed each of the beads of the Chaplet by My side and placed your hope in the merciful ocean of My Heart.

Later, companions, you opened the doors of your hearts and your homes to make Me known, but perhaps you did not find great results nor deep changes. But know, My prayerful ones, that because of your faithfulness, I was among your own, and so My Heart began to shine in the consciousness of everybody. You came to know the true life of the spirit and, later on, became aware of each one of your debts.

In these moments, My Heart was among you to help you walk in the sacred confirmation of My Christic Path.

You fell and you stood up, abandoned Me and sought Me, again and again. You died many times through My redemption and rose from the tomb of this unfaithful world.

You became My disciples, became consecrated, and took Me to your families, to your work and friends; you called everybody so that they would return to My Heart. And in this way, through your merciful prayer, you humbly glorified Me.

Now that today you are again before your Guide and Shepherd of Love, have you seen the sacred results of this eternal fusion with My Love? Yes, many have seen them and will continue to see them. In this way, you will set aside your roots and will get out of this eternal captivity that physical life represents.

And so, children of My Father, now more awake, you are invited to meditate on your lives, you are called by Me to turn your hearts into temples worthy of the Lord, because the sign of My Return, for tomorrow, August 5 of this definitive year, will be present before your eyes.

I Am the risen Christ. I Am the ascended Christ. I Am the merciful Christ, and now I Am your glorified King, Who comes before everything happens, to remind you that you must not forget God in these times nor His Plans, which each one must accomplish in light of the Divine Universe.

Dear companions, extend your arms toward Me and take in My meek and peace-bringing Heart.

I come through this Marathon of prayer to reveal the power of My Glory to you, which is the next step after My Divine Mercy.

I leave you My Peace and I give you Peace.

I will not look at your debts, but rather at all you will be able to offer me during these next days.

Happy are those who will enter the Kingdom of God, for He will be open to all over this holy place.

Take up your missions and you will thus always please Me.

I summon you to joy and peace.

Be in Me during these days.

Under the Glory that comes from God, be blessed.

I thank you for having come here, to the meeting with My unfathomable Heart.

The Glorified Christ Jesus, before you and the whole world.

Monthly Messages

On this holy day, when the darkness of the Earth is withdrawn from those of Mine, I would like to dictate an aspiration of My Heart to you.

Today I have come to speak to you about the glorious image of your Glorified Lord Jesus and about the powerful image of the Merciful Jesus.

When I dictated the universal and celestial powers of My ocean of Mercy to Sister Faustina, one night I revealed My merciful Face to her, so that the world would know the infinite compassion of My pious Heart.

In this way, I showed her the Blood and Water that constantly flowed from My Side, but I also made known to her the great thirst that I felt, at that time, before a blind and deaf humanity, which never wanted to hear the Voice of God through His beloved Son.

At that time, the Blood and Water would be the great justification between humanity and God, through Christ, in order to awaken a way of universal atonement in the world.

So I asked Sister Faustina, My daughter, to have an image painted just as she had seen it in an outer vision. I came during the night to show, through My Mercy, that I Am the Light that defeats and illuminates all darkness. Thus, I revealed to her the ocean of My Mercy and asked in writing that whoever venerated and contemplated it in the end of times would be protected by the mantle of My unfathomable Mercy.

After ten years, when the war had already ended, My Face came to be known. No painter would be capable of expressing My Presence; they could only do so if they loved the Mercy of My Heart.

At that time, I asked that My Mercy be known and venerated the Sunday after Easter, for in the past, after My death, the apostles knew the power of My Resurrection through the Wounds of My Mercy.

Thus it was that Adonai, through the Face of My Mercy, granted that humanity, despite their sins, would know the path of the way out toward the universe of the Love of God.

Years have passed and humanity does not understand what this atonement that I offer the souls of the world means. And as I promised in the Garden of Gethsemane, before elevating to the universe, I will return with even more power and glory. That is why I told Sister Faustina, through inner speech, minutes before her death, that humanity would have the Grace to know My eternal Glory through the powers of My Mercy.

That is why I told her that before My return to the world, before the last eight lunar cycles are fulfilled, I would appear again with the Face with which My Father clothed Me, so that in this way, humanity could contemplate not only My Mercy, but also the mystery of My Grace through the essence of My Glorification.

That Face is known to the whole universe. Thus, on this day, I have come days before all can know My Face, to reveal the twelve promises to those who contemplate and hold the image of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus.

That is why I have come on this holy night, the holy night of the supper, so that the world may consciously know Who they will be contemplating.

To those who will contemplate My glorified image, I promise:

1. To unify the essence of the family purpose through a sacred life, free of the influences and tendencies of these times.

2. The concretization of the spiritual task through consecration of mind, body and spirit to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

3. Divine protection of the travelers and those who work daily out of love for the Plan of God.

4. Inner knowledge of an experience of spiritual love that will allow an inner maturity.

5. Liberation from the evils that influence the life of prayer and disturb sleep.

6. Reconciliation with the Holy Eternal Father, to thus find the spiritual task again.

7. To keep out of danger whoever carries and disseminates the image with reverence.

8. Spiritual union with the Primordial Source during the time of planetary transition.

9. Guidance beyond tests and fears.

10. Expansion of the channel of the heart so that Christ God may dwell in it.

11. Redemption from the habits and actions that lead to a life of condemnation for the soul and the loss of the spirit.

12. Union with the essence of the Most Holy Trinity, that is to say, spiritual Communion with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Thus, when you face My Mercy, you will be asking for redemption. When you face My Glorified Face, you will be pleading for the evolution of your souls. In this way, you will have two ways of entering My Kingdom, through My Mercy and through My Glory.

Under the Pity that comes from God, Who has allowed all of this, be blessed.

Who unites you with Divine Creation,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am that infinite ocean of Grace that shows Itself to the world so that the most sinful souls may enter into it and convert their lives forever.

I am that infinite ocean of Grace that shows Itself to the universe so that all which was created by God may be consecrated to the Love of My Heart.

I am that infinite ocean of Grace that shows itself to souls so that they may satiate their thirst for love, healing and forgiveness; because through the infinite ocean of My Grace, the hearts of the world may reverse all their evils and thus reach a state of forgiveness, so necessary in these times.

I am that infinite ocean of Grace that shows Itself to hearts so that they may remember the commitment to return to God and may find on their paths the glorious Face of Christ. 

I am that infinite ocean of Grace so that humanity may reconsider through the Gift of Wisdom, and thus correct the divergence of their paths without God.

I am that infinite ocean of Grace so that the most simple may teach the most arrogant about the essence of humility; it is through the spirit of simplicity that My Heart transforms the most hardened heart.

I am that infinite ocean of Grace so that you may remember that Your Mother of the Sun is the divine fire that will awaken the origin of your existence for you to walk with confidence this inner trajectory that is the school of Earth. 

I am that infinite ocean of Grace so that you may learn how to love truly and without prejudice; for My Grace allows all things.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who leads you to the infinite ocean of the Grace of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Weekly Message of Mary, Mother of the Most Sacred Eucharistic Body of Christ, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía

My beloved children,

Today I come to teach you to commune of the Most Sacred Body of Christ, as a unique and renewing act for each of your lives. I thus invite you to discover the mysteries held in the Eucharist, a source of redemption and transfiguration for all souls.

At the moment when your beings prepare to commune of the Body and of the Blood of Christ, the whole universe, in its omnipresence, observes the Earth, and the angels that live in the Kingdom of the Heavens, as well as the angels that live over the Earth, gather together in praise of the King of the Universe.

Your souls glorify God, and your spirits are allowed to be closer to matter, when your bodies are before the most sacred act of communing.

In profound reverence, at the altar that holds the Body of Christ, the angels prostrate themselves in light of His Grace and open the Heavens, so that the merciful gaze of My Glorified Son may reach the world.

Each time you commune with Christ, a door opens onto the sacred space where His Consciousness contemplates Infinity, and with eternal Love for humanity, Christ sends a Christic molecule of His Consciousness to the Earth so that it may multiply and permeate all the souls that open to His Miracle of eternal Love.

My dear ones, today I reveal a mystery to you that is simple, but that to many is incomprehensible. Through My Words, I want you to be aware in each moment of communion with Christ, no matter how simple it may be; because in this way, in reverence, you will also be communing with all of the universal movement, and the Creator, through the Body and the Blood of Christ, will be able to transform each one of His creatures.

Those of you who, communion after communion, cultivate within yourselves a pure and true heart, simple and humble, will allow this Christic molecule to expand throughout the spaces of the consciousness and light up the inner abysses that each one has in the silence of their own inner world.

The most ingrained miseries of the human heart and all those habits that you are incapable of transforming on your own, must be offered to the Body and the Blood of Christ, because His Body is here to take the place of the old body, and His Blood will wash away the stains from the heart, the cells and the spirit, and will allow a new code of light to permeate your bodies and dwell there.

For the transformation of all of humanity and for the consecration of the world to the Most Sacred Heart of Christ, commune daily, with a purity of intention, with love, being renewed, in this way, before Christ and before God, Who observe you each day.

I love you and I lead you to the Heart of My Son Jesus.

I thank you for being with Me today.

Mary, Mother of the Most Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Christ


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: Today, after having prayed for a while, I saw beside the altar of the prayer room a door of light opening, which showed Heaven; from this door Our Lord appeared as He did yesterday, although today His Face was closer and more resplendent.

When Christ Jesus appeared, He placed His left Hand upon His chest and from within His Being a pinkish Heart of intense light emerged. When the Heart of Christ lit up, there appeared around the Heart twelve golden stars that became illuminated at the same time. At that moment Jesus said, 

“Look, this is My Glorified Heart.”

Then, He started to transmit to us:

My dear ones:

I promise to those who trust in My Mercy that they will not perish, that they will see Me in Heaven with My Face of Glory and that they will stay with Me, serving, for the good of all souls of humanity.

Allow My rays to enter your beings so that My Fount may be visible for those who are blind and do not see Me, even when I have so many times been in their lives, with love and redemption.

Be One with Me, I promise to save you in My Second Coming. However, you must live the tests of life as an absolute confirmation of faith in My Redeeming Pathway.

In silence, I accompany you. In silence, I listen to you. In silence, I observe and watch the steps that each sheep takes towards the Light. Do not let the world embrace you; pray for the world to be filled with merciful fountain of redemption.

I come back for all. I await all. I wait for all.

Take the steps towards Me so that I will be able to sustain you in this world. Live the paradise of My Heart within your hearts. I am your beloved Shepherd of Love.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for holding in your hearts My last Redeeming Call.

 Christ Jesus

Moments later He told us:

“I want you to paint the image of My Merciful face of the Second Coming, just as you saw it, so that it may be venerated by those who, coming to know Me once again, may find Me as their true refuge and relief of life.

To those who contemplate and carry this Glorified Face of My Second Coming, I promise to safeguard them, just as God guarded My Being during the flagellation of the Calvary. Whoever venerates Me will not feel the nails received by Me on the Cross, they will rather feel roses at the Altar of the Throne of My Lord, the Almighty God.

Then He added:

"Propagate Mercy.

Live the Peace of the Redeeming New Age.”

And then the image of Glorified Face of Christ appeared, once more, with His Heart surrounded by twelve stars and at the bottom of the Christ image was written:

“Propogate Mercy.

Live the Peace of the Redeeming New Age”.


As Mother of all beings of the world, today I contemplate the new time in My hands. Therefore, dear children, I only ask you to raise your arms towards My Peace, because many souls that suffer need to alleviate their pain.

You, dear children, who listen to My call, must propagate the power of the Grace that I am pouring over this city of Buenos Aires.

This is so, dear children, in order that you may know that Jesus, the Redeeming King of the Universe, loves you and contemplates you through My Maternal Love. It is time for all the groups of prayer that are consecrated to the Light of My Immaculate Heart to pray more for Peace, for the true peace which comes from My Son for all of you in this new time that I am announcing.

Dear children, leave the past behind, be born again today in My arms because My Immaculate Heart loves you and knows you. It knows how much you need Inner Peace.

Today I invite you, My children, to be active founders of My Peace for the world and this task will be able to be real when the groups of prayer have this celestial goal in their hearts.

My Son waits for you day by day so that in this new time that is coming, all your hearts may adore and contemplate God through the merciful Rays of Jesus, My Glorified Son. My little ones, today I want to tell you that the world needs the forgive- ness of God for all the causes that it generates, causes that hurt Our Hearts, the Heart of Jesus and My Immaculate Heart.

I ask you, who are more conscious of everything, to exercise, as a primordial task, the prayer of the heart so that more Celestial Graces may be able to descend from My Heart of Peace over many of My children in the world.

It is especially up to the part of humanity which is more prayer- ful, to lovingly intervene before God so that My Heart and the Merciful Heart of My Son may be able to guide and help it in the time that will come to this world.

Open in spirit to My call, you must only place your lives in the Hands of the One and Only God of the Universe so that My Son may guide you again as He did once in this world as a humble Shepherd of Nazareth.

Dear children, may the Light of the Face of the Father reflect in each one of your lives today so that in devotion you may always be in His Restoring Love.

My Maternal Light for all Buenos Aires!

I thank you for everything!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Dear children:

Be in Jesus and live in My Son so that your hearts may prepare the inner temple for the coming of the Greatest and Venerable Redeemer.

Today I call you to deepen into the path of prayer because in this way, dear children, you will remain with your hearts and lives more elevated, distant from the temptation of the world. I want to be with you, accompanying you from the immensity of My Immaculate Heart so that your steps may follow the paths My Son will reveal to you in His Return.

Keep in your hearts all that as souls you may live through prayer, because in this exercise true love may prevail in your hearts. For this My children await in My Son the new, the good and the pure, but before all you must know that you will need to build a path permeated by My Peace and My Love.

As Mother Co-Redeemer, I bring you daily to My Son because this world still diverts the souls from the purpose that God reveals to each little heart. I am here, among your lives, to guide you and show you how it is to come to My Glorified Son.

The good exercises of faith and prayer elevate your hearts as the great towers that are in vigil over the presence of the light of God. Never forget that you must turn to God with eyes of peace and forgiveness so that the purpose may be fulfilled in each one of My children.

Know My dear ones that the prayer donated through your hearts helps in the salvation of all My children, the ones who still live without hope and without peace.

I call you to perseverance through the powerful and luminous Heart of Christ.

Peace for the world, because every day humanity needs Peace, the Peace of God.

Thank you for answering My call.

May My Voice reverberate with love in your hearts.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


All hearts, as souls, will enter the Kingdom of the Heavens, therefore you must not fear. My Immaculate Heart is in your lives so that you may live It and love It.

My most beloved children,

As long as the world needs salvation, I ask you to pray with the heart so that all souls may be partakers of the presence of My Son. I wait for you day by day in prayer, dear children, because in the day-by-day many souls are preyed on by the enemy. My Immaculate Heart Itself is afflicted when My children are carried away by the opinions of the world.

When My voice calls you to constant prayer, it is for the great need of Peace and Light in so many other hearts that do not know how to live in God the Father. Therefore, dear children, I come full of Grace so that souls may accept the presence of My Heart of Light over the world.

Still, little children, there is much to be done. For this reason I invite you to live in My Glorified Son so that all may be like infinite rivers and streams of His Divine Mercy.

Mercy is the flame for the rapid conversion of the heart. If you were in Mercy the situation of the souls would be different and peace would reign for longer.

For this to happen, My children, it is necessary to have confi- dence in God and to make the flame of prayer flow out as one of the most precious instruments that God has given you.

Dear children, stay in My Maternal Peace. I understand you and I live in each one of your hearts. I call you to always live in My Son because in this way your talents will be like My roses in the garden of the Maternal Love.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Peace in the depths of your hearts,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children,

Never lose the merciful power of faith in your hearts. We are now in the time to unite, in fraternity, the feelings and the talents of each one so that the works of God may be fulfilled on this suffering Earth.

Dear children, trusting in My Son will give you Light on the path to continue towards the life of eternal peace. The world still has much to learn through the lessons of humility. If in truth humility is lacking in the heart, the possibilities of peace will be reduced for the life of the hearts. Humility and prayer are needed, little children, in order to live in the Will of the Eternal Father.

For this reason I invite you to unite, on each new day, to My Glorified Son in the sublime act of communion. Each moment of communion with Christ is a renewal for your hearts and it is the forgiveness of all the faults committed. In this way, little children, your souls united to Christ will be relieving the desperation and the lack of peace that the world lives. Besides this, if you and each one of your brothers and sisters allow prayer to become life in your hearts, you will always be able to find the source that will quench the thirst.

In each new moment of prayer, your hearts will be renewed and will be affirmed in the gift of faith, thus consecrating themselves to My Immaculate Heart. See My Heart of Mother as a flame of wisdom so that your lives may feel the constant shelter for each one of your hearts by the presence of My Maternal Love.

Dear children, you know that the world and all humanity need prayers so that My Son in His Unfathomable Mercy may be able to help all souls. You must await each day, with joy, each encounter with the Sacred Heart of Christ. In Him, you will see clarity for life and the healing of all the wounds of souls. With this, I am telling you, dear children, that through My Son you will find the Divine Door towards the Heavens.

We are in a time of Divine Mercy. Walk taking your steps towards the Lord in the faith of the heart. Soon everything will pass.

Who adores you in the Holy Heart,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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