Wednesday, October 12 of 2016

Vigil of Prayer

Opening the door of My Heart, dear children, I give you My Supreme Grace. It is the Grace of My Heart that will strengthen you and protect you in these times.

I come once more to Sao José to bless you and I entrust you to the Most Chaste Saint Joseph so that He may be your Protector Father, the Guardian of your essences, the Shepherd of souls after Christ.

Today I would like to have you closer to My Heart, because I heard your prayers. And I also come on this day to bless Brazil in this important task it has for this moment; a very profound spiritual task, a purpose that many souls of this nation are involved with without knowing it, which is the purpose, dear children, of keeping faith alive in this blessed people that I cherish with so much Love.

Thus, today I come dressed with the mantle of this nation, bringing healing to souls, wisdom for all spirits, and on the planet of this nation I bring the Peace of God for the world.

This is the spirit and the proposition for this nation.

Now I will continue telling you, dear children, that My message on this day is to bring you the Grace of restoration and healing for all My children of Brazil, who are so in need of God and His Infinite Mercy so as to be able to persist in these times.

The planet has changed a lot, just as you know. Thus, I come on this day to you to show you once again the path toward Jesus, and the Love that He wants to pour out over all your hearts and lives.

Today, I would like to ask you for something special, dear children present here in Sao José, that you recite a prayer or at least a Mystery of the Rosary, so that Your Heavenly Mother may be able to fulfill the purpose through Her children, of reaching Central America.

Just as I appeared in this nation to protect the Purpose of God it has, in the same way I appeared in Mexico as Guadalupe to unite the races and the peoples in one same equality, in one same condition of love and of fraternity.

Therefore, I ask all of My children, not only those who are here in Sao José, but also in the whole world, that on this day of vigil you offer more prayers to your Heavenly Mother, so that My Basket of gold may be deposited at the foot of the altar of the Creator, and that it be the greatest and infinite offering of the salvation of all the souls of My beloved America.

I am here among you, dear children, as our Lady of Aparecida from Brazil and the Queen of Peace, opening My Immaculate Heart to you so that you may be able to enter the Temple, the Sacred Tabernacle of your Lord Jesus, Who contemplates you on this evening with His Mercy, erasing your debts, dissipating errors, bringing hope and a renewal through My Immaculate Heart.

Today I am not here alone with you; I am with the pilgrim soul of Brazil, with all the faithful devotees: simple and poor, rich and austere, who follow the Spirit of Peace, the spirit of your Lady.

In Heaven this is reflected as a great celebration, fulfilling again the prophecy that all the generations throughout all times, would honor and glorify the One Crowned with Stars, the Mother of God.

The angels see this event in Brazil as a new door that is opened on this October 12, not only in the Universe but also in this country that so needs forgiveness and redemption.

But it is the devotion and the faith of My children that will always allow me to come here, anywhere in Brazil, when the Will of God establishes it. When your voices pray to My Heart, irrespective of where you are, know that the prayer is powerful when it is done with the heart and with all the love of your lives. This renews your families and all planetary life, bringing an exceptional and extraordinary Grace for this end time.

Today I am among you, dear children, contemplating the nations of the world, and I invite you once more to renew yourselves within the Campaign for Peace; to be disseminators of My message, of My celestial call for these times, to now and always live the prayer of the heart, so that peace may be established in the human heart and on the planet.

I want all My pilgrims to come here today, My dear pilgrims, who helped Me to concretize My arrival in this city.

Draw close to My altar so that I may bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

It is a joy to know that Brazil still loves Me, and that every day works on its faith to establish the trust in God and His Divine Purpose in its consciousness.

You, dear children, who today approach My altar, My Guadalupean altar, represent all the consciousness of Brazil.

I also ask all the Brazilians that are listening to Me in this moment in the depths of their hearts, to place their left hand on their chest so that the Voice of your Heavenly Mother may be able to resonate forever, the Mother who cherishes you and loves you, who for all Her children wants the path of the good and of peace, of hope and of faith, in spite of what happens.

In this way, I unite you with My Holy Rosary, and today, dear children of Brazil, you are part of the beads of My prayer that I will give to the Eternal Father and will place in His Holy Hands, so that He may see, dear children, that His faithful Servant, the forever Virgin Mary, fulfills the promise of salvation and of redemption of hearts. With My Hand pointing at My Immaculate Heart, I ask you, dear children, to trust in Me as you should trust Christ.

Trust in Me, because I will always lead you to God.

Trust in Me, because I will protect you from all evil.

Trust in Me, because I will always bring relief to your hearts, I will calm your suffering, I will bring you hope and the Grace of God from the most pure Fount of His Mercy.

Trust in Me, dear children of all nations, so that My Immaculate Heart may triumph through your lives in the whole planetary consciousness.

Trust in Me, because you can always count on My angels of Light.

On this day I give you, dear children, the flag of Peace, so that it always may be seen in the shining of your prayers and in the smile of your hearts, for in this way, everything will be healed.

You are Children of Mary, some already consecrated, and today consecrated by Me, so that in humanity the Plan of God for all of the Earth may be strengthened.

Tomorrow you will wear My Blue Mantle of Light, in the first place, feeling your souls consecrated to Me in this new cycle, in which your lives will be purified, but you will count on My guidance so that your hearts are always renewed and faith and all the Love of My Heart prevail in your lives.

Do not fear transforming; fear being far from God.

I invite you, dear children, in the sacred Oratory of My Immaculate Heart, to be witnesses of My Presence in this place, in the Americas.

Pray to your Heavenly Mother so that Her Plan may triumph on Earth and in all the souls that are awakening.

For the Light poured by Your Immaculate Heart,
that converted the hearts of the world,
Divine Lady, pray for us. Amen.

(Four times in Portuguese)

Blessed am I among all women, and blessed are your hearts before God when you live in My Heart.

Blessed is the step you take in your lives.

Blessed may your prayer always be.

Blessed are your guardian angels.

Blessed be the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Now sing the prayer that you have prayed.

I thank you for responding to My call and I invite you to disseminate the power of My Immaculate Heart.

Smile at your Heavenly Mother. Humanity is waking up from its deep sleep.

Hallelujah, hallelujah!