Sunday, March 29 of 2020

Daily messages

While the Lord was in the desert, preparing His Heart for the surrender that He would experience by means of the Cross, His Mother Mary was already gathering together the disciples and the holy women and informing them about the Kingdom of God, about higher truths and about the path that is trodden to reach them, which is through humility, service, surrender and, above all, the love for God and for life.

At the same time that Christ was defeating the temptations in the desert, He was tested in His most human part and thus, He would take refuge in the Divine Heart of His Father; the souls that had committed to Him from the beginning of their existence were also led inwardly to the inner desert. At that moment, they recognized their weaknesses and were preparing for something greater, even if it was unknown.

The triumph of the Messiah was not understood by the majority of humanity, because the Will of God had no likeness to the ideas of humankind; but those who spiritually committed to Christ were ready and, sooner or later, they would be able to unite with the essence of the surrender of the Lord, to follow in His footsteps.

I tell you this, children, because as the spiritual time of Lent goes by, your hearts must go deeper into the meaning of the cross, you must observe the temptations and defeat them with silence and prayer, with the awakening of faith.

Let not your attention be on the laughter of the enemy, but rather on the Word of God. Hear His Voice and walk closer to Him, within yourselves.

Lent ends with a profound definition of the souls that are willing to accompany Christ and, in each cycle, in each new Lent, a greater, broader and more complete definition draws closer, until the day comes for entering Jerusalem, not to be acclaimed, but to experience absolute surrender.

Thus, do not forget the depths of what you are called upon to live; do not forget about the inner and divine greatness that you have committed to participate in.

The day of the cross is known only to God. Until this time comes, it is a cycle for walking more and more toward the Father, to merge into Him and to be One with Him so that the surrender of your lives may be fruitful, in Heaven as on Earth.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph