Novena to the Sacred Thorned Heart of Jesus

Fourth Day

Today, remove from My Heart, the painful thorn of indifference that many of My followers left for Me, those who used to be with Me and who still think they are.

In truth, the indifference of these hearts has completely blinded them, to the point of challenging My Work and putting it to the test.

I had to carry the thorn of indifference of My old companions so that the Wrath of God would not knock at the door of each one of them.

For this reason, through your simple prayer, remove this uncomfortable and painful thorn from Me, of those who thought to win, but who have already spiritually failed.

My Silence reveals the deepest core of My Heart, because in this time I have decided to tell you the whole truth, however hard it may seem.

I have the duty of preparing for My second return in your hearts and I will need true hearts, rather than perfect hearts, because you will only find perfection in God.

When hearts are not true, they lie and are indifferent, and from that point on, these souls miss the opportunity of loving.

Also offer the Celestial Father your failures, your weaknesses, and your bitterness. Believe that, through the thorn of My Heart and by the offering of the Beloved Son, I will be able to again renew everything.

Have faith, My child, and with devotion and love, remove from My Heart the painful thorn of indifference; thus, you will help your Master so that the unending wellspring of Mercy may still remain open, healing and converting the hardened hearts.

Avoid any indifferent act, and seek to perceive where the indifference is, because it is as cunning as the serpent; it hides and emerges when least expected.

Overcome indifference by means of an unconditional service to others, thus, together with Me, you will also overcome, in the name of love.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


My Beloved ones,

I am here again with all of My precious children to keep celebrating, inside and outside of the heart of My faithful children, the advent of Christ, the advent of the New Humanity. 

Today My Heart of Mother is nestled inside of the heart of the faithful, of the devotees, of the unconditional, those who say YES to My Immaculate Heart and to the powerful call of the Son of God for these times.

In them I find consolation and relief for My Universal Consciousness, which, although it comes from the Creative Source, still feels pain for what it sees in this world and above all for the infinite ignorance and indifference that humanity suffers from in this planetary time.

I am asking the Eternal Father, with humility, as Mother of everybody, that in His Infinite Mercy He allow Me to be together with you for the longest possible time, because I see that many imperiously need My maternal instructions.

However that, I have total trust in that everything that has been delivered by Us, the Divine Messengers, has found inside of the consciousness of each one, a space to sprout, grow, give fruits and also flowers, seeds that can be sown in other souls. 

In this new anniversary I want to thank My beloved Aurora, to its Kingdom of Healing and of Redemption for having been the home, here on the planet, that in this cycle has opened its doors and its heart to receive the Universal Mother, the Mother of God, the Co-Redeemer of the Savior.

As never before a Kingdom of Love donated itself without conditions to the Greater Will, placing the Plan of Love, almost unknown, in first place, with full humility, love and confidence.

To this, My House on the planet, I give today the teraphim of My Immaculate Heart, so that it may always be available for the souls.

This Immaculate Heart will radiate Healing and Redemption, Divine Forgiveness, Liberation and Rehabilitation to all the souls that come here seeking a new opportunity for their lives.

Here, this Heart, united to the powerful Light of the Archangel Michael, will liberate from the oppression to all the spirits that come, with sincerity and humility, seeking to be pure, free, seeking to be healed of the diseases of the soul, those which sicken the minds and the bodies.

Here, the Mother of God will leave open forever the healing of the soul and of the spirit, the possibility for the beings to be washed and purified by the Codes that Christ reached when He shed His Blood on the Cross.

Every consciousness that enters in this place with reverence and humility, recognizing that it walks in a sacred ground, a space in which the Redeemer placed His Feet again on this planet, after two thousand years, will receive from the Universe what it needs to go forward, to serve the Son of God in the preparation of His path of Return to the world.

Here will be forged the Warriors of Mercy.

Here the valiant souls will receive their instruments, those that they will play together in the great symphony of the planetary rescue in the end of times. 

Here the Warriors of Peace will wait for the great signals from Heaven that will announce the great coming of the Son of God.

Here will be the place where the Warriors of Light will illuminate, with the Sun of their interior, the path for the souls that should come to find the lost way.

Here, in the Aurora of My Heart, will rise the spiritual columns that will sustain the fallen ones, those who will find God for the first time and, as a celestial miracle, will place their souls on the ground to offer them to the Redeemer when He returns.

This Aurora of My Heart, which with so much humility and rejoicing always waits for Me, will be the school of those who, through its essence and instruction, will govern the Promised Land, when, after the Great Transformation, the New Humanity arises in the dawn of a New Era.

To you, My Beloved Aurora, Hail!

Hail your pure and humble heart, My Love grows in your presence!

I love and bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and Universal Mother


Beyond the Universes – Part 1

Through the Names of God, the creatures of this material Universe find the possibility of connecting and of accessing higher and unknown states of consciousness.

The unknown for the souls of the Earth could seem a mystery, but behind this higher and cosmic mystery, lies a revelation.

Through the Names of God we access the revelation of a knowledge, that is, of an aspect or form which was projected to contribute as an idea with all Creation.

The different Names of the Eternal Father allow the creatures, which He created, to contact sublime and positive Sources of information, which help the awakening of the virtues of soul and the fulfillment of the mission of the different spirits of the Earth.

In the case of this local Universe, the different keys facilitated by the Names of God build in the Material, Mental and Spiritual Universes, this interrelationship between the planes of consciousness and the creatures.

In the Names of God we find divine aspects of the Creation, and we unite ourselves to them to attract to terrestrial life the principle of everything God has thought, which is what we know as the Purpose.

In each Name of God there is kept, not only one code, but also a key of access to Principles of the Creation, which still wait to show and reveal themselves to current humanity.

When we unite to one of the Names of God, we are spiritually communicating with a Virtue of God represented in a creative aspect.

A creative aspect is one of the many Principles of the Source that is revealed in high voltages of energy, vibration and spaces. It is as if we entered the fundamental epicenter of the Creative Energy, which feeds itself through the cosmic impulses that the Primordial Source constantly emanates from the Spiritual Universe.

In this sense, by contacting just one of the various Names of God, the creatures manage, by their own means, to unite essentially with a supreme network of spiritual energy that is emanated from the Source of the Creation, which at all times generates the evolution and the re-creation of life by means of experiences, schools and learnings.

By means of the revelation of the Names of God, humanity could again conceive, in the bosom of its race, the fundamental attributes that, once established in human consciousness, will allow to gestate the future bases of a new civilization, which will be mainly based on the life of the spirit and not on life of matter.

This transition, which the current humanity is going through, will awaken a great inner definition in the whole planet and this will take place in the most culminating moment, when the race defines itself to remain in love, or in indifference.

If the human beings would take this cosmic leap toward the divine conception of love that exists within each being, the Earth would be repopulated by new Laws of the Source, which to this day have not been able to descend in order to transfigure and sublimate the human consciousness.

From this definition of being in God and of evoking His sacred Names, the necessary condition will be created in order to learn to overcome the final and definitive times.

The choice will lie in the human beings, creatures that hold within themselves the infinite potential of knowing and of communicating with God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

First Message

My Silence speaks about the truth of these times.

My Silence reminds you of the moment of My passage in the Garden of Gethsemane, and the most hard hour of the Agony; a moment in which God revealed the truth to Me and made me know it deeply, so that not only My Heart could be prepared, but also so that My Spirit could be prepared for the times that would come after My Ascension to the Heavens.

We are in the hour of this great truth.

We are before the revelation of this crucial moment that comes to the world in order to show its reality, and thus step out of blindness.

Today, your Master and Lord carries the ingratitude of the world and all offenses that the hearts commit in these times, in their profound ignorance.

It is an inexplicable feeling, it is an inextinguishable sensation, it is a very great pain to bare and, above all, to carry within My Heart.

Thus, I come to ask the world, and those who believe in Me, for the reparative adoration for five minutes, so that the Heart of the Lord may be consoled of the offenses it received and the ingratitude it felt from all those who once were by My side, but that the deceiver of the world separated from Me, for different reasons.

This is not the message I would bring you today, for your knowledge and instruction, but the Savior of humankind must reach the end, the last soul, the last corner of the world, to give help to those who need it the most, especially those who live in their ignorance or in their indifference.

In the reparative adoration of five minutes you will be able to console your Master and Lord of so many feelings and offensive attitudes that the souls of the Earth send to Me, along different paths and through different actions.

Here is the Heart, that still suffers for the world and for those who turn their backs to the Redeemer of the Universe, ceasing to correspond to Him how He needs, how He has thought and how the Celestial Father has proposed.

But let those who continue with Me not fear; repair the sorrowful Heart of the Most Beloved Lord, so that the seven main feelings that offend God may be transmuted and repaired by the merciful power of My Heart and by the adoration that souls offer to Me, for just five minutes.

Thus, you will repair the Heart of the Son and, as a result, you will repair the Heart of the Father.

You will repair the Heart of Christ for the feelings of indifference, for the feelings of ingratitude, for the feeling of denial, for the feeling of cowardice, for the feeling of negligence, for the lack of faith and, especially, for the feeling of lack of love for the Works of God, and to their fulfillment on the Earth.

For these seven feelings, you will adore the Eucharistic Heart of the Lord of the Universe and you will offer reparation, so that the souls do not keep confusing themselves.

And although the flock is agitated and the fierce wolf is stalking, the Shepherd of the Universe will not retrocede. He will not retrocede because He will come to save you, He will come to show you the path and the Light before darkness.

Companions, the time has come for definition.

The cross of this time is very heavy and who in truth is not with Me will not be able to carry it, even if they try to, even if they want to do it.

Whoever is not with Me, is not in love and might not know it.

Thus, implore to God with repentance of the heart, so that humility may be conceded to you, and your hearts may purify before the vengeance that the adversary will emit against the followers of Christ, in the end of these times.

If there is not love, nothing can be solved.

Words will not be enough. Comments and judgements of value will not be enough.

I need you to be My living example on the Earth, even if you never manage to.

You must mirror My Presence so that My Heart may be glorified in the confines of the Earth.

The moment has come to no longer deceive yourselves, and not to allow yourselves to be deceived, because many will come in My name and will affirm that others are the path, and many will believe it.

Thus, submerge in My sorrowful Heart, so that the flame of your love may console and repair it, through the adoration to My Eucharistic Heart.

The signs of the time announce great events, within and without men, within and without women of the Earth.

And there will be nothing and nobody that can detain their definition in this time, a definition that will mark the destiny of the next stage and, I might say, of the whole of your existence, until after the return of your Master and Lord to the world for the second time.

Thus, I do not talk to you of little facts or of insignificant misunderstandings, of poor adhesions or of lack of immediate unity with your brothers and sisters and fellow beings.

You are before the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity.

You are before a revelation that is being announced since the origins of the Earth, to the present.

Thus, I would like to know, who will drink with Me from the New Chalice that God will deliver to Me?

What will be transmuted in these times will be very different from what was transmuted in the times past, during the Presence of the Son of God on Earth.

I invite you to open the heart, even more, to hear My Words, and for them not to become transitory, neither forgotten; because My time is ending among you.

Those who cannot donate themselves totally to Me will always be in freedom, because God made you free so that you could learn to love just as He loves you, infinitely.

I am delivering the planet in your hands and in trust.

I deliver humanity to this Work; because what will come to happen in the near future will be very great and will demand responsibility and correspondence.

I do not want you to feel fear from all of this, or from all that I have told you.

I bring you the revelation of the same feeling that God placed in My Heart during My passage through the Garden of Gethsemane;  a feeling and revelation that is being fulfilled at this moment, through the responses that My followers give Me, above all, those who give up on Me and let themselves be defeated.

Be intelligent and use the power of My Heart to transform everything.

Be something more than human beings, that live and breathe on this planet, that hear or speak, that feel or think.

Be, in truth, what you have come to be and do not justify yourselves, because in this way you will never change.

My Heart can no longer receive ingratitude, because the world gives it to Me daily.

My Heart only wants to receive your love and your truth.

I come to Austria for you to understand what we are working on together and the importance that this has for God in the Universe, as on Earth.

Are your feelings and restlessness not small before the true reality of humanity, and of its self-destruction?

Grow up and you will understand the Plan; you will live it, just as I live it and you will accomplish much more than I accomplish; because I told you that you would do greater things than I did a long time ago. 

May My Words remain, and not fade away, because My Words, when I am no longer here, will be your remembrance to live redemption.

May the Lord bless you and illuminate you.

May the Lord give you His Temperance and His Meekness.

May you correspond and work in the Lord, so that the fragility of these times may be defeated by means of the strength of the Holy Spirit.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Never let your heart be closed by the indifference or the wrong actions of your peers.

Work intensely in you the transcendence of human indifference and of conscious omission. Thus, you will attain a state of mature love that will lead you to understand everything and accept everything, however difficult it may seem.

Never let your little human heart close, by absolutely nothing, because thus you will avoid delaying your steps towards My Son, in the direction towards His Divine Kingdom.

You know that within the human life there are many imperfections and many defects, some of them with great and hard resistances.

Begin working in yourself all that which still does not want to transform or mold. It will not be by facing yourself in battle with your own inner enemy but by loving it with the Christic Love so that, little by little, the remnants of these resistances that lead to error may dissolve.

You will not be a saint in three days, the transcendence of the human condition is until the last days of life. But have the certainty that everything can change without the need to live suffering nor agony.

Reach perfection in a positive sense and thus you will advance on the path to someday entirely embrace the consecration of the spirit and of all consciousness to God, the Creator.

Trust that every day you will be able to begin from zero.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I plead for the world, so that some day the consciousness of the planet may be heard in the inner world of souls, as a great blast of light, and thus, human beings may realize that the Earth needs them.

I plead for humanity so that some day souls may recognize the divine riches of God within themselves; above all, that those souls most distant from God are able to recognize what is precious existing in the essence of each one.

I plead for the Kingdoms of Nature, so that the beings on the surface of the Earth may be able to perceive how much help and care the Younger Kingdoms need in order to survive in these times in which they suffer exploitation, abandonment, and a lack of love.

I plead to the Father for all My praying armies so that they may be strengthened more each day, and make of each meeting of prayer an opportunity for redemption and a compassionate act of mercy.

I plead every day to God for the intentions of all My children, especially towards the planet, which in its silence, talks to the Universe of the suffering it endures in various parts of the world.

I plead to the Father that more creatures may be able to have an awakened consciousness about Creation and about the need for an immediate loving assistance on the part of all human beings.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Raise your heart up to Heaven while you are on this Earth, so that through prayer you can be close to God, and in spite of what you believe or not to be purifying, you know the time of surrender has come.

Sustain your life based on the expressions of the degrees of love, thus you will allow the true Christian principles to flourish in you.

Child, this life is a path full of challenges and of transcendences; when you just are able to take a step towards the Truth, your soul is liberated from the chains of pride and of the lie.

Go beyond the hard shell of indifference with the strength of love and the impetus of service; in this way, you will know that within you there is a universe which is still unknown to you.

Open the correct door with the correct key. May your spirit today be magnetized with a courage capable of helping you to transcend barriers and to overcome the tests of your own consciousness.

Start by taking the first step towards yielding, and the old human being who lives and acts through your mind and your actions will lose strength, since you will allow the Ray of Redemption to transform your being.

If you want to change the world, first begin with yourself; be generous, efficient, and give of yourself all the time, so that before you the love of the sincere heart gradually opens the doors on the paths of Christification.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Indifference: A world disease

Dear children,

Most of humanity is blind, a product of the great indifference that exists among human beings and towards the Kingdoms of Nature.

Indifference comes to the tiniest details of daily life, to the point that indifferent souls do not notice their own mistakes; it exacerbates the war in the world because it keeps it in deep ignorance of the true reality of these times. It is one of the hind paws of the beast; the beast stands firmly on all of human indifferences and thus sharpens its horns in the illusion of the people and the vanity of the proud. The glory felt by the beast is so fake that, despite its own cunning, it does not realize it is deluded inside its own creation.

The beast sustains itself in everything which is indifferent, from the smallest to the biggest of nations.

The apparent confidence that the beast feels helps it overcome the faint strength of the tepid hearts. It is opulent and calls itself blessed because it always feeds from human suffering and the indignation felt by those who are not indifferent.

The beast is a great strategist, it recreates indifference in human minds and makes the faint people feel that by being indifferent they will look stronger. This indifference justifies the mistakes of the souls and in this way they can never leave the abyss in which they have placed themselves.

The beast appears powerful in the fake arts it imparts to humanity. But attention in everything, even in the smallest things, will prevent you from being indifferent and so you will know how to protect the spiritual heritage entrusted to you.

Indifference leads to irreverence, and in this state there is no trust in God. The beast will be defeated when most people stop being indifferent to their fellow human and to all life manifested around them.

Indifference is like gluttony, it will not stop growing inside the consciousness. Those who act with intelligence will no longer be so indifferent. But the beast takes advantage of the limitations of the soldiers. The determined actions of faith and consciousness in these times would draw many out of the abyss of indifference.

The angels of Heaven battle with swords of fire to dissipate the indifference that constantly makes the minds of people still so that they cannot act and everything remains static.

The path to the sacred also protects consciousnesses, and the beast does not know that the sacred and reverent ascends the good spirits to other planes and separates them from this world disease.

The mission of the soldiers of Christ is to care for the celestial treasures so that they will have more spiritual consciousness to protect the whole legacy that has been delivered.

Reverence is the protecting balm of the self-summoned; where there is reverence there is no indifference. Reverence could be the path that souls would go through in order to replace planetary indifference and then change the human codes that lead to the deterioration of everything.

To get out of indifference, you must first listen with humility to the indications to leave that place.

Observe how many consciousnesses are blinded by indifference and cannot see the true need of humanity, which is to leave this indifference as soon as possible, to walk towards the new humanity.

Service will make you less indifferent and more awake to change, a little bit more every day.

Indifference is sovereign in this world and it must be exorcised.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who elevates you to the Spirit of Reverence,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees


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Association Mary
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