Friday, April 26 of 2024

Weekly Messages

Learn, children, to separate the impulses that come from your own souls from those that come from the Celestial Kingdom and the Higher Universe of consciousness.

To hear one's own soul is an important step for the human consciousness, without which there could not be any evolution. Evolution is a path of ascension, of communication and of union with the different levels of existence, until the being finally returns to the Heart of the Celestial Father, carrying within themselves the renewing codes of manifested life.

Over the centuries, beings who have sought to tread the spiritual path learned to listen to their souls, and many times, their spirits, their monads, to thus walk the path of life on Earth with the assurance of higher impulses.

However, now is the time to go beyond that. Now is the time to indeed listen to one's own soul, but not remain there, believing that the impulses for evolutionary life all come from this single inner contact.

Now is the time to go beyond, of learning to distinguish the contact with higher levels, so that, in touching the dimensions of your souls, you are able to go beyond and carry the souls with you to a deeper and more silent state, more transparent and full, a contact with Higher Universes, where you should only seek a pure and simple unity.

When your consciousnesses enter into sincere prayer, and between one word and another, you are able to become silent, then you will be capable of hearing your own souls, feel them and perceive them in just the way they need you to perceive them. However, if you persist in that elevation, in praise and silence, in concentration and emptiness, without wanting anything for the self, only a unity with God, you will be able to go beyond and allow your souls to also be able to look upward and inward, to also be able to enter into the practice of contemplation.

When souls contemplate, minds become silent and simply observe; the personality does not give an opinion, does not analyze, and does not look for answers, it just observes; the aspects of the human consciousness do not confuse inner contact with what they experience in matter, they simply observe; the soul does not seek to guide and lead anything, it is not treading any path, is only being drawn like a magnet to its source of vibration.

It is attracted by the Divine Consciousness, and with the yielding of its planetary part, it simply goes into the experience of unity, and in that experience, children, there can be full silence, you do not need words nor intentions, thoughts or actions: just being.

Here you will receive the knowledge of unity from God, and with it, a wisdom that is not acquired with the mind, but rather with the essence.

You must walk towards this experience, because in this time of chaos and confusion, of deep purification and challenges, your beings must enter into secure Universes, where not even the mind, nor the personality nor even your souls can interfere, but just live.

And from the principle of Unity which emanates from the Heart of God, from the deep Love of the Father on being before His Creatures, the essence of wisdom will emerge that will strengthen you and bring you answers to your deepest questions, which you will not know how to explain, but just experience.

And those who draw close to you will not need to hear or ask, but rather just feel and observe the example and the presence which will transform the human condition.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph