Friday, May 3 of 2024

Weekly Messages

An Account of the Message

Sister Lucía de Jesús:

When Saint Joseph arrived today, He came dressed in white, with a white robe, a white mantle and a golden cord, and He had three Lilies in His hands, three large Lilies.

And when He began to transmit the Message, He spoke about those three Lilies. And as He spoke, lilies came out of each one of them and they entered into us, into our inner world. In a very quick way, everything He spoke about, He demonstrated while it happened.

Saint Joseph spoke about three cycles in humanity, and I asked if we were already living through one of those cycles, and He said no, that everything we have been experiencing up until today as humanity was a prelude to the experience He cited. So I then asked if this has something to do with the three years Christ mentioned in the last Sacred Week, and He said yes, that it has to do with these three cycles He cited in this Message.

Today, in My hands, I bring three white Lilies as an offering to the Father for the planet. Each of these Lilies represents a cycle of humanity, in which souls will be tested and tempted, so that within them may awaken the hidden potential of the Love that transcends all experiences of love already lived in Creation.

In each of those cycles, souls will go through portals of transcendence within themselves, portals that will lead them to the truth held in their own inner self.

In the First Cycle, you will undergo tests within yourselves, silent and hidden, apparently imperceptible to those who see you. And I say apparently because, even though you may feel the loneliness of the inner test, it will be visible, yet incomprehensible to others, and the incomprehension of others, children, will also be one of the ways you will be tested.

For this cycle, I give you the Lily of Inner Fortitude, which will cause you to go beyond the thresholds of imperfection and misery to reveal a still unknown inner level to you, the first degree of transcendence from the human condition.

In the Second Cycle, you will undergo tests among yourselves, tests that will place you before the abysses of others so that they may be transcended by the power of compassion, redemption and mercy.

And for this, I give you the Lily of Humility. With this Lily in your heart, you will be able to look at your neighbor not with the eyes of a judge, but rather with the eyes of pity. It was through this threshold that the Redeemer of the World was able to emit Love to those who humiliated Him on His path with the Cross. The Lily of Humility will bring you the valor necessary to forgive that which may seem unforgivable, and understand that which may seem incomprehensible, and through it, you will enter into a deep level of  human consciousness, in which you will learn to live true unity with another.

The Third Cycle of tests will be planetary and will take place between humankind and nature. There you will be tested in your faith, because your beliefs will be overturned by the apparent chaos of the world. Many hearts will be lost and surrendered to the deepest darkness, but you, children, must persevere.

And for this, I give you the Lily of Faith. This Lily will emerge from within you when all your strongholds may seem to have crumbled, when knowledge seems to make no sense and wisdom becomes silent within the consciousness. Then the Lily of Faith will emerge, as a gift and Grace imprinted in your hearts so that you are able to go beyond.

And through it, you will come to the threshold of the experience of God. This means the perfect union with the Creator, when you will finally be able to find meaning in all the inconsistencies of life and will understand that the Cross, seen from above, signifies Love, and the planetary transition, seen with the Eyes of God, signifies surpassing Love.

This is what you must walk towards.

You have My blessing.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph