The Sacred Lines of Nazca

Nazca is a place considered sacred by Heaven, due to the spiritual and inner wealth that the ancient civilization who lived there left as a message for the future humanity.

That civilization was one of the many Peoples of the Sun that attracted to the planet the attribute of reverence and of the sacred.

Nazca is a place in the world that should be spiritually reverenced, since in this place a humanity advanced in the cosmic and divine knowledge and in its spontaneous relationship with the Universe and with Creation developed.

The Lines of Nazca represent to the Father this inner message of union of the previous humanity to the Divine Source and, in this way, of its most important inner communication with the Cosmos.

The Lines of Nazca leave over the desert the message to the Universe that, in remote times, there was a humanity that could mirror, through these symbols, its union with the Eternal Father and all its cosmovision related to the Solar System that rules this planet.

Thus, the Lines of Nazca not only left an eternal message for the future civilizations, but they also served as Mirrors to establish this system of spiritual communication between the Mirror of the heart of each being with the Mirrors of the Universe.

This demonstrates, in current times, that humanity has spiritual and inner conditions to be able to come into contact with its true inner reality and that life on this planet is not only physical or material.

The Lines of Nazca left for the current world the message of a renewed and permanent union with the Universe that exists within every being and demonstrate to us that we can get in touch with the higher and divine.

The Lines of Nazca left a message of Love for the Kingdoms and the consciousness of reverence and devotion that every human being can conceive for the Kingdoms of Nature.

Nazca is the symbol of awakening for this part of the Americas, just as others sacred places where civilizations before this one taught the universal and divine knowledge to all its people.

In this sense, the consciousness of the Peruvian nation holds one of the most important spiritual legacies, from a human and internal point of view, since the civilization that once lived in this place achieved a state of Love and Wisdom that no other race, in no other age, has lived.

This is the reason why the culture of Peru and its intimate relation with the native peoples will facilitate, in this time, that the sacred values of brotherhood, equality of conditions and love may help the physical and spiritual rebuilding of a country that is permanently submitted by the social and human exploitation of other non-evolutionary cultures.

It will depend on the very consciousness and culture of Peru to be the spiritual and inner bridge so that the sacred values of loyalty and unity with the Universe may manifest again on souls and that these same values elevate the consciousness of their people.

The Sacred Lines of Nazca are also registered on the Book of God as one of the major legacies of spirituality of the human race to present day.

It is time to return to our origins and to the roots that were the cradle to gestate a new humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of all Peoples