Saturday, May 4 of 2024

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

There are inner realities that the Lord alone knows. Not even to the holy angels are these realities visible.

But I, as an emanation of the Second Person of God, can see beyond all inner realities, and also beyond all that which is invisible; for appearance is what has deceived the world throughout the times, and souls have become lost in all that which is superficial and petty.

This will be one of the main reasons for My Return to the world: that souls, on the surface of the Earth, may recover their communion with the inner worlds, recover the connection with their inner and spiritual universe.

However, while this still does not happen, great will be the sorrow of those who do not repent from the heart; because I come to give the world the Source of My Unfathomable Mercy, a Source still very little appreciated by the souls of the world, because it is an unknown ocean of Redeeming Love.

While I do not return to the world, even though I Am already preparing for this event and moment, it will only be up to those who follow the Shepherd and Lord of the Universe to make the correct and true effort.

You have learned with Me, throughout the ages and mainly through My Word, what the path is, which I offer to Mine.

Do not wait for any sign, other than the one I will give you, because there will still be many appearances in this world, many will continue to be taken to the path of deception, and many more to the path of indifference.

Therefore, take care of your inner world, as a temple that is precious and immaculate to God, where what is essential is kept, where existence dwells in the eyes of those who truly pray from the heart and do not become confused.

Thus, the Lord not only comes for souls, but also for the nations. The Lord comes to seek the talent that is in the human heart, and the gift that is about to manifest within the spiritual life of each being.

My door to opportunity is open. How much longer will souls take to cross it? It seems that many fear what is unknown.

However, where lies the true control of life, in one’s own inferior will?

My Will comes to liberate you from yourselves and thus liberate the afflicted hearts. Because My silent Power is still unknown and this is what you must seek within yourselves, to know My Will, so that you may know the incalculable power of My Love.

As a Good Shepherd, I come to seek the sheep that are lost, and many of them are in this nation. Therefore, I come to raise again the meaning to the life of the souls that live here, so that life may no longer be interrupted. Regardless of the greatest suffering that hearts may live, regardless of the greatest error or sin that you may have committed, life must not be interrupted.

Life is precious to God, because He is the One Who has created it in His image and likeness, and the values of life must be preserved in every one, values that will lead you not only to spiritual, but also human dignity. Values that, in this crucial time of humanity, are now lost.

Therefore, you must hold on to a life of prayer and, above all, of unconditional service, so that these self-same values, which the people of Israel lived in their essence, may be preciously kept within you as a treasure and and may be shared with the rest of souls.

Meanwhile, I will be here, waiting for you, waiting for My companions to take the step, because there still is a Plan to concretize and carry out, not only in the United States, but also in the whole world.

This month of May is a month of definition for all. But watch out, do not see it as something repetitive, as if you already knew what to decide and what not to decide. Be humble and selfless, just as the saints were, who, even recognizing their own deep miseries, could not understand why the Lord was so close to them. Because life may be imperfect or miserable, but the soul may be in the Glory of God when the effort of the human heart is true.

But if, in the face of these events on the planet, you impose conditions, you cannot understand what the Plan of the Return of Christ means. I understand, because I know that you cannot see it, but this Return of the Lord is a promise that will be fulfilled and concretized.

What should you true intention be in this end time?

Are you truly available to prepare the path of My Return to humanity?

Are you ready for Me to knock on the doors of your homes and, above all, for Me to give the impulse of My Heart to your consciousnesses?

My Words must not be wasted, My Time must not be wasted.

I come to seek what the Father has promised to Me. I come to seek the sinners and the most imperfect. Because from the ashes the spirit will emerge, and I will raise it through My Love and My consolation. However, you need to have faith in Me, before having your consciousnesses occupied with other topics.

It is not that I am alienating you from material life and from the spiritual debt of this world, only it is now time, companions, for you to be attuned with the reality.

Do you now understand the inner realities that the Lord can see? Because while time continues to pass, souls continue to be lost and need Mercy.

How many hearts are there to be healed in this world?

Who will take care of the innocent?

Who will take care of the suffering Kingdoms of Nature?

Who will be sensitive to the suffering of others?

Who will no longer condemn? Who will no longer criticize?

Who will no longer close the door to the one who is calling?

I came to the world to teach you this, so that you might be merciful, just as the Lord is Merciful to you.

Today, My Hands are empty, but they might be filled with the offerings of hearts.

What is happening, companions?

Evil cannot be greater than Love, darkness cannot be deeper than the Light, indifference cannot be greater than charity, ignorance cannot be greater than discernment.

All has been given to you, although you do not believe it, and today you have the immeasurable and unknown Grace of being before Jesus.

Come to Me, decidedly. Come to Me as available beings. Come to Me denying yourselves. Does that mean you will suffer for Me?

Will there be another Christ who surpasses Me in Love and is capable of going beyond themselves?

I do not ask you for heroic things. I ask you for simple yet true things. I ask you for acts done with love, so that this world and this humanity may stop suffering.

The time of hope, of healing, of love and peace is here in the Kingdom of the Heavens, and it will descend if you create the conditions for this, because the Law is wise and discreet.

Tell the world not to forget the Commandments.

The world needs peace. Humanity needs good to reach the unity that has been lost, to reach the wounded hope.

I thank all those who pray with Me so that the United States may fulfill its Spiritual Purpose and its angel may spread its wings and consciousness, to attract to this country the Spiritual Treasures of God.

I thank you for being with Me.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.