Tuesday, May 7 of 2024

Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

When I lived in the Holy Land, My Son had entrusted Me to care for, above all, the suffering souls; and many already know the silence of Mary, the silence which carried, as an example, the Presence of God, healing for hearts, the relief of suffering for all those who were agonizing in pain.

Why today do I say this to you, My children? Because it rejoices Me to come to this house, one among so many houses in the world, where the family is contemplated by God as His Essential Project.

All the families already formed in the world, as I have told you, My children, are being attacked and harassed.

Also for this reason, we must continue to pray for unity in families. Especially unity in the entire human family, so that the spirit of solidarity, cooperation and fraternity may be present in these very critical and hard times for souls which, in different places of the world, face and go through unexpected tests.

But I, as a Good and Merciful Mother, place in My Heart and in My Arms all those who need My Peace in these times, because I know that, throughout these definitive times and, above all, in this time of purification, hearts imperiously need to find peace again, at a moment of chaos unknown to many.

But I, as a Patient and Loving Mother, come to raise again, in My children, what God gave them at the origin. Because many of the situations that the world and nations live today, situations that change events overnight, take place because not only has this human family rejected the Law, even if they do not know it deeply; but also, through their ways and habits of life, separated from the true Love of God, the human family of the surface of the Earth has been led to continue to move away from its values and principles as a civilization and Project of God.

I cannot refrain from telling you, My dear children, that, as a receptive Mother open to hearts, I do not fail to feel the pain of My children for all that they live in these times, and much of what they live is unknown to most. In My Heart, I feel the pain of those who suffer and have to endure, I feel the agony and the cry of the animals that die, killed in an indescribable manner.

Who will take charge of this spiritual debt of humanity?

My Son will not return to be nailed to the Cross again. I want you to know, My children, the Living God Himself, Omnipotent and Eternal, gave His Life and His own Being for the creatures of this world, so that you and all your brothers and sisters of the world might learn about the school of Love and Forgiveness. But where is all of this, which My Son taught you such a long time ago?

In this planetary reality and, above all, through these recent events, few are the souls in the world, and this is my grief, that manage to understand not only what consecration means, but also what it means to preserve in themselves the Values and Principles of God existent in His Project.

But as long as the use of weapons and the experiences in laboratories is, in the first place, not only with animals, but also gravely with humans, how do you think the planet will fail to move?

Now, My children, I want you to understand, because I know that many think in this time and many more will think in the coming times:

Where is God? Have you seen Him within yourselves? Have you perceived God in Creation and Nature?

His own Manifestation and Power in what is most simple and humble, reveal His Beauty, but also His Humility.

How can you think that God is not with those who suffer and have to endure? By any chance, am I not here, and am I not your Mediating and Intercessory Mother?

Not even all the angelic hosts with whom I work daily, not even all the currents or powers of the universe that dwell in what is highest in the cosmos, manage to attend to this inner situation of humanity.

Do you understand what I am telling you out of Love?

My Son has prepared you. My Son has announced it to you.

Now, My dear children, you, who say are His companions and apostles of Christ, must cross, just as Christ did, the abysses of the Earth and, above all, your own abysses with your own feet.

The Light has been shown and indicated to you. Many already know their own star of origin. What else do you need, My children of the Earth? How many more signs are necessary for you to change?

I ask you not to blame the elements of nature. The response of each one of them is the agony they experience. While animals continue to be killed, while innocent human blood continues to be shed, few will be the ones who will manage to be in peace.

Therefore, in this time the strength and power of the Supplicating Network must grow. Do not expect for the change to take place in most beings. Because if it had been this way in the times of Christ, this humanity would be living in the sixth dimension by now. The transformation must continue to be deep, conscious and true.

Ask yourselves, according to the circle in which you find yourselves, within or outside of this Work:

What am I doing with my life?

What have I done with the treasures I have received without deserving them?

Have the Words of God and of My Son become flesh of your own flesh at last?

Do not waste time with the illusions of the world, because the world is already very deluded.

Do not close, with your own hands, the door of Grace. Open the door of Grace to those who do not deserve it. But this door will open if your lives are consistent with the Principles of the Father, because everything, absolutely everything, will be counted on the day of the Final Judgment.

Children, I have to speak clearly to you, because there is no more time left. Place your feet upon reality, and no longer distance it from your lives.

The cup continues to overflow. Who will collect the codes of the Blood of Christ, which are becoming lost in many consecrated souls? I pray before God on My knees, because the priestly life is at stake.

Who will decide, once and for all, to be a victim of Christ? Not a human victim, but rather a victim of His Love and a victim of the resignation of the Lord?

Beloved children, grow, grow and mature quickly. I do not want to see again what happened in Rwanda, where the majority did not hear the Mother of God.

It is time for you to do something for yourselves and, above all, for humanity. If today you have the Grace, compared to so many millions of souls, to be listening to Me, by any chance, have My Words become something secondary in your lives?

Do not become accustomed to the Spiritual Hierarchy. There are souls that would give their evolution to listen to the Divine Mother, and many more would give anything to be before Me, as a bearer of Peace and Messenger of Heaven.

May this world see the strengthening of the network of service and charity and, above all, of training and knowledge for the times of emergency.

Everything, absolutely everything, has been entrusted to you.

Today, I bring this Message for those who dare to grow internally and come out of the learning of inertia and inactivity, because these times were already written and not everyone must live everything. Each one will be where it is foreseen, and this does not mean indifference, it rather means the learning that each one must live and assume.

At the doors of May 8, the seeds, the last and precious seeds of Light of My Most Beloved and Venerable Son, have already been given.

Remember what He asked you: "Where shall these seeds be sown?" His Treasures are inexplicable, but they are immeasurable.

It is time to perceive the reality. This is the Message of all Hierarchies, it is time to listen, it is time to amend the errors committed, also within this Work, because, as I told you even a short while ago, who will make themselves responsible for everything that has happened?

The impunity of this world goes beyond the dimensions. Mercy will always be infinite, but Mercy will never be irresponsible; for this the holy and wise Justice exists, which places you on the path of the Law, something that many still do not understand.

Love will always be greater. But your steps of transformation, if they were honest, could be greater.

My Son taught you this at each step with His Cross, until the last moment of His expiration, because when He no longer had anything to gain or lose, He surrendered even more for you and for the world. When He no longer had a drop of blood in His Body, He surrendered His Spirit as a justification and an act of reparation for the errors committed since Adam and Even until the end of times. My Son expects maturity from His apostles

My blessing to all, on this day, so that the Holy Spirit may guide the consciousnesses along the path of discernment and wisdom during the time of reparation, especially for those who are suffering.

My Soul is with Brazil as it has never been before.

I thank you for being with Me and for having responded to My call.

Remember, it is time to grow internally, everything has already been taught.

Be worthy of the Legacy of the Hierarchy and of the foundation of this Work. Be stewards of the principles of group and evolutionary life. But above all, due to the absence of innocence and purity in this world, and being aware of everything, much more than other souls, be stewards of the truth and transparency.

Remember what My Beloved Son once said to you: “The truth shall set you free.”

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Let us pray together now, for the attributes of the Universal Mother, so that souls may receive them in their essence, on this May 8.

Let us say the prayer "Universal Mother" once in Spanish, once in Portuguese and once in English, so that, united to the Queen of Peace, our honest and sincere prayer from the heart may reach the planet.

Prayer: Universal Mother.

We thank You, Lord, for all that You give us.

Thank You, Divine Mother, for all that You give us.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We remain withdrawn in the Heart of Mary, listening to Her Words.