Sunday, May 5 of 2024

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold a Heart that was pierced, but a Heart that is still unknown.

Who would be able to penetrate this mystery and know it?

Who would launch into the void without knowing where they might fall?

Because in the great abyss of My Mercy there is no perdition. There is abundance, accomplishment and merits. For this reason, I show you My Heart for you to live it.

I come to seek this from good souls, but I also come to seek this from imperfect souls. Because I would have no reason to carry out a work on this planet, if it were not for souls.

Do you now understand the meaning of My coming to the world in this time?

I have to ask you many questions so that you may reconsider your paths, because a good Master and a good Friend would give His Life for His companions. And this life that I give for you is abundant and infinite, it did not end with the Death on the Cross.

Have you ever wondered what I gave beyond this, even after My Ascension to the Heavens?

What mysterious door exists, which no one has yet opened to know what there is on the other side? What is this, so unknown, that even you do not know?

But if the people of Israel knew it in depth and in spirit, why can you not know it?

I come to remove you from the superficial dimension, in which many are found in this time. I come to elevate you to the dimension of My Love, above all of My Cosmic and Divine Love, so that you may understand and above all feel the Celestial Spheres that descend and embrace you.

Have you wondered how I arrive here, knowing that the time of the Hierarchy is precious?

But I do not come here only for you and your awakening, I come for a greater and unknown cause, a cause that is waiting to make itself known through consistent and available hearts. Because the projects of the Hierarchy must not be wasted or lost, not even Its Word can be wasted, as in the Word of the Spiritual and Divine Hierarchy there is a decree, a purpose, but also an accomplishment.

Therefore, you must keep in mind, each time you listen to Me or even each time you receive Me, that in each one of My Words and in the Words of the Hierarchies there is a  Higher Purpose for you and your brothers and sisters of the world. In the same way, this has also been done by the Divine Mother throughout the ages and by means of Her Apparitions and Messages in the whole world.

The Hierarchy needs the human condition to draw near, but not the stingy or rebellious condition, it needs the availability of the human heart to carry out the Spiritual Mission in the world.

This is how the Spiritual Hierarchy can deliver Its projects and aspirations to the creatures, who are preciously chosen by the Eternal Father Himself, as is the case on this occasion, here in the United States.

Therefore, I ask you again: Can you understand why you are here and why your souls have brought you here, to be before the Lord of the Universe and of Peace?

What do you have to do with all that which is happening?

Christ does not need excuses, because He knows human error and misery. Christ needs true, although imperfect hearts, hearts that can give more and more, until they feel, in their own being, the essence of God’s Project.

In this month of May and on this coming May 8 that is drawing near, today the Lord brings in His Hands many seeds of Light, precious and incalculable treasures for each one of the souls of the world who listen to My Message. Seeds that wait to sprout in the coming months, through the sensible and balanced decisions of souls permeated by the Discernment and Wisdom of God.

Where will the seeds of the Lord fall? Where is the fertile land of the human heart?

There is something that must happen here, I hope you will comprehend and understand it.

The cycles exist in humanity so that you may learn to take your own steps.

It is time of the New Christs, the world can no longer wait, because it agonizes. This is the time of the emergence of the Inner Christs, those who can succeed the Lord of the Universe to prepare this Earth for His Return, for the reappearance of Christ in humanity.

I come with this Message from Heaven, so that you may remember Heaven and no longer become lost in what is superficial, but rather abandon yourselves in the profound abyss of My Merciful Love.

Many among you, in this month of May, must make a synthesis, and from this synthesis obtain an inner response for your lives.

The signs have been given, the Message has been revealed, the impulse and the cosmic current of My Love has been delivered. All has been said, now it is up to you to give a response to the Universe, so that you may give a response to the Law.

For this reason, I will be praying in the coming times. There is a lot to do, and I hope that the sensible hearts will accompany Me, hearts that no longer only want to receive, but also to give of themselves.

Meditate and think of what I tell you. I Am here to help you, for you to grow in a Higher Love and in the Truth, so that with each passing day, and each approaching time, you may no longer justify yourselves, so that you may no longer deceive yourselves. Thus, you will assume the Plans of the Redeeming Lord.

Meanwhile, I will continue to work with the angels, who are here with Me for this special task in the United States, trying to help and aid those who are lost in vices, in indifference, in evil and even those who are lost in death, in spiritual death.

I come as a Sun, invisible and immaterial, to cause the rebirth of the hearts who accept to see My Light on the horizon, in the deepest universe of beings.

God hopes that all His Children may be worthy before Him.

So that this may be a reality and not something so distant or even impossible, we will have to go through many challenges and some of them are dangerous challenges. Because the pathway is very long until you can reach the goal that God expects.

But the strength in the hearts that believe in Christ and live in Christ can be an unbreakable and I might say unmovable strength, a strength sustained in faith and trust in God.

Thus, I prepare you for the new sowing.

What will you offer to the Plan?

I will patiently wait, but do not forget that we are in a time of emergency, the answer must be now. But not a superficial response, it must be a mature response, from a being that understands what it means to be converted into a Christ.

This is all. Go through these times in My Peace.

I thank you, once again, for truly being with Me.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us.

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.