In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

With bells of joy, I was received in Europe, as the time has come to again congregate My disciples. Those who were with Me in the past, who were part of My trajectory on Earth, who lived My Word, who practiced My Commandments, who surrendered their lives at the service of others.

I come here today, to Europe and to the whole world, so that each consciousness may look inwards and through their interior, and not through their minds, they may feel and understand how in truth the world is a planet in chaos, confusion and suffering.

But I do not come to again repeat to you all these things, because I know that you are already aware of them.

What you must know, companions, is that it is time to seek a solution.

It will not be an external solution, but rather an inner solution, a deep and true conviction, that you must be definitively united to God.

Thus, you will allow My sidereal Priesthood to be fulfilled on this planet through all those who serve Me in this lineage, in this office, in this sacred task.

I need you to look within, not to see the imperfection of things, but rather to recognize the Grace of God, the Grace that guides you and that has sustained you up to these current times.

In this way, all adversity that is around you will become small; because a true disciple is forged through the challenges, the goals, the fulfillment of the Sacred Purpose.

I need Europe to awaken from the sleep of its comfort and live the immediate action of these times, the service that will encompass and meet the needs of nations, especially the poorest nations, as those of Africa.

In this way, with your willingness and surrender, with your true self-giving, you will impel other souls to also do the same exercise, so that this debt that Europe has, especially with South America, can be paid once and for all; and so that there no longer be sequels, wounds or marks that remind your brothers and sisters of all you did in other times.

By means of the Sanctuary of the Kingdom of Lys, I come to grant you the opportunity of forgiveness so that you may achieve the opportunity of redemption.

For this reason, prepare yourselves with bravery and determination. The emergency will only tend to increase, the demand will only tend to grow. It is time to forge the true disciple, the self-given soul that will sacrifice itself for Me. Thus, I will have no obstacles to intercede for you and for your nations.

From the heart of Europe, the change of consciousness must emerge; from a selfless, unconditional, available, mature, wise and surrendered consciousness, from a consciousness that can mold charity, the good, peace, fraternity and cooperation, and not the subjection of the poorest countries.

All are responsible for what happens today throughout the world, each one in their degree, each one in their school. But the destiny is one, the path is one, the truth is one, and it is the one that I bring you today to open your eyes, the eyes of consciousness, so that your heart may feel all that I am telling you today. Thus, I will be able to deposit My Plans within you, in trust and fidelity, in readiness and response, something that must emerge from yourselves so that the Hierarchy can intervene and help.

Through My Hands, I illuminate the Plans of My Father, and I present them to all of Europe and the whole world.

We have chosen to return here, although there are greater needs in other parts of the world, because if the change does not take place from the root of consciousness within this place, there will be no change in the rest of humanity. With this, you will be able to understand where everything began, where the deviation began.

Through Love, I come to deposit My Light and My Wisdom so that the New Christs may awaken and prepare themselves to serve.

Unity among the praying groups and the pilgrims of Europe will always be very important. Now that the consequences and chaos have separated you from one another, you must be more united than ever; but united from the heart, in truth, with a deep feeling of brotherhood and fraternity towards your fellow being. Thus, you will maintain the doors open to My Mercy and Europe will not be hit so hard due to all that it has not done well.

You know, companions, that the door of Divine Justice is opening. I want, through your sacrifices, surrenders and renunciations, to sustain this door so that it does not open, and, thus, the flow of the Mercy of My Heart can be poured out upon Europe and the whole world, as it once was in Poland, when I revealed to the world My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy.

I want your souls to be victims of My Love. I want your souls to justify the errors that the world commits, day by day, because the scales of this planet are ill-adjusted, uneven and unbalanced.

You must be precious pieces within My Hands, you must be instruments through which I can impel peace and the fulfillment of the Plan. Thus, companions, many, many will cease to suffer and to have to endure.

May your European nations be shelter and sustenance for the refugees, because I am the one who is knocking at the door of your nations, your governments and your homes, so that you can receive Me.

I have walked many times on the grounds of this continent, Europe. I was rejected many times within a child, within the mother who suffers, within the sick elderly person, within those who are not accepted, because they are foreigners.

Now that you have greater awareness, through the impulse of My Love, I invite you to renew yourselves with bravery and not with guilt. I invite you to feel the joy of being able to do the right things and cease to do incorrect things; that which no longer belongs to the Law or to the Plan, that which no longer belongs to brotherhood or fraternity.

May your hearts become sensitive, may your minds calm, may your spirits open up to be depositories of My Projects for this very important cycle in Europe.

Thus, many inner centers will benefit the consciousness of this continent and of the whole world, because with the consistency of My disciples, the intervention will be deeper and more immediate.

I come to bring you a Message of awareness and not a Message of punishment. I come to speak to you while there is still time, before time runs out. The Brotherhood of this region of the planet awaits your ‘yes.’

This is why it is important that you change your ways and even procedures. To follow and accompany the Hierarchy is not just to be united to It. To follow and accompany the Hierarchy is to live the Hierarchy, it is to respond to it, it is to work.

I have brought here to Europe a part of the group of the Grace Mercy Order that was in South America so that you may feel supported, so that you may know that Our Sacred Hearts, with predilection, will be in the Kingdom of Fatima, and while being in the Kingdom of Fatima, they will be with all of Europe, accompanying all the needs, situations, intentions and supplications, even in the Far East.

For this reason, you have to prepare for the last cycle of the end of times, this is the moment and this is the time.

I open to you the door of My Heart so that you can enter the Temple of My Spirit and commune with the Source of My Wisdom and Love.

I come to make you brave. I come to impel you to live the fire of determination so that that which must be built can be built, once and for all.

I come to bring My blessing to Europe because My Heart loves this continent, which has such precious roots and traditions, which have been gradually lost due to modernity.

The European is a hard-working people and they have shared and transmitted this to their descendants, to many of their descendants who are in South America and in other parts of the world. May this hard-working spirit continue impelling the concretion of the Plan.

Therefore, I come to leave this Message to you for this new Marathon, so that you may know that I am here, under the unconditional Spirit of My Father, who is your Father, Our Father, who is in the Heavens.

I come to this inner Sanctuary to celebrate this renewing Communion, this Communion in which you will be able to confirm the vows for My Plan of Love and Redemption to be fulfilled.

Celebrate this moment for those who cannot celebrate it. Praise this moment for those who cannot praise it, because they are under subjection and slavery, exile and war, annihilation and chaos.

Recognize that you are not alone and that, just as My Hand extends to you, My Heart expands to the world, so that all can be under the Rays of My Peace.

Offer this Marathon of Divine Mercy for all the Plans of your Master and Lord for Europe, Africa and the Middle-East.

No matter what, the Work must now expand, not only the Work of My Mercy, but also the Work of the humanitarian missions, because My Love must keep relieving the suffering of the innocent.

I give you My Peace and I ask you to go in My Peace, trusting that a new time will come. This is the coming time of the Kingdom of the Heavens, the New Humanity, of the one thousand years of peace.

I bless you, under My spiritual Priesthood, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Allow the Miracle of the Sun to happen again within you, illuminating the deepest spaces of your consciousness and heart.

Open yourself to live an experience of faith in which the Creator finds the open pathway to transform you.

Allow the Sun of God to bring the Kingdom of His Purity into your life, transforming your thought, your feelings, your intentions, your actions, your heart and your gaze. Allow your essence to express itself in your entire body, in your entire being. Allow the Kingdom of Lys to be within you.

Express truth and gratitude, express the fortitude of silence, the wisdom of purity, the power of prayer. Express the virtue of love, the mercy of a heart that lives in Grace. Allow the Kingdom of Lys to be within you.

Today the Sun returns to shine within those who know that being in Lys with the Virgin Mary will never be the same and will always open a new cycle for humanity.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Let the Kingdom of Lys dwell within you; surrender with confidence to its original energy.

Let it reawaken in you the Sacred Original Purity.

Let the Kingdom of Lys work in you and let your soul be taken to its inner gardens, so that the degrees of love are activated from the flame of the devotion of Lys.

Enter the Kingdom of Lys as a pilgrim, as a fervent lover of prayer.

Let the Grace of the Kingdom of Lys invade your consciousness and let its inner angels heal  the deep aspects of consciousness.

Let the Kingdom of Lys awaken its gifts in you and let the field of service and love for humanity be expanded.

Be a part of Lys.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Return to the land where once your intimate and essential purity was born.

Return to the land that Heaven, all the angels and the Mother of the Sun blessed.

Return to the land where many witnessed that the gifts of love and innocence were the secure path for returning to God.

Return to the earth where the power of My Immaculate Heart reigns for all of Europe and the whole world.

You are before the Sanctuary of the world and the altar of offering of humanity.

You are almost at the doors of the Kingdom of Lys, a Kingdom that reminds you to return to your essential purity, to the essence of the Unity of God.

Return to the house that you once visited, the House of Mary, the Queen of the Rosary.

Be happy My child! you are in the arms of your Heavenly Mother, and from there nobody can take you away, because it is My intention that you accompany me in this sacred and victorious mission within Europe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Lisbon, Portugal to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

With the Light of My Mirrors

With the Light of My oceanic Mirrors, I come to radiate the wondrous Universe of God to the world.

With the Light of My oceanic Mirrors, I balance the consciousness of the planet and generate, in humanity, a greater time of peace where none exists.

The Light of My Mirrors generates the approach of higher Laws to humanity, Laws that allow the descent of the Grace and Mercy of God.

 The Light of the Mirrors dissolves ideas of conflict and wars, and they become more powerful and luminous when souls pray to the Mother of God.

The Light of the Mirrors averts and appeases human anger, and expands the essence of Love in all spaces where unity and love do not exist.

The Light of the Mirrors can penetrate the human consciousness that opens its heart and its soul to recognize them. In this way, when the Light of the Mirrors is contacted with simplicity and humility, other Laws act upon the planetary consciousness.

I want the world to know the Light of the oceanic Mirrors, lovingly directed by My Immaculate Heart through the life that divine science has.

The Mirrors are part of that spiritual and divine science that is capable of lifting up each space and each soul to greater universes of consciousness.

With the Light of the Mirrors, I come to avoid the worldwide catastrophe that could be easily generated by the wars and the bombs created by the ignorance of some nations.

The Light of My oceanic Mirrors acts upon the unconscious of the planet, bringing codes for a new cellular atomic programming for humanity, in order that its consciousness wake up in the morning with a different feeling and seeming. 

The Light of the oceanic Mirrors draws streams of healing from the universe, since they acquire all that is positive and evolutionary which surface humanity needs.

When the oceanic Mirrors are active, they generate the conditions for the elevation of the terrestrial consciousness and of the Kingdoms in all their diversity.

The oceanic Mirrors can instruct humanity on states of prayer and attunement. They can also inspire the building of a more fraternal and peaceful consciousness.

The oceanic Mirrors are part of the Kingdom of Lys, a Kingdom of prayer and of healing; they are present in the Atlantic Ocean and help to achieve a greater state of peace. It is enough to be in inner attunement with them for them to begin to be spiritually active.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The spiritual kingdom of Lys

I call the inner Sanctuary the Kingdom of Lys, in which I mirror the Universe where the Creator of all things dwells, with the purest of all of Creation.

I call the dimensions of peace and of harmony the Kingdom of Lys, where a part of My Consciousness dwells to support and balance this world.

I call the inner Sanctuary the Kingdom of Lys, where the spiritual counterpart of Fatima exists, and which stretches beyond the physical sanctuary, into other spaces in Portugal and Europe.

The Kingdom of Lys is a gift granted by God to humanity; a spiritual Kingdom that inhabits the Earth, into which everyone can enter through the heart.

The Kingdom of Lys is the purest Mirror of Paradise, and angels and archangels also dwell there that serve God the Creator and are nurtured by Its Peace for assisting the world.

The Kingdom of Lys is the reliquary of Purity. In this Kingdom, in inner enclosures, are held the purest that humanity has achieved, and also Universal Purity, Original Purity, the Purity of God.

The Kingdom of Lys is a Dwelling Place in which you will find a path to begin to walk in the life of the spirit, to begin to return to God, and to no longer be so lost in this world and in everything it calls you to experience.

The Kingdom of Lys is a Mirror of Heaven on Earth. Just as there are celestial dimensions in infinity, there is the Kingdom of Lys, where a small part of Paradise invites you to find God.

The Kingdom of Lys has existed since the Beginning; from this point of Purity, the essences emanated by God are born. And it was when humanity was losing its inner purity, and with it, the possibility of returning to the Father, that the Kingdom of Lys opened its doors and, through the purity I found in three little shepherds, this inexhaustible Source could open again to the world.

It was with the miracle of the Sun that I definitely opened the doors of the Kingdom of Lys. That is when the Kingdom experienced its first great expansion and touched all hearts that said 'yes' to it, waking up devotion, faith and purity. This allowed souls to repent of their sins and aspire to return to the Father.

The Kingdom of Lys calls humanity to an awakening. It is a symbol that Paradise should not just exist in Heaven, after this life. The Kingdom of Lys is a tiny part of the Perfection of God among humankind, an entrance hall to the Kingdom of the Creator, where only Unity and Love dwell.

The Purity of Lys calls you to awaken to that Love and that Unity that are experienced in the Kingdom of the Heavens. Seek, children, to enter the Kingdom of Lys, simply letting the heart open, without fear. Remember the purity of the little shepherds of Fatima, who for the first time opened the doors of Lys to humanity.

Today, this Kingdom is experiencing a second great expansion, because once again, the world is losing its purity and is ever more distant from God. Lys waits to touch consciousnesses to have them remember that there is a higher life waiting for them and that the moment has come to begin to return to God, and also, to prepare the way so that God can return to the world.

Let there no longer be a distance between the Creator and His creatures; let there no longer be walls between the dimensions, and may Love reign in all Life.

The Kingdom of Lys today unites Creation as one. The Divine Consciousness will be able to reach the Earth, and the Unity of God, for an instant, will touch humankind. Like a new inner miracle of the Sun, Lys will shine forth in creatures and will awaken in everyone the purity that you once lost, so that you may testify - as did the little shepherds of Fatima - that in truth, it is simple to be in God and draw His Kingdom to this world.

Enter with Me, children, into the Kingdom of Lys and be mirrors of the Purity and Unity for a world that grows without love. Come to know and recognize the Kingdom of Lys; there you will find that which you have searched for since the beginning: the essential Source, from whence you came and toward which your souls so aspire to return.

It is simple to enter the Kingdom of Lys, where I wait for you with joy and inner rejoicing. Pray from your heart, allow yourselves to be touched by the awakening of faith and, like children in the arms of their mother, allow Me to wash your eyes and your hearts and make you worthy of being with Me in the Kingdom of Lys. Beloved children, just let yourselves be guided.

Today, pray with devotion, cry out for the planet and enter into the Kingdom of Lys, opening a door so that all of My children, from the four corners of the world, may enter and be touched by the Purity of Lys.

I bless you and stretch out My arms to you so that you come with Me to the Kingdom of Lys.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Queen of the Most Holy Rosary

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from São Paulo, Brazil, to Lisbon, Portugal to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am the Guiding Star of the night, which lights the paths to lead My children toward the portal of Love.

Your Heavenly Mother, as promised, is returning to Portugal through Her pilgrim group, so that the great expansion of consciousness of the Kingdom of Lys-Fatima may be carried forward.

To all of you, as well as your brothers and sisters that will come on the sacred pilgrimage, I lead you to the inner gardens of Lys, so that original purity may once again be established in each soul.

Today, with gladness, rejoicing and inner devotion, your Heavenly Mother prepares Her coming to Portugal, so that more hearts may ignite again with love, truth and original purity.

Thus, I invite you, My dear children, to be joyful and available in each moment of the pilgrimage through Portugal, because in this way, you will have the Grace and the Mercy, as so many pilgrim brothers and sisters, of receiving the blessing of your Celestial Mother.

We continue in faith, in trust and in joy, because once again in Europe, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses and protects you under Her Divine Mantle,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children, 

On the next Pilgrimage for Peace on the European continent, through the Marian Center of Fatima, My Immaculate Heart will try to reach the maximum number of souls, especially when the Center of Lys Fatima carries out its expansion on May 13.

I would like My children of Europe to work on the Campaign for Peace for the purpose of establishing an opportunity within souls to awaken interest in the Divine Plan.

Thus, the entire Campaign for Peace must be carried out with the utmost effort and dedication, so that the foundations for the manifestation of this next pilgrimage may materialize.

Each European Child of Mary will have the opportunity to collaborate and also to be a part of the Campaign for Peace, so that in this way, more results will grow within the consciousnesses.

The creativity and expansion of this Campaign will help to draw the attention of European souls to something more evolutionary and constructive.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


It is time to recognize the Truth of God, My children, to remove from your consciousness the ignorance about itself and to experience divine filiation as an everyday principle.

It is time to recognize your own essence and in humility turn to the Creator of all things, He who dwells within yourselves, and let Him expand and definitely establish His Reign.

I have come to the Kingdom of Lys, beloved children, for a Universal Purpose rather than a human purpose. I have come because this is My spiritual and divine Kingdom, where that which is most pure in each consciousness is held. It is from the Kingdom of Lys that I safeguard the essences and protect all My children from themselves and from My adversary.

The keys that open the doors of this Kingdom are faith and ardent devotion, and it is this faith and this devotion which I came to renew within My children so that, through their awakening, the doors of the Kingdom of Lys may be open for all of humanity and for all the Kingdoms of Nature, which also have their purity safeguarded in Lys.

While the critical times begin and many of My children are lost in the darkness, especially in the north of the planet, it is necessary that the doors of Lys be open so that, in recognizing their own essence, discovering and experiencing their filiation with God, souls are not extinguished and discouraged in the face of challenges and the abysses into which My adversary propels them.

Children, we are in a great battle for the triumph of Peace and you must be aware of this. The Kingdom of Lys must count on awake soldiers on the surface of the Earth so that, aware of the spiritual and physical situation of the planet, they may be guardians of the spring that flows from Lys to sustain souls in truth and in love, and that they not allow themselves to be lost nor deceived by the confusion of these times.

My children, the Purity radiated by the Mirrors of Lys is indispensable in these times of obscurity and darkness for a large part of humanity. And when I speak to you of darkness, I am not only referring to wars, hunger, to violence, but I am also speaking about ignorance, the indifference to God and the growth of capital powers, which blind the eyes of those who committed themselves to My Son and to the Creator, to experience Christic principles and awaken a love that opens the doors to infinity for a union with God.

The Mirrors of Lys, with their divine potential, must dissolve the darkness that does not allow My children to find the truth about themselves and about life on Earth. And for those Mirrors to be active, children, there must be pillars of prayer and of faith that support them and that, with purity of intention and humility, offer the Father their awakening and their surrender to be His instruments in the world.

It is for a universal and divine reason, My children, that I awaken the Kingdom of Lys and I establish a new Home on the surface of the Earth, not because that which I have already achieved as Divinity in Europe through Fatima, Lourdes or Medjugorje was not enough, but each of My Homes has a unique function: to awaken certain souls and to manifest a divine principle.

Now is the time for a more profound awakening for Europe, like in America. It is time for My children to be more aware of the battle of these times and to unite through universal ecumenism to spiritually sustain the planet and prepare to fertilize the ground of the Earth for a new life.

Children, it is for the simple reason of elevating you and awakening you that I am here. As a Celestial and Universal Mother, I seek to lead you to the Truth of the Creator.

This evening, may the Mirrors of Lys be ignited within you and reflect Their Purity and Their Peace in your essences so that you feel and live an awakening to higher life, and may your souls, which are thirsty to serve the Father, finally find their path.

I love you and bless you, placing the Flower de Lys in your essences, a flower that awakens purity and truth within you.

The One who always guides you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Spiritual and foundational minutes of the Community-of-Light “Fleur de Lys”

Dear children:

On the nineteenth day of the month of July of 2016, in the year of the Lord of Mercy, Your Mother and Advocate performs the first spiritual and institutional foundation of the awaited Community-of-Light, “Fleur de Lys”.

On this sacred day the Almighty God deposits His Love, His Piety and Mercy so that this sacred project that will work through prayer for the souls of all Europe, can have its awaited awakening.

On this path that is being built from this day, the Divinity sheds Its Gifts, so that the principles of the Sacred Center of Lys on the surface will flourish in the consciousnesses of those who integrate this project.

It is so that Your Holy Mother declares that, at this place, in which we gather today, there is the first seed for this Community-of-Light. Also the Marian Center of the Most Pure Virgin Mother is officially founded, a center that will be created by the hands of the Community, and that will have its maternal house in the future, as well as the Community, in the village of Dornes, at the margin of the lakes of the Sacred Center of Lys.

For this moment the seven first residents of this Community-of-Light will already be impelling a summoning for all Europe for the formation and expansion of the bases of this spiritual and Marian work.

Putting in writing the institution of this fifth Community-of-Light upon a Planetary Center, I invite everyone who is present, and the members of the Light-Network of Europe to sign these minutes, in order to register their adhesion to this call and as official witnesses that a sacred seed of light is growing again from Lys to all Europe.

Enriching your small spirits, dear children, I also put into writing the consecration of the first resident, of the first guardians and custodians of this initial project of love, peace and redemption, thanking the Father who is in the Heavens because all His Works are simple but true, full of Love and Mercy for the world.

It is for this reason that with the creation of this Community-of-Light on the nineteenth day of the month of July of 2016, I leave the written testimony that this project of the Nucleus of the Sacred Heart in the city of Fatima will be considered a Community-of-Light from today on, being an official part of the fifth hand of work of Fraternidade - International Humanitarian Federation, located on the Planetary Centers.

With songs of joy, dear children, I institute here two important spaces to be developed in a short time: the Community-of-Light of Lys and the Marian Center of the Most Pure Virgin Mother, for Portugal, Spain and the rest of Europe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you under the luminous sign of the Holy Cross, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

Making My feet alight on the Kingdom of Fatima, I return to this place and on this day to reignite in the world its original purity.

I return to bring peace to the world and a greater time of mercy.

I return to awaken in My children the Love of God and the inner compassion that must exist among consciousnesses.

My children, from the Kingdom of Fatima I proclaim the greatness of the Mercy of God, since He is placing again on the path all those who had lost it from sight.

Dear children, it is an infinite joy to be able to return to the House of Lis, the Inner Sanctuary that brings new divine codes to the consciousnesses.

Therefore, My children, with your hearts wide open travel again though each space of this great planetary Sanctuary for the angels to deposit in your essences this sacred energy. And those who cannot be present here, place your hearts between My hands for Me, Your Heavenly Mother, to be able to lift them towards the House of the Celestial Father.

Dear children, may your hearts throb in Lis-Fatima so that at the end of all, the Project of My Beloved Son may be fulfilled.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children of the whole world,

With the Americas in My Heart, this day I approach you to ask once again that you pray to My Immaculate Heart for peace in the Americas and in the world.

The fury of the unjust and the lies of those who are masked incite the nations of the Americas to revolution, and humanity from South America is still not ready for the great moment of its purification.

Through an urgent call for prayer, My dear children, Your Heavenly Mother calls you to awaken in these times of emergency, and in particular, to respond to everything that is being asked for by the Sacred Hearts.

The times have changed again, therefore , My children of the world, not only do I call upon you to live a true and fervent prayer, but I also call you to service in the face of the latest catastrophes in the world.

Dear children, if I had stopped coming to visit you daily, humanity would have self-destructed in a few months and the social obsession would have submerged Europe and the world. Therefore, today, from Fatima, Heart of the Kingdom of Lis, world Shrine of prayer, My Immaculate Heart loudly proclaims the call to awaken.

I would not want the ignorance of the majority to make you give up the path that My Son invites you to live, a path of praying for humanity.

The planet and all of its inhabitants chose this final cycle to learn through purification. My pulsating Heart has not tired of asking you for prayer, fasting, and Communion as sources of reparation and mercy for the world. But humanity is still deaf and blind, prefers to live the transition, and rejects the Love of My Heart; thus today Your Mother cries, looking down at the ground, asking the Celestial Father for Mercy and Compassion.

My children, humanity incites the Justice of God and does not know what it is doing; many faithful of the Church have lost their devotion to My Heart because they are imprisoned by the temptations of the world.

To those who pray with Me, every day in perseverance and sacrifice, I ask you to implore for your humanity, for the Americas and the world before a possible social war that is also about power is established amongst the nations. If that were to happen, the poison of the impious and the atheists would spread throughout the planet, and shortly thereafter a great spiritual sickness would cause three-quarters of humanity to disapper because of atheism.

To prevent the setting aside of Our Lady of Aparecida in Brazil, I come to implore for more prayer before the armies of the Earth take the nations of the Americas; may your surrender to prayer be greater. For this, dear children, I wish My Immaculate Heart to triumph in the Americas through the fidelity of the faithful followers of Christ.

Attention! My children, the third secret of Fatima could still be fulfilled, and humanity has already forgotten it. For that reason and for the salvation of all those in the Americas who have already condemned themselves to the eternal fire of hell, I come to ask for the praying of the Holy Rosary for Peace in the Americas and in the world. The third secret could be mirrored in the Americas and the devotees should prepare for that.

I come to dissolve all evil with the Light of God. Consecrate yourselves soon to My Heart so that Your Heavenly Mother can intercede for a humanity filled with injustice.

Thus, dear children, in May and June I have dedicated the spiritual space for a pilgrimage through continents that are in need of the descent of the Light of God. Your collaboration must be immediate and without delay so that I can triumph before My adversary; I will appreciate your adhesion and promptness.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In continuous prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Americas

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more