Friday, December 20 of 2013

Daily messages

When you feel a great emptiness in your life and you believe that you will not have strength to surrender yourself to Me, direct your gaze to Heaven and tell Me what it is that you expect from your life.

There does not exist anything but the transformation of the consciousness and this is especially for those who consecrate themselves all of the days to My Heart.  I come in the hour of Mercy so that all of the days you may surrender to Me in trust, a little more of your lives and of your faults.

When the souls manage to identify this school of the Earth as the school of constant purification of matter and of the consciousness, from then on they will be able to take steps to find Me.

Put aside all that torments you.   You must know that I Am not only found in light, but also in darkness in order to redeem it.   I Am found in joy as in sadness and in desolation.  I accompany My friends through the desert, and in silence I go following the footprints that your steps leave in the walking.

I Am in every place and in every event.  My Heart accompanies your successes and your failures.  Nothing wrong that you may do in your lives will take away from Me patience.  Know that I was the slain lamb, I was the consciousness that knew the mistaken and condemned humanity.

That one who drives themselves to My Source will never be thirsty.  Seek Me!  Call Me!   Implore Me!  And I will leave you free from mistakes.

Know from now on that I Am Forgiveness manifested.  I Am your faithful Companion who learns together with you.  Remain in My Peace.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking the Light of My Heart!

Christ Jesus