Tuesday, September 5 of 2017

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of the Glorified Christ Jesus during the 50th Marathon of Divine Mercy, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Let us repeat:

Come, Humility of God,
and strengthen my life.
Come, Humility of God,
and make me nothing in Your Divine Essence.

And now, at the request of Christ, we will do it together.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I come toward you with all the Rays of My Glory, Rays more brilliant and golden than all this altar, than all the suns that exist in the Universe; more brilliant than all the stars, than all life and all essence.

This is the Humility of God in My Heart, that makes the impossible possible, converts sin into love and dissolves error through Divine Mercy.

These are the Rays of the Divine Humility of God, that will shape you, strengthen you, and encourage you to continue, in these times, the path of apostleship that I show you today, to which you have offered yourselves through your intentions in this simple basket.

I come to bring you the Gift of the Humility of God, which has allowed all existence; because in the Humility of God there is love, and love is in Sacred Unity, which is the Source of expression of all things.

I come with My resplendent Heart on this day, feeling the deep bliss of your hearts for opening the paths to Me so that I may travel on them, together with you, on this sacred planetary mission.

I come to give the Gift of the Divine Humility of God to all souls, especially to those seeking the  Truth, to those that still do not feel whole in the Lord.

Today I come to ask, beloved companions, that you no longer look at your errors; that you see in yourselves the virtues, the holy virtues of inner transformation, not to boast or to magnify yourselves.

The Gift of the Divine Humility of God will allow you to carry out My Work and fulfill it at each stage, as My Sacred Heart has foreseen.

In this Sacred Humility of God, in this Divine Humility of the Father, the renewal of your lives is found.

Because if you live in the Humility of God while you are on the surface of this planet and in these chaotic times, nothing else will matter.

May your hearts and lives be sources and instruments of that Divine Humility.

Today I have decided to come before the foreseen time, because Grace has allowed Me to and because your hearts aspire to find Me within you, whole and alive.

I invite you, companions, to seek in these times the Divine Humility of God.

Remember that yesterday, I told you I would place My Designs in your hands; this is the first and fundamental one, because in the Divine Humility of God you will always find the way out of the difficulties and all the tests that you may go through and experience in this time.

I encourage you to not be afraid, but rather strengthen your trust in My merciful Heart.

I am finally living in your lives, the Virtues of God, the spirit of the realization of My Work in the most imperfect souls of this planet and in the spirits that were very far from God, a long time ago.

Thus, I come to demonstrate that it is possible to live in the Divine Humility of God. This will always unify you as brothers and sisters and My adversary will not place its hand to try and destroy My Plans in you.

You have already built in yourselves, in these last fifty meetings, the Gift of Fortitude, which causes you to always have more wisdom at the moment of making important decisions in your lives.

An example of all this is the Adorers of My Most Holy Eucharistic Body.

See how I have not done anything, but rather how you have done everything through your constancy, your perseverance, your faith; overcoming obstacles, inner and outer; overcoming barriers, limits and all possible disruptions, to finally be united with Me in the Sacred Source of the Eucharist of My Heart.

So today I come as the High Priest, to celebrate this moment with each of you, for humanity, for all peoples and all races, for all the nations of the world; even more so for those that are far from God, in their profound darkness.

Today I want your hearts to become reliquaries, to become tabernacles, so that I may place the Eucharist of My Heart in the most perfect unity with your essences.

Thus I come to weave, symbolically, with strands of gold from My Heart to each one of your hearts; bringing you the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which have truly shown themselves in your souls, in each group of prayer and in each service group, that perpetually supports My banner of Peace.

Tempests will come, the Earth will tremble, the universe will cry out and terrifying things will be heard, but I ask that in this fiftieth meeting, your hearts do not falter, but rather that you put into practice the spiritual virtues that you have acquired through prayer, communion, and the Adoration of My Sacred Heart. That will make you invincible, in spite of any madness. That will make you strong, in spite of any conflict.

Even if Heaven and Earth may pass away, My Words will be perpetuated in those who have believed in them, for you will be victorious as Your King of the Universe and each divine essence that vibrates in this sidereal universe is victorious.

I come to give you strength, courage, valor, enthusiasm, and an inextinguishable motivation for the difficult times that will come.

I cannot deny you the three days of darkness. You must be My Light in the world, more brilliant than the Sun and than all the stars, for in this way, you will be lamps in the world that will illumine in the night all the fallen essences, and the angels of the universe that will come to the aid of humanity to withdraw it from its abyss and its defeat.

Thus, I will send the Archangel Raphael so that He can heal you, still in these days that are left.

I will send the Archangel Gabriel so that in your inner worlds the Word of God may be announced, and you will know how to be, act, and proceed to where I need you.

I will send the Archangel Michael so that your souls will be converted into a luminous sword that will cut the tempests, dissolve the abysses, and illumine the paths of those that are in tribulation.

Thus, My Most Holy Mother is announced in this time to give the message of My Return.

The last phase that humanity will experience will be a great and more demanding service, until all takes place.

That will be the hour for you to take refuge in My Heart, so that the Lord, the All Powerful, may sustain you and safeguard you from all evil.

But I will ask a last thing from you at this moment, that you pray for those who will remain in the darkness and will leave this world in the shadows because they have sought that destiny for their lives.

Nobody will be able to escape the Universal Judgment. It will be necessary to go through that because otherwise, a New Humanity will not be able to exist.

I prepare you so that you may be a part of this New Humanity, so that you may believe that you can be above all things, and especially, so that you stop feeling like fallen stars, because now you are already redeemed stars for the Glory of My Heart.

Then accept, on this afternoon, this Communion with Me so that we may prepare for that coming time with complete awareness and discernment.

Through the priests, I come today to officiate these sacred Sacraments that will act as a spiritual impulse for souls, of healing and of renewal for all those who experience them inwardly.

Today I do not want to speak to you of the evil done by the world, no matter how great it is. Today I want to stay in the rejoicing of your hearts for having trusted in My holy Word; even if you do not see Me, even if I do not perform great phenomena or miracles before you, because the real miracle is the conversion and the redemption of your hearts; thus, My Will shall be accomplished.

Let us then celebrate, children of My Father, this special juncture where My Heart is the Portal toward Heaven for each of you, where Heaven goes through My Heart to reach here and unite with your souls.

Let us enter, then, in the jubilation of My Celestial Kingdom, where I have prepared a dwelling place for each of you after this life.

Do you accept this Dwelling Place of God?

Do you accept going with Me to Paradise?

Then My Work will be accomplished even further, I will count on you, step by step, in all that I will need for carrying out the Redeeming Project.

On this afternoon, feel the bliss of being with Me and, through this union, dissolve the evil in humanity.

You are souls in service to the Father, live in the spirit of His Holy Humility and the Earth will be repopulated with New Christs.

I will now consecrate the elements and also those who are being consecrated today, after having experienced this exercise of Adoration of My Eucharistic and Divine Heart.

May this exercise be fulfilled until the end of your lives, so that more souls may feel the magnetism of experiencing, like you, the sacred Adoration, bringing the Universe of God to Earth with a simple gaze at My Eucharistic Heart, full of kindness, Mercy, and a deep love that I have felt from you in many moments.

This is what causes Me to return here; because it would no longer be possible because of all that the world and its humanity does, because of all that this race of the surface fosters in Creation and in the Kingdoms of Nature.

Finally, companions, with My Hand on My Heart, I can say that you are already a part of My Hands and My Feet, and I Am in you, in this Work of planetary redemption, through the groups of prayer, the pilgrims and the members that are part of My universal Light-Network.

Shine like suns all the time.

Shine like souls and essences, and your difficulties will dissolve.

Shine like the Adorers have shone and continue to do this so that you surpass Me in Love and in all that I have lived for you during My Sacred Passion, because I believe it is possible for you to surpass Me in Love.

In the Name of My Father, hallelujah!

I will not continue to emanate any more Love because you could drown.

I am demanding, but I love everything I contemplate, everything I seek and who I call on to serve Me.

Let us celebrate this alliance between Heaven and Earth. Let us celebrate this alliance between God and His peacemakers so that a greater time of peace may exist on this planet.

Now, so that the angels can transubstantiate the elements, we will intone the song Hallelujah, just as you have intoned it with the bliss of your hearts in My priestly Presence. I am listening.

I feel happy when souls are consecrated, and the Plan of My Father is carried out and manifests in the simplest and most humble things. This is a faithful example that there you will always find the Kingdom of God.

All can be Adorers of My Heart through following the principles of the Order that I have founded, in strict obedience. This testifies to My being present, laboring and working through your hearts and lives. This is what will always cause My Work in humanity to be eternal.

I thank you in the presence of the angels and the choirs of God.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Before I leave here, I also want you to glorify this moment with a simple song so that through it, I am able to cause much more love to rain over the world.

I thank you.

Song: Rain of Love.