Tuesday, June 11 of 2013

Daily messages

Those who are more tired of themselves are those who with humility must come towards Me because, even though it may seem that everything is of the same degree, everything changes within the heart that affirms day by day its eternal commitment with Me.

And in the spirit all changes more quickly whenever the heart trusts in My Mercy every day at three in the afternoon because it is then, at this time, when My Consciousness makes miracles of liberation and of transfiguration of your little cells.

Understand this mystery of the infinite power of My Forgiveness because at each day that I am descending from Heaven to give you My Poor Words, My Merciful Light absolves you prior to your again committing a mistake. My Heart does not grieve nor suffer for the amount of faults that the souls commit. My Heart becomes as alone in a desert and thirsty because the souls do not address their worldly problems towards My Heart that everything is possible and all can be transformed.

To My companions I say:

That until the end of life upon this world you will always find a test and a challenge to overcome in honor of the redeemer project of My Sacred Heart. And the more that the same test may repeat itself in your lives, never cease to ask for help and to humiliate yourselves before God, recognizing your state of imperfection, because in this way My Heart will always repair you and save you by means of the Grace that I have obtained through the merits of My Passion on the Cross.

Be as transparent as water and pure as a flower, to recognize that nothing may change by itself without first clamoring for My Divine Mercy. To those who still shipwreck in tests, as inside of a boat without aim or direction, meditate if you are truly clamoring for My Merciful aid of love. If you did like this you would not allow that your arrogance drown you as in the ocean, and on the surface of this sea of darkness and challenges you may see the light of salvation that comes from My Eternal Heart.

I love those souls that with simple bravery tell Me every day how much they want to have Me present in their lives, because all of these souls I will reward with My Sidereal Forgiveness.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, Your Savior.