Wednesday, June 12 of 2013

Daily messages

May those who feel lonely not fear because My Merciful Heart is with them. My companions, sometimes I will distance from your souls the Source of My Grace in order to place It upon those who are most in need of Pity and Mercy and so that they may have the opportunity of receiving in life the same possibility that you have.

The path that you may construct towards Me day by day will be the inner force that will strengthen you and that will allow you to see before yourselves the light of My Infinite Presence, where you will be able to assert yourselves to continue this intense transformation.

I ask you to be with Me and that you not be detained. At this time I need My Disciples in order to fulfill the time of peace that is predicted for all humanity. Know that some of you have offered themselves to bear, from love, the fire of purification, a fire that liberates souls and sends them definitely towards the light of My Heart of Love.

When you feel unrest at an unexpected time, know that it will not be you who is affected but that it will be the moment of your service, when the pain of the world will be transmuted. In the same way I have given to some beings My Wounds with the aim that they may relieve Me in the Heart from so much pain caused by humanity. But the Light will be victorious and the Plan will be fulfilled through all those faithful ones who may follow My Heart.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My messages in peace!

Christ Jesus, Your Holy Protector.