Tuesday, July 4 of 2023

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold the Living, Sovereign and Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, which as a Sun of the Universe spreads Its Rays upon the world and all humanity in order to transmute and redeem it.

I expose today My Eucharistic Heart to those who want to contemplate It, as a portal that surpasses all the limits of the consciousness, as a portal that overcomes all barriers and obstacles; because My Eucharistic Heart, the Priestly Heart of Christ, is the fundament of God’s Love for souls, for all creatures.

There is nothing that prevents souls from reaching My Heart. There are no barriers or limits because if souls are in Me, I Am in them and thus divine unity is established.

Behold the Eucharistic Heart which has poured out Blood for the souls of the world from the wood of the Cross on the top of the Mount Calvary.

Every drop of My Blood poured out was a code of renewal, healing and forgiveness. Invoke the power of the Blood of Jesus in these times when the world lives its own darkness, when many souls are unjustly condemned.

I Am the Eucharistic Sun that rises on the horizon so that, after the three days of darkness, humanity may stand up again, straighten up and elevate its gaze to the heavens to see the Son of God come among the clouds, as the Christ among the Christs, as the powerful breath of renewing hope that will bring joy to the hearts that, despite everything, have faith in Me.

Contemplate the Eucharistic Sun of My Heart, offered to the world today, once again, as atonement for all the errors and sins committed up to the present; because I know that the Love of God is unbeknownst to you, for His Love is so great and so infinite that your lives would not bear it. 

Behold the Living God Himself Who was present among the men and women of the Earth to preach, heal, cure, exorcise and liberate the souls of the world.

Behold the God Who incarnated in a humble manger in Bethlehem, hidden from the sight of all, adored by the most simple and humble, recognized by the angels of Heaven and the whole universe.

Trust in the power of liberation, because the world needs to be liberated from its agonies and guilt.

My enemy has laid his claws upon many of Mine, but trust because I will triumph, just as the Merciful Love of God triumphed on the Cross to amend the errors from Adam and Eve to the end of times.

This is why I Am here, companions, to give continuity to the triumph of God’s Love in all His Creatures. 

How I wish that time would not pass so that I would not have to bid farewell to Mine! Because I know that the hour of the Garden of Gethsemane will come for each one of you, just as it came for the Lord. And at this hour, the Chalice of Sacrifice will be presented to each one; will you drink of it, just as Christ drank of it on the night of Holy Thursday?

In the greatest solitude lies the greatest strength, because God makes you grow in His Infinite and Cosmic Love, a Love capable of forgiving the enemy so that they can also be saved.

I want you to be a part of the Sun of My Heart, I want you to be a part of My Rays, that you may permeate the darkest layers of the illusion of the world, of pain and suffering, so that many more can be saved in My Name, in the Name of Jesus, just as you were saved by Me in the beginning.

Today, I unite times and dimensions, I unite planes and consciousnesses, I unite all in the Creator, the God of the universe and life, just as the Son united to the Father on the Cross.

Be strong and persist, the cross may be heavy, but My Love will always renew you, sanctify you, it will give you eternal life, because it is the Love of the Source that leads you to truth, which brings you wisdom and understanding in these critical moments.

Have faith and move on, take the step and represent Me in this world so much in need of the Lord, just as I need Mine; because although I Am in Heaven or in the heart of this universe, I Am a part of humanity.

I approach those who need Me the most, I hear those who beg Me the most, I respond to those who trust in Me.

Do not be afraid of the cross. Do not be afraid of the end of times. There is no greater thing you can experience than what I have experienced for you at the top of Mount Calvary, where God left Me alone for a moment so that I could die for My companions.

And thus, from the seemingly death or defeat of Christ, the Tree of Life born, grow and bear fruit, renewing the principle of this Project through Love and Forgiveness.

Behold the God of Mercy Who anoints with His Light those who believe in Him and do not despair. Because if you have a part in Me, I will always have a part in you and, regardless of what happens or regardless of what you experience inside or outside, no one, no one will separate you from My Love; because My Love is fidelity, My Love is obedience, My Love is the truth that liberates the souls of the world.

Carry this Message in your innermost depths so that you may live it and you may represent Me.

On this day, once again, I grant you the Sacrament of the Eucharistic Sun of God and the Anointing for your bodies so that you may have life in abundance.

Do not lose faith, I Am Who I Am, I Am the Alpha and the Omega.

Today, I leave the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus exposed on the top of Mount Calvary so that Israel and the world may be sanctified through those who aspire to be at the foot of the Cross of Christ, just as My Mother, John and the holy women were, living with Me the greatest gift of Love and Renunciation for the salvation of the entire human race until the end of days.

My Mantle embraces all, My Mantle protects you; My Hand leads you and guides you toward My Father’s House. For, after this experience on Earth, you will return to your origins, you will remember your stories and passages with Me, in each moment of your inner trajectory. Thus, on this day which is already written, you will see before you the treasures that I have entrusted to you through the experience of the Sacraments.

Blessed are those who perpetuate the Legacy of Christ through the Eucharist and the Sacraments, because in Heaven they will be called Children of God and servants of Christ.

Do not let My Love die in the world, especially in souls. It is time to save those who no longer trust in My church and who have placed a barrier between My Heart and the hearts of My children.

Therefore, I come to renew everything, just as I renewed everything in Jerusalem on Holy Friday at three o'clock in the afternoon, when, in the seemingly defeat and in the laughter of the pharisees, the earth trembled, the dead rose, the Temple was torn and God showed His Power through His Son. In that hour, evil was extirpated from the world for three days, and I will do the same when I return.

I will put an end to that which separates My children from My Father; because He loves you so much, that I know you do not understand or know it.  His Love has brought you here, to this moment, to Montserrat, to once again demonstrate His Mercy for you and for the world.

Let us celebrate, in renewal and life, for all those whom your Lord expects to return to the House of God; so that My Heart may no longer suffer agony for those who distance themselves, for those who lose themselves, for those who suffer, for those who do not see the Light nor feel the Love of God.


It is time for My Christic Love to be lived.


Adonai, Shalom, Balakthi,
O Lord of Mercy, hear Your Son.

         Eli, Eli, Balakhti,
hear the Voice of Your Servant.

     Elohim, Salohuá, Iod,
accept My sacrifice, Lord,
so that all may be saved in Your Name.



My days with you are now numbered.

May My Love work miracles and renew life.

I thank you for being here today with Me, truly, just as you are, without hiding; because I do not see the errors, I contemplate the Treasures of My Father in your essences.

Go in peace and have faith.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.