Wednesday, January 9 of 2013

Daily Messages

My dear ones,

If you call upon Me, with love and truth, I will come to help those who, from Earth, call for My Merciful presence. Thus, I will free you from all evil and temptation, and at the moments of tests I will strengthen you like oak, and I will give you a strong spirit, like iron.

For this, you must know that, if you think of Me, if you feel Me or call Me, there I will be, because I accomplish the Will of My Father for this world, and you can live the Will of My Lord through Me.

There is still time to find Me, at each moment of life and everywhere, because, as you know, My Being is hidden inside the heart of each soul.

Look at Me in the eyes, because in this way I will be able to guide you and indicate the next step to you. Each moment that you are living now is unique and valued, but it is also time to place in order and correct the inner temple. You have Me for this.  I Am along side those who call Me and open the door to Me.

I want from My sheep the best that they can give because the moment is approaching in which the King will come to ask His servants for the talents that I have left for them, and the talents that they have been able to achieve. You are on My Path to redeem yourselves. You are on My Path in order to be able to see the reality of your consciousness.

Only a peaceful and gentle love can mold the old wineskin and leave it like new in order to allow the Almighty to serve Himself of it. I want to pour the new wine, because the peasant has already harvested the fruit of the vine for preparing the supper of the Good News. You are invited to prepare My Return and to have in mind that I only want to be Love in your lives, redemption in your consciousnesses and mercy in matter.

Remember that you can return to Me, I will await you.

In the Glory of God, be blessed.

Thank you for keeping My precepts of redemption in your hearts.

Christ Jesus