Monday, June 24 of 2013

Daily messages

My Heart rests joyfully in the essences that in spite of all persevere in My Redeemer Call.

For this today and in this time My Sacred Heart will pour innumerable Graces of Pity and of Mercy upon those who open themselves to transform life by means of the path of conversion.

This light that springs incessantly as a source that comes from the Eternal Center of My Heart is the Light of the Divine Mercy. Those who at three in the afternoon unite themselves without delay but without time to My Source of Graces also will receive My Merits achieved on the Cross. These same sacred merits will strengthen the souls so that with braveness they may face the liberation of life and achieve forgiveness for all that they have passed through. If the souls pray with fervor the wonders that I pour will be stronger and more powerful and in this way your transformation will be victorious because in sincerity and peace you will have achieved the Kingdom of God.

For this it is important to possess a spirit of decisive and constant love that may permit the unraveling of the lagoons of incomprehension that are produced sometimes in the consciousness. By means of the merciful prayer of three in the afternoon, many uncertain doors open to the superfluous deviation of life may be able to be closed so that the souls may live through God and His Eternal Love. The daily prayer of the Divine Mercy constructs solid bridges between the souls and God, bridges of light and of mercy, bridges of love and charity that will never be able to be downed by the enemy. Despite the rough and difficult tests that in these times are faced by all of the hearts, these bridges are unbreakable because they are sustained by My Merciful Love, a sublime essence that is guarded in the temple of your little spirits.

Thus I ask you that in this time you strengthen through the merciful prayer these bridges because they will conduct you towards the definitive redemption of your lives.

Under the Imperishable Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for constructing bridges of light towards My Heart!

Christ Jesus, the Great Savior Bridge