A Good Mother - Part II


I wish you could remember the moment when you were in the arms of your earthly mother in an act so similar, like when the little Jesus was in My Arms.

What a treasure God gives us through you, when once when you were little, you could be in the arms of your mother!

What a special and intimate moment God granted us, that you could feel the maternal warmth of your mother, and your mother could feel the unconditional surrender of her little child!

In this relationship, of mother and child, is built the true spirit of the family and it is this spirit that allows, in later experiences, to build love and solidarity among beings.

Today, as Mother of all mothers, I come with this example because we are facing a humanity that completely lost the spiritual values of motherhood.

But if by means of prayer, today and the days to come, all the mothers of the world unite to Me, under the feminine spirit of the Holy Motherhood, they will allow the great Mother, among all the mothers, to intercede for the young mothers who today gestate their children and are tempted by the adversary to get rid of life.

If together, as spiritual mothers and mothers of all our children, we unite in this perfect alliance of mothers of God, one day we will generate that consciousness so necessary to respect, love and protect the new life that is arriving.

Today I only ask for mothers to remember their first delivery and the preparation for that moment.

How important it is for the Creation to bring life to the world, just as I brought Jesus as a light for humanity!

May today, be born again, that blessed spirit of motherhood that God conceived in each feminine being and that in these crucial times will be indispensable, because many more hearts will seek the comfort and affection of a mother on Earth.

I invite you, dear mothers, to the renewal of that intimate feminine principle of Creation.

A good mother keeps in her interior the purpose of the life she once gestated, and she is the keeper and guardian for this purpose to be fulfilled in the soul that she once brought into the world.


Dear children:

Despite the difficulty of this time, I can bring innumerable Graces when the hearts respond to My call, as it was this morning.

This alliance of the hearts and prayers help your Celestial Mother so that, with the intervention of the angels of the Universe, the plans of the adversary are defeated.

Therefore, when the hearts unite in prayer for peace in the nations, spontaneously, from the human essences, sincere requests of healing, reparation and forgiveness are manifested for all situations that are unbalanced on this planet

When the responses to the call of the Mother of God are numerous, as it was today, many more uncertain doors are closed, many more souls are rescued and the Mother of God can realize much more in this humanity.

It is thus that, dear children, the sincere responses of each praying heart to the requests, which come from heaven, create in this world unexplainable opportunities for many more essences that should rediscover the path of light and forgiveness.

The alliance of those who pray with the Immaculate Heart of Mary also have repercussions in the inner levels and a New Humanity starts to be built, first within the souls that adhere to the call.

I thank you for responding to my call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Who persists in his faith will never break down because they will have built inside of themselves a true alliance with God.

May this inner faith be renewed and expanded time and again, because this will help the planetary consciousness have spiritual resources capable of sustaining the Earth.

Child, may this faith be unalterable, lasting and invincible.

May the faith of the heart build within you this constant affirmation to live God's Plan and to be part of His Kingdom.

May this faith establish principles of unity, love and compassion between beings so that the awakening to true spiritual life may exist in all human consciousnesses.

Merge your consciousness into the essence of faith, and everything will be renewed.

Assume each new time and each test under the renewing impulse of faith so that each learning is experienced as an opportunity of loving, more each day.

May this faith build within you the path towards inner redemption.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Holy Grail: Instrument of Divinity and of a Legendary Brotherhood

From the moment in which Christ took the Holy Grail in His Hands, so that it could be the repository of all the Christic codes of redemption, from that moment the Archangelic Consciousness of Michael established a spiritual union between souls and God in a definitive way,  able to sustain itself inwardly throughout the ages, unbreakable by any other opposing force.

This spiritual alliance, this celestial communion, which was celebrated by the Archangel Michael Himself with all souls through the Most Powerful Firstborn Son, closed a decadent and involutionary cycle of humanity.

It was in this way that through the Holy Grail seven new principles were established in the Last Supper that all souls in redemption, and mostly all those who would seek this communion with Christ, could live consciously.

The first principle that the Archangel Saint Michael established was the principle of Reparation, which is the grace of being able to restore the alliance of souls with God by means of communion.

Second, the principle of Redemption, the opportunity of discharging all sins through a sincere confession with Christ.

Third, the principle of Liberation; an opportunity for detaching forever from all the chains that bind souls to the abysses of the Earth and to all the hells.

Fourth, the principle of Healing, the culminating moment to spiritually restore oneself through love and unity with God.

Fifth, the principle of Ascension, the opportunity of uplifting the consciousness in dimension and in vibration by means of the inner fusion with the Body and the Divine  Blood of Christ.

Sixth, the principle of Forgiveness. The possibility of closing past cycles and of remaining in the eternal present to live the reconciliation of one’s consciousness with the Celestial Universe.

Seventh, the principle of Rehabilitation; the ability for completely accepting the service to the Divine Plan and the fulfillment by means of all the phases of Higher Purpose.


May the doors of the inner and celestial worlds open so that the redeemed can enter and invoke the sacred name of Emmanuel.

May the self-summoned get together to create the alliance with the Holy Spirit of God.

May the so-called children of Adam recall the principles of the ancient race so that the Laws become visible and the universal Harmony establishes itself.

May the consequent ones manifest the wise gratitude and, from now on, banish the human aspects which led them to damnation.

May the brave ones purify themselves so that, clean of all stains, they can receive the rays of the transubstantiation.

May the pilgrims and the searchers of the sacred knowledge never get tired and never stop searching for the source of Humility. 

Everything is ready to take place in the new Humanity; the old acts and the old customs will be banished so that the new and sacred Sun of the Universe can shine within each soul.

May no one stop the descent of the Kingdom of God so that those who are farther away from the Truth can rediscover the meaning of being in this life.

Forge ahead disciples of Christ! Walk barefoot from your old alliances with the world, this will free you from everything and make you worthy of the divine and infinite Mercy.

I thank you for answering to My call.

Who unites you to the Principle of Love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Dear children:

With immense bliss and joy from the heart, I give My blessing and maternal peace to all My beloved children of Argentina. For this reason, My children, I gather all of you around the Divine Sacred Heart of Christ so that your souls may reaffirm their alliance with the universe of Love and of Peace.

Dear children, today is one more moment to remind you of the commitment of each one of you to the universe and to the life of prayer, needed and fundamental for this end of time of humanity.

Dear children, as Queen of Peace in Medjugorje and in the world, today I ask you to pray through the fountain that exists in your hearts.

Today once again I ask you to pray to avoid wars, persecutions and disorder in the life of humanity.

Today, dearest children, I ask you to pray to avoid suffering, pain and desperation that my Immaculate Heart perceives day by day in this world.

Today I call to prayer to alleviate My Flagellated Heart that is hurt by the grave offenses of humanity.

Dear children, today I am calling you to awake your little conscousnesses in the face of the events that are unfolding in this world.

As Mother of the Graces, today I ask you to place your hearts under the Redeeming and Merciful Rays of My Beloved Son, because it is in Christ that will be found relief, because it is in Christ that you will find light and forgiveness, because it is in My Son that you will find the reconciliation that your lives and the lives of humanity need.

For this My little ones, because you have awakened the hope and the joy of serving God, because of this you know that many of My children must live the redemption from the heart.

Dear Children, for this day of the meeting with Me in Lujan, Sanctuary of Love and of Faith, I ask you that through prayer you unify yourself with Jesus, that you call Jesus, and that you search so that His Divine Spirit of Love may be with you, may visit you, may guide you and may support you through all.

Dear Children, for one month more I say to you:

Thank you for answering My call, to all the pilgrim hearts of Argentina.

I thank you.

Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children:

As Mother of the Graces, I contemplate the need of each one of My children. As Mother and Queen of Peace, I invite you to place in your prayers all the pleas that your brothers and sisters send Me, so that in this way the light of the Father and the Grace of His Love may answer the call of His children.

My children, with this you will see how great is the urgency of prayer for humanity, for the nations and for the continents. Dear children, as servers of Christ, today I call you to pray for all the pleas that the souls utter every day to Heaven.

Praying and fasting, you will help so that the Grace of the Mercy of My Son may diffuse itself in the heart of all My children. Little children, I invite you to mature by means of the exercise of prayer, because it is in prayer that you will discover the wisdom that your consciousness needs so that, in these times, it may take the decisions of peace.

Dear children, as Queen of Peace I ask you that at each moment of your lives you may seek Jesus to relieve the offenses that He receives on the part of humanity. My children, try by means of prayer to alleviate the Heart of My Son, and through the exercise of prayer consolidate in your heart the alliance with Christ.

Dear children, for this time peace must reign in the dwelling place of all My children; you, with prayer, have the key that opens the door of the Celestial Universe of God.

By means of prayer you will find the most peaceful path for your lives.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity.

While the world does not stop to contemplate the Heart of God, the Father sends me to call you today to practice the prayer of the heart. It is the prayer of all of the devoted ones that will create the support to help humanity. It is the Prayer of the ones who are devoted to My Immaculate Heart that will unite the hearts with God. It is the prayer of the humble and the servants that will awaken the devotion and the faith at the ultimate moments.

Dear children, united through prayer you will be prepared as missionaries to assist the necessity of peace in the world.  For this, My children, pray much and consider this sacred exercise of prayer so that your lives may be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Dear children, by uniting your hearts to each prayer group, you will be uniting yourselves to the Christic Love of My Son. For this reason today I also invite you to take consideration of the importance of the union among the prayer groups, so that in this way your souls may be as one in fraternity and in peace. Once you unite all your prayer groups as one single group you will be giving God the All Powerful permission to act upon each one of you.

Little children of Mine, as Mother of the pilgrims today I guide you on a New Path that many of My children are reentering; and this Path is called Jesus Christ the Redeemer, your Savior. He must be your inner alliance and you must have the purpose to live with Him through prayer.

Dear children, remain with this mission always present, knowing that My Heart will help you.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children,

May trust be the next spiritual goal that all your hearts can irradiate as worthy children of God. For this, My little ones, may this trust between the creatures and the Supreme God be the new redeeming alliance for this humanity in need.

My children, today I call you to strengthen this alliance which My Son established between His Sacred Heart and God through prayer. For this dear children, may this purpose be to your lives the reason of your presence on Earth, because if you keep this spiritual flame of God lit up many creatures in need can be helped by the great angels of the Lord before the final time.

Dear children, it is important to consider this in your life: build in each of your homes the perfect union between the soul and God, and this unfathomable trust will start through the act of love, a love that My Son teaches you for your life, a repairing and redeeming love.

For this reason, today I invite you to open your hearts to the Light of the Creator, Light that is being sent to all My children of humanity through My maternal presence among you.

My children, with joy may your hearts re-light in gratitude so that your lives can be eternally in the Lord.

Today I call you to live in this trust because it will take you to faith and faith will keep you in the devotion to My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. May Our humble Hearts be in your life the essence of forgiveness and hope for the moments that humanity will live.

If prayer were the light in all the families of humanity, they would become sacred families, members of the fraternity in this time.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My children, live in perpetual alliance with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, He loves you above all things and receives you in His arms of Mercy.

Today I contemplate you from My Maternal Heart and with eyes of mercy. I tell you: do not fear, I am with you! Stay in the arms of the Redeemer because He will announce himself, alive and resplendent, in each of your hearts.

Do not fear, do not fear My little ones! God wants the best for your lives. In this moment God the Father calls you to redemption, the awakening of faith and love in the essence of all My children. For this, today I invite you to surrender each of your fears and to trust the plans of God fully.

There must be peace in the hearts of My children. For this, do not forget that My Maternal Kingdom welcomes you so that each of the souls can arrive at the Redeeming Kingdom of Love that Jesus, as a Priest and as a Shepherd, has prepared for you.

When I come to you in silence, as a Mother and as a Servant of God, it is so that your hearts recognize that I am always among you. It is important that for this time you live in a state of constant prayer because prayer will make you recognize with absolute clarity and wisdom the next true inner path to go through.

Dear children, come to Me with your arms open and staying in faith and love in My Maternal arms, I can fill you with the essence of the Love of God, a divine love that I lovingly bring from Heaven.

For this, walk with joy to the purpose because in this way you will be in God. I want to lead you each day to the peace of the heart. Rest your souls on My Maternal lap.

Courage and Hope to everyone!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My Immaculate Heart irradiates love for the world. My hands a of faithful servant support the world with much love. I send from the Eternal Light upon all so that the Holy Spirit acts as a celestial fire in the hearts, heals them, elevates them and forgives them to be in unity before the Creator.

Dearest children of My Maternal Heart:

With the flame of love from the Holy Spirit over the world, today we celebrate the immense joy that God gives you through My daily presence in your lives. Today emanates the ray of gratitude, so that all the souls also receive the Grace of the conversion of the heart, of the inner relief for life.

Rejoice your hearts because My Voice has been echoing in these past seven months of daily messages. When your souls rise to the Heavens, the eyes of goodness will reveal to you all of this daily exercise of love that My Heart is making for this humanity.

With this I want to tell you that God silently, through My fire of merciful love, has been calling you for about seven months, all of the days, so that the world remembers that the One Will, the original Fountain of Love and Unity, the Eternal God, Omnipresent and Good, loves you and awaits you through a sincere act of reconciliation with His Beloved Heart. The Father of the Graces has descended in Divine Spirit to awaken the light in your hearts. This is the echo that My Maternal Voice is spreading to reach peace in all hearts.

For this, dear children, each moment of prayer dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary may be for your lives a perfect alliance with the love of God and for the conversion of all those who still are not converted.

My Heart, through these seven months of daily calls, has wanted to penetrate you with the instruction of love and redemption that My Beloved Son illuminates to the world with His Divine Mercy.
Walk without pause to the meeting with the Love of God.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Witness the Sacred Heart of Jesus, because in My Son you will find that which your hearts so much search for: Peace.

Today I come so that you will be confirmed in My eternal and celestial prayer, a prayer that My Immaculate Heart pours for love to humanity. For this, dear children, I call you to strengthen the alliance with God, so that your lives may be in Him.

My children, each act of love and charity will place you in the Kingdom of the Father, according to the plans of Peace that My Heart proposes for this end of time. For this dear children, elevate with fervor your prayers to the center of God’s Heart, because in this pure and honest way your lives will be participants of the Holy Spirit.

Be in vigil so that this Holy Flame of Peace may touch the hearts of many of My children in the world. So that the Spirit of God may embrace and irradiate humanity there must be a true path of prayer that is created by souls of this humanity. In order to form these groups of praying hearts, I am among you day by day, allowing you to grow as My little children, that listen to the voice of the Great Lady Clothed with the Sun: the Queen of Peace.

As a Mother I seek the formation of your hearts in the school of prayer to be real, true and humble, because the most simple heart will be the one that may transmit My Immaculate Peace.

Dear children, I invite you to follow Me in this school of prayer, so that your little hearts may be in correspondence with God the Father. Be in My Son’s Heart once again, so that the light of the Supreme Priest guides you.

Thank you for answering My call.

In the Love of God the Father,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My children:

Do not be afraid of darkness because the triumph of My Immaculate Heart will rescue each one of your lives.

Dear children, never lose the path of faith that you have built through prayer. Today I am among your hearts so that you can feel me as a Mother of Love and Peace – never be afraid of what has not yet happened. You should know that through My Son you may find the strength to walk through the world. For this you have to secure prayer in your hearts so that the spring that comes from the Divine Fountain descends over the hearts of the world.

Beloved children, the alliance of your hearts with Christ will permit you to see the horizon of light that is approaching. Wait day by day for the presence of My Son and know that we are still in a time of Grace. Walking in prayer, humanity will reach triumph in the Love of God. Even if for this to happen it is necessary that many hearts lighten up their lives through prayer and thus all of them may renew the life of the heart in love and in forgiveness.

Dear children, live and accept the forgiveness of My Son, thus you will enter into the rays of His Divine Mercy through this path that you must do together, in this way you will be imitating the pilgrimage of Joseph and My Heart towards Bethlehem.

Why do I tell you this?

Because your lives have to be born as Jesus was born, who woke up in Mercy for the world. I need you in purity, so you can feel through My Heart.

My dear ones, I hope that through prayer you are forgiving all with your heart, thus the suffering of the world will be less, because if souls pray with the heart they can be saved.

Dear children, feel My Peace and live My Peace. I need you strong in the heart.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mercy and Peace for humanity!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


While the spaces in the inner planes are prepared for the descent of Mercy, at the same time your Master and Lord withdraws from the Source of the Sacred Chalice the codes that will be deposited and placed in the souls of the Amazon, those who will feel encouraged to be present at the meetings. The space offered for this next Marathon is widely in accord with the task that your Lord must carry out during the coming days.

It is thus that the Sacred Chalice of the Lord will be especially brought by the angels, so that a divine alliance may be established again between souls and God, between the Kingdoms of Nature and humankind, although in the coming time the great forest of America may continue being subjugated.

That which will be built by means of the Marathon will be deeply spiritual and not external. In this way, the effect of that inner construction will bring strength to the original peoples so that they may continue protecting and defending the sacred Eden of God.

Also, at the same time, that inner fortitude will unexpectedly awaken those who try to exploit the sacred nature.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Do not think so much about what will happen after, it is not necessary.

Stay with Me in the eternal present, in the eternal encounter with My Heart, and there place your troubles, sorrows and pains, so that I may transform them into light.

Stay with Me in the eternal present, in eternal communion with Me, a place where you will always find strength, courage and effort for fulfilling My call.

Come and stay with Me in the eternal present, in the eternal alliance between your heart and Mine, because in this perfect union your soul will shine and live the joy of being with Me.

Stay with me in the eternal present and do not remember the past, time changes, minute by minute, and something new and beautiful waits for you to live it for Me.

Stay with me in the eternal present, because there I will be able to heal you and accompany you, I will be able to support you and lead you toward the purpose that I have for you.

Just stay with Me until the end.

I thank you for keeping My words in the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Until the end of time My Heart will unite the rings that I carry between My hands and that represent the unity among the hearts.

I still contemplate the great necessity of brotherhood that exists between the children of My Father. For this, day and night I come to the world to save it and to help it to merge itself in the essence of My Love.

True love supports and renounces.

True love forgives and is not separated by words.

The true love of God dissolves and removes all evil among the servers so that the love for the Divine Will may prevail.

In this time many souls are separated as are the stones in a river that runs rapidly and swiftly.

Whither will these precious stones go?

In which ocean will they end up?

Only My Ocean of Mercy will allow you to wash your wounds and heal your own evils. I come in the time of Mercy to unite you to Me and so that nothing that has to do with your understanding may separate you from Me.

Trust in My Mercy, pray to Me each day more and with the heart. Try to be in peace so that in this way you may overcome the mental barriers. Be heralds of My Love and distribute My Light to wherever you may go. Never fear to transform yourselves because in transformation is found the liberation of oneself.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Words with love!

Christ Jesus, Your Saviour

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.