Tuesday, February 25 of 2020

Monthly messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

When the Mother of God is in silence, it is because something important is about to happen, and at this moment you must understand this meaning.

This silence leads to introspection, to reflection and to discernment.

It is a moment for humanity to understand the cycles it is going through and experiencing in these times.

For this reason, the Messengers of God come to Earth, to prepare and guide it toward the next step and toward the new time.

I have come here today to bring you My message of peace, but also My message of consciousness, dear children.

Today, in the message given by your Heavenly Mother for the apparitions, a cycle closes and a new cycle will begin; from the month of March of this year onward, a moment in which you will be able to accompany Me throughout this last cycle that draws near, which will conclude an important stage for all inner worlds and also for all of humanity.

It is a moment for you to begin to harvest the fruits of the instruction and knowledge of the Hierarchy; a moment for you to be able to learn and drink from this Fountain, so that you may only depend on God, on His Grace and on His Mercy.

Thus, your souls will be strengthened upon this path and trajectory toward the eternal service for God on behalf of souls, the Kingdoms of Nature and the planet.

Today I come here to announce the end of this cycle, the end of these messages that I have been delivering that prepare you for each new meeting with Me, whether in your hearts or before My Presence.

Thus, dear children, you will be able to understand, at this moment, the omniscience of the Mother of God. This omniscience and power that Her Son has given Her to carry forward this planetary task in the end of times, which is the last and great task for these times.

For this reason, I invite you to keep in mind all that I have said to you, from the first years in which I met you, to guide you, conduct you and make you live the Plan of God in its different manifestations and tasks.

This is the time to make the great and last synthesis. It is the time to live the knowledge of God so that you can learn to face that which will come, not only for your consciousnesses, but also for the whole planet, for the entire humanity.

Through each message, through each word and instruction, your Heavenly Mother has given you an impulse, a key, a gift, a virtue and a light so that they can be lit within your hearts and within your lives, and so that you can represent the Work of Christ upon Earth.

Thus, dear children, I call you to live the untiring apostolate, the apostolate of effort, the apostolate for love for all that God conceived from the beginning of this Creation, and so that this Creation can be regenerated, healed and redeemed.

This is the time when humanity will go through the last moments within its planetary transition. Therefore, I invite you to be conscious, but I also thank you for having responded to each call.

Having responded to My call, you have responded to the call of God. This call of God is to fulfill, at each stage, His Divine Will, His aspirations, His ardent wishes and His goals. It is in this way that He appears, reveals Himself and guides His children, so that all may follow the path of faith and trust in God, in the fulfillment of His Divine Purpose.

I need you, dear children, to help me accompany the coming cycle, because from the moment My Son visits you this year, during the Sacred Week of this year, a more definitive stage will close.

Understand, dear children, that now cycles are monthly and there are also cycles that are weekly. The Hierarchy will no longer be able to wait for twenty-five or more years for the human consciousness to be mature and be in the condition that the Plan needs in order to be fulfilled and accomplished.

Therefore, I lead you to understand the importance of knowledge and instruction, which are strongholds and principles for your lives; they are directions, paths and routes to find the Divine Purpose in its diversity, within the Law of the Hierarchy, within the Law of Love-Wisdom.

I leave you this message, dear children, this last message that prepares your inner worlds for this Apparition of today, a moment when each soul and each heart, beyond what it is going through and experiencing, will have the opportunity to make this synthesis and gather, in its inner world, all the treasures that the Hierarchy has delivered, throughout the years and the times.

Today is a culminating moment for all, from the inner planes but also from the spiritual planes, the Eternal Father will be contemplating this instance, when His children will again respond to the call of the Mother of God, by means of this meeting of prayer, which tries to strengthen all souls, all hearts and consciousnesses so that they do not fear, so that they may learn to go through the end of these times with bravery and momentum, under the impulse and company of the Great Chrsitic Consciousness.

Above all, dear children, may love always be within you, in your brothers and sisters, and everywhere. It is this love, the Love of God, that has brought you here, to live this time, to live this school, to live this learning, to serve God. There is nothing that can prevent this. There is nothing that can hinder it nor intervene.

The deserts are big, but the victories are vaster and more infinite.

Take back the inner strength that the Sacrament of the Communion gives you. Affirm your Baptism. Affirm your anointment in Christ, and all will be renewed.

I thank you for responding to My call and, under the Light of My Heart, I guide you toward the Greater Purpose, until this Purpose is fulfilled, in you and in the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.