Friday, April 22 of 2016

Daily messages

My dear children:

I come on this day so that you may believe in the existence of the universal life, the principle of brotherhood and love that is lived in the whole Universe and that leads the consciousnesses to be within the Plan of God.

To live the universal life is to practice daily the attributes and the patterns of life that lead the consciousness to be united to God. These patterns we see reflected, for example, in fraternal actions of brotherhood and of service to the neighbor.

At this time, dear children, the universal life must be appreciated so that more consciousnesses feel the magnetism of being united to the Plan of the Universe.

Your world is part of a distinctive system of life, of an aspect of Creation that experiences a certain degree of Laws and Principles called sources of energy.

Omnipresence is one of the Principles or of these patterns of spiritual life in which the consciousness is internally present in several places at the same time. This is possible when it emanates the love for God and for all His Work. It is in this way that a fluent communication can be established between human consciousnesses, whenever unity between the parts predominate.

There are no coincidences in the Universe, but rather there is an internal relation with certain Laws of the Father that collaborate in the communication between the consciousnesses and the worlds.

The spiritual Hierarchy is the principal spokesperson of all the universal impulses, it is the one in charge of the whole humanity to enter, as possible, in the same state of consciousness. Prayer is the first school to contact the Plan of the Father in the inner universe and to be attuned with the Purpose above all.

The universal life is a path of permanent effort, it is to be in the Arms of the Eternal Father all the time that is possible. Therefore, at this planetary moment, humanity should be with its gaze at the Universe for major help to reach everyone without distinction.

All those who consider themselves praying people will have the mission to maintain alive the Purpose within themselves and in the planetary aura; this will lead the entire humanity to count on the fundamental assistance it needs.

Equality, the Law of balance, manifests itself in the universal life, because all are considered members of the material universe guided by Major Universes. It is in this way that the perfect harmony fills the Universe and the whole galaxy to which you belong and that lives under the Principle of Peace, even though in humanity other things happen. This is possible when there are consciousnesses open to receive the impulses of the universal life.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who comes from the Celestial Universe,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace