Friday, June 29 of 2018

Daily messages

When the Grace and the Mercy of God Descend to the World

When the Grace of God descends to the world, My children, open your arms and hearts and do not ignore it.

Receive with gratitude the mercies of the Lord because in this time He sends His Messengers to pacify hearts and transform them, breaking the barriers of indifference and ignorance.

The Mercy of the Lord comes before the time of Justice, so that the hearts prepare for a new cycle and a new time, and know how to maintain their faith alive, regardless of the events that will come to happen on this Earth.

The Mercy of God descends upon His children to teach them to forgive, to unite hearts in a purpose of Peace, to serve those who are most in need so that there is balance in this world, so that there is love.

The Mercy of God descends upon the Earth with the presence of His Messengers to help in the definition of His children, to remove them from deceit and to awaken in their hearts the Grace of Wisdom in times of deep ignorance.

To receive the Grace and Mercy of God, My children, you must be with a simple heart before what He offers you, without concepts, without excessive thoughts, but with the mind still, for a moment, giving place to the heart, so that it knows how to feel and receive what the Creator gives you.

The Mercy of God descends upon the world and pours not only on humankind, but also on all the Kingdoms of Nature.

And to perpetuate this Mercy, allowing all thirsty creatures to drink from this unfathomable and infinite Source, you must pray, you must cry out, you must surrender your hearts before God, asking for a new opportunity for the life on Earth.

The Mercy of God descends upon the world and teaches the hearts to recognize one another, teaches the brethren, children of One Father, to serve your Lord God in unity, no matter your religion, race or culture.

The Mercy of God makes you true, and in this truth you can be united, despite the apparent differences that your hearts express on Earth.

The Mercy of God descends upon beings to awaken within you the purpose of Peace, so that you institute Peace on Earth through respect, understanding, self-giving and selfless service to all kind of life.

The Mercy of God descends upon every being, as well as upon your souls, spirits, and hearts, teaching you to be in the new and eternal Heart of God, surrendering the old human, the old being, so that it may be transformed into a unity with Christ and in Christ, be in God.

To receive this infinite Mercy, which descends upon the world before the time of Justice, My children, pray and cry out to the Father for Mercy, serve and bring mercy into your acts, forgive the mistakes of your fellow beings, those of your hearts and those that have been committed in the past, so that this world may be worthy of receiving Mercy.

Everything is available to the hearts of humans.

Graces do not cease to descend upon the Earth, Mercy springs from the Heart of God.

Know how to see, know how to cry out, know how to receive and know how to give mercy. Thus all things will be fulfilled according to the Purposes of God, and the world will reach a greater time of peace.

I bless you and thank you for praying with Me, so that this world receives Mercy.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace