Monday, September 30 of 2013

Daily messages

And there will come the awaited day in which My followers in the whole world will be united as one through My Heart, and religion will be one, because all will be merged in the Great Spirit of My Lord, and in this way you will recognize His only and true face.

For this, day and night I call My apostles to share the missions that in this time you must accomplish, the mission of love through the heart that trusts.

In this time, My Sacerdotal Spirit intends to unite in the same Christic fire all those who follow My steps; it will be necessary that all the servers are one, so that the world can support the moment of its great, awaited universal judgment.

Now, that you are in time to mature and to obey as good disciples, never lose union with Me, no matter how large a task or material action that there may be; if you lose union, you will be subtly cutting off the links of love that unite you to My Heart.

Seek, work and act for a life of holiness before the safe of the world, that guards the great sins, may be opened by the ideas of the enemy. Be brave and walk by means of My Mercy; that your eyes may seek only the sacred glance of My Heart.

That nothing may distract you, cultivate an ardent attention so that you may be in an operative tension. The time of the clock sets the hour of revealing the secrets of the universe.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening with attention to the words of My Heart!

Christ Jesus