Saturday, August 4 of 2018

Monthly messages

Second Message

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today My Words must resound in the depths of beings, so that beings may understand what is happening.

From the Great Council of the Hierarchy, today I come to visit you and to emit My message to you for the world, for all those who follow My Steps and also for those who have stopped following me.

Today I do not come to talk about anyone in particular or about any specific situation that corresponds to the planet or to humanity.

Today I come to talk about the Project of God that must be fulfilled through all those who are self-called by the Hierarchy.

As in other moments, I come from a special place where the Great Council of the Hierarchy is gathered together at this moment and for the evolution of this planet and this humanity.

We are at the doorway of a new cycle, we are at the doorway of a next August 8th, in which Heaven, the Universe, descends to Earth and to humanity to do its synthesis again and meditate upon the next steps to be taken.

Humanity has changed the events, so meditation is necessary to perceive what is really happening.

Today I come from a place in the Desert of Chilca, in Peru, where the great Councilors of the Universe are gathered to prepare for that moment.

As Master among masters, as a Guide among guides, as a Messenger among messengers of the Hierarchy, I come to announce this  important moment to you, so that you may not only be aware, but also responsible before the Plan.

Each one knows what they can give Me. Each one knows what they can contribute for the manifestation to take place.

I do not look for the perfect, nor the imperfect. I do not look for what is advanced, or modern.

I seek the truth of every human heart, of each servant of this Earth, of each of the self-summoned who has been called through the ages to serve and unite with the Hierarchy.

You must keep on the path of the next events. You must not allow leaving the Hierarchy, because the Hierarchy needs to be in these events in order to accompany humanity and the planet.

Today's times are not the same times that took place yesterday.

Day by day events change, within and outside of beings.

Day by day you face a new definition, a new step.

The spiritual Hierarchy does not ask for what is possible. The spiritual Hierarchy asks everyone for what is simple, and what is birthed by the heart, which is what helps to manifest the Work; the pillars of that manifestation must be supported by the collaboration of all.

As in the coming 8th of August, so important and decisive, the self-summoned must be where the Hierarchy is, where the Universe has chosen, the place for giving the impulses so necessary for humanity through Instruction and Grace, through Mercy and healing for all souls.

I would like to know where the attention is of those who say they are with Me.

I would like to be able to understand, beyond all things, the feeling of the human beings of this period.

You know, companions, that My Consciousness has no limits, but still, after all I have experienced on this planet and with this humanity, I am learning with you, time and again.

You must embrace the Truth that reveals the Plan of God to you; you must be sustained by this Truth in order to be able to move forward.

You must not deceive yourselves, you must not create mirages with yourselves. You must come to know that each new cycle that begins on August 8th is an opportunity for renewal rather than inertia.

The instability of these times will be transmuted by the responsibility of all, by obedience, and especially by adherence.

These are the reflections that the Councilors of the Hierarchy are studying and meditating upon, because if the knowledge in the essence of human beings is not clear, it will not be so in the manifestation.

You must learn to live as the Hierarchy lives.

The Graces of Heaven have already been given. Undeserved merits were devised for many hearts.

Now it is time to reconsider and truly know what you are participating in together with the Hierarchy.

Purification is not just a moment of pain or discomfort.
Purification forges a definition and a constant transformation in human beings.

Remember that the scale of this planet must always be in balance, who will support it?

Do not just make the effort to seek the good. Do not make the effort to seek your own convenience or your own satisfaction.

The ministry of the New Christs should be as crystalline as water and as pure as sunlight.

You must build in yourselves what the Universe needs in order to create the new race, to be able to manifest the New Humanity.

The need for consciousness is a concern of the entire Hierarchy, on the part of the human beings of these times.

The Plan of God is not something one can use because it is convenient or only as long as one needs it.

I came to teach that to My Apostles and to all those who ever listened to Me.

The legacy of the Project of God is immaculate and sublime, and we owe everything to Him, because it was He Who created us and manifested us to be present in these times.

You must forge in yourselves the determination to persist.

Many human beings in these times are surviving, but those who are with the Hierarchy do not need to survive, they need to persist, they need to build and to sustain together with the Brotherhood.

Thus, sacred knowledge will not be lacking and divine impulses will not cease to descend; because each being receives what they need, according to their moment and their time.

For this reason, companions, we are gathered together as Counselors of the Hierarchy to reflect, learn, and meditate.

The Plan must continue to manifest as foreseen, through the adherence of all, through the constancy of all, and mainly, through the love of all.

The Plan of God cannot be lived with tepidity or coolness.

You must seek in yourselves that fire that once awaken you and called upon you to serve, and in that fire you must always renew yourselves.

After all that has happened in Europe, the time has come for you to clearly hear what I have always wanted to tell you; I have waited for sixty meetings to be able to say it, so that in you could mature that seed that I once placed there when all this began.

You must place your love in what really exists, beyond all of this, of all that is physical or material.

The Universe waits for a true response to be reflected in you that is in accordance with what you have received and experienced through the intervention of the Hierarchy.

Thus, the legacy will not be in vain and there will be simple but true receptacles that will hold the essence of the Plan within themselves.

Be supported by the words I am giving you today, fortify your faith in the vibration that I bring you today, and let your hearts live temperance, just as I lived it to carry out what My Father needed to occur, when I was once present, here on Earth, together with you and for you.

The Plan of God is not a passing emotion, nor is It something that souls can reject on their own; around you there are examples of this and see how much you are unnecessarily suffering.

The consciousnesses of this world have no notion of what the Plan is, not only because of their ignorance, but also because they do not know, even though they sometimes think they know.

The Councils of the Hierarchy need your maturity and your adherence so that many more positive events that have been foreseen can occur and will not be interfered with by anyone.

My Merciful Heart waited until now to be able to tell you.

My Merciful Heart expects reflection from you rather than chaos.

Now the time has come for each one to assume their part, with transparency and maturity, without blaming anyone.

Each of you are precious pieces within this Plan and even though you do not know what that means, believe in what I tell you, because it has value and fidelity.

Know that everything that occurs is to mature consciousnesses and souls, to have them someday experience the sovereignty that exists in the Universe and in all the Brotherhood. This causes Creation to be recreated, this always leads to awareness and responsibility in the face of events.

In this Marathon, may all think about the step that is necessary to take in this time, without waiting for this to occur a long time later, because the hour has come to take that step.

I encourage you to live the Plan with greater consciousness and responsibility.

I encourage you to be part of a Spiritual Hierarchy that up to now humanity has never been a part of because of always remaining immature.

I tell you again, I do not need perfect beings, I need conscious beings who will always dare to transform everything and experience everything out of a love for God.

That will take the Plan up another step and to another level; that will bring down to Earth the treasures that have been kept for so long in the Universe and that wait to be revealed by the Hierarchy.

From the Great Council of the Spiritual Hierarchy in the Desert of Chilca, we bless you and we await, as guides and masters, for your correspondence and loyalty; this will cause the Universe to entrust you with new things.

Take My Words as an opportunity for inner growth and not as a complaint, because My time among you is already ending, just as My time with My Apostles ended at some point.

Listen to My Words as many times as is necessary and extract from them all the impulses you need in order to be able to change, before everything is about to happen in humanity.

Be Mirrors of the Light of the Plan for these times.

Be what the Universe needs you to be in this cycle, because thus, everything will change.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.