Monday, November 6 of 2023

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

When a Divine and Cosmic Consciousness descends to Earth, it has the mission, given from the higher planes, of rescuing all consciousnesses, regardless of any condition or situation.

Therefore, you must never look at life with superficial eyes that lack feeling or sensitivity. Because the Spiritual Hierarchy, when it descends to the lower worlds, contemplates, through Its Gaze, what is deepest in each being.

In this time of so much confusion and illusion, learn to look just as the Hierarchy looks, without condemnation or judgment, but rather through a gaze of compassion and love, which will help you to perceive the reality of each being.

Therefore, may the voices that were always silent, speak now. The Hierarchy has Its ears open to listen to those who have always remained silent, for fear of a rebellion.

Our Hearts are open to all dwellings. Our Spirits are upon those who trust in Us, so that they may feel the embrace of the entire Brotherhood. 

But keep in mind what I Am telling you at this moment, because souls, in this time, need to be consoled so that they may live their consecration step by step, so that they may dare to continue on without fear of making a mistake.

Why Am I saying this to you, companions?

Because you must learn to feel and understand the one you have beside you, so that Divine Mercy may be a reality in the world and in the places where it is most needed.

First, you must learn to understand and love the one you have beside you, because you cannot skip the rules of evolution, the rules of learning, which will make you grow internally as good people, as Children of God.

I come with this appeal, although it may seem that it does not matter, because the value of listening is being lost in the world. Dialog has been enslaved and subjected, and consciousnesses no longer understand one another.

But through everything I have taught you throughout the times and through My Sorrowful Passion, I have left you My Legacy and My Treasure so that you may imitate Me and follow My humble example and someday be blessed, even in daily life, at each new relationship with your neighbor, so that it may be a fraternal and authentic construction, far from the power and authority that the human being believes it has.

Therefore, companions, if the Son of God, being the Son of the Father, never had anyone under His Feet, because He would never allow that to happen, no matter how great the  authority the Father has given Me, you must also have this premise. No one must be under your feet, under any authority or under any power, because they would not be with Me the way I need it.

Therefore, this is the time, the little time left, to resize attitudes and lessons learned, the way to treat your neighbor, because all, in the innermost depths of their hearts, have an incalculable value to God. And if the Living God contemplates this in each human heart, how could you not contemplate this?

It is time to change, more than you think you have changed. Because when I return, My pillars, through the souls, must be firm and defined. I won’t be able to place My Commands, My Treasures and My Aspirations in quicksand.

I need to place My Power and My Love in the hearts of the simple and humble, who are those who always, throughout the times, generations and humanities, have been the ones who granted opening the doors of the Heavens on Earth, so that all of humanity could be saved time and again.

I want you all to live the good in depth, not a common good, but rather a higher good, which makes you understand existence in a different way, which places you before reality in a different way, knowing that it is necessary to bring My Love to the world at each moment.

This should be rule number one: love and listening, so that dialog may manifest itself, not a dialog of indifference, but rather a dialog of equality, of a higher good.

These were the last guidelines that I gave to My apostles in the past, because it was necessary for each one of My apostles to have clarity about what had to be done to fulfill the Project of Christ on Earth. Without these foundations and without these pillars, the Work of Christ would not be concretized. The same today, I am telling you that without these pillars and without these foundations, the Work of Mercy would not be concretized.

I need you to mature in a more expansive and less emotional love, a just and peaceful love, a solemn and loyal love. In this way, you will carry out My Plan with perspective and without so many oscillations, because what I come to build in each one of your hearts is something true, rather than transitory, it is something that I will need in this end time, when I have you face to face and ask you for My Treasures, to prepare My Return to the world, and thus fulfill the Aspiration of God to manifest the longed-for Promised Land.

This is why I Am here, together with My angels, faithful witnesses of this moment, together with your Guardian Angels, who are also witnesses of this moment, of the importance of maturity for all that which your Master and Lord will need to carry out in this end time.

Do you now understand the essence of what rescue is?

A true apostle can never interrupt the path of their neighbor, all must feel the freedom to grow and express themselves. This is what allows you to be true, knowing that each consciousness and each heart have its place and space in the Heart of God.

I hope your brothers and sisters, who are on the same path and on My same Boat, may have some day a place in your hearts, rather than a problem. Because the Love that I teach you is not about the three dimensional; the Love that I teach you is about that which is spiritual, true and authentic, about knowing when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no.’ Therefore, you must make an examination of conscience within yourselves.

I do not need guilt, I need a mature and conscious, humble and repentant reflection, knowing that it is the only thing that you can offer to Me, so that I may have the authority to save other regions of the world, certain spaces where My Light does not reach.

Do you now understand the vastness of My Plan of Rescue?

Everything, from what is smallest to what is greatest, must be cared for and protected. From what is smallest to what is greatest, all must be under a reflection. In this way, I will be able to entrust you with more tasks and justify, before the Law, what I Am doing in this time.

You are now at the doors of a mature apostolate; I have been telling you this for the last three months. Now it is time to live it, it is time to concretize it. This is what I hope for so much, with all the strength of my heart.

What I Am asking of you is nothing difficult, you know that I tell you the truth, because now it is necessary to prepare for My Return, which becomes more urgent at each passing day.

For this reason, I Am here once again not only to bless and encourage you, but also to make you consistent on My Path of Christification, which is not about a theology or a philosophy, but it is rather about the heart that deeply loves life, that loves their neighbor just the way they are, that fervently loves to fulfill the Will of My Father.

Thus, I come to teach you the same as I taught to My apostles. I hope there will be a sensible response. I know the potential of your hearts, I know the virtues that your souls can live, I know the gifts that your spirits can receive from God.

Therefore, I will conduct a Sacrament today and, especially, I will surrender My Sacred Body and My Precious Blood again, so that your lives, in this end time, may be a living testimony of My Love for a wounded world, so that unity may be established, so that peace may be a reality, so that those who suffer may be relieved.

This should be your aspiration, beginning with the one you have beside you. In this way, you will live in My Christic Brotherhood.

I give thanks for your having responded so quickly for this meeting. I encourage you to walk in faith and through faith, so that healing may cure the human heart.

All has been said.

May My Words reverberate deep down, so that the Will of God may be fulfilled on Earth and in Heaven.

And now, let us celebrate the Holy Communion so that the most suffering souls may receive My Love. I thank you.

Continue in My Peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.