Thursday, September 22 of 2016

Daily messages

Today My Voice is heard, just like the Voice of My Son, on all four corners of the Earth. They are the Voices that originate from the divine Verb and that reveal certain truths that, according to humankind, bring divisive consequences within and outside of the Holy Church.

As in Guadalupe, Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje, and at Aurora during My first apparition, at that moment no one could recognize who I was.

The spirit of sobriety of the Church has caused it to protect the faith of followers. But in truth, very few were able, over time and without confirmatory miracles from Heaven, to believe from the first.

This kind of faith is in very few, because it is a faith that does not reject, but neither does it accept or complain; that faith that is in very few only comes with wisdom and without repudiation, because in truth, no member of this humanity knows the Plan of God.

It is thus, dear children, that God manifests His Purpose in a way that not all accept, because that purpose leads to transformation and to change.

I am not saying, My children, that the church change or not in the face of the true presence of the Mother of God. I have appeared throughout time where the Father has asked Me to, always to deliver a message of peace and of warning that the majority does not receive with fervor.

It has already been written that the Woman of the Apocalypse would come and we are at that moment; this causes certain actions and thoughts to be modified, because all has to be in favor of the Plan of God and not in favor of the plan of humankind.

When an announcement comes from Heaven, somewhere in the world, and this is continuous and sure, the first step of humankind is to omit this call and refute it to all souls. This closes the heart of followers and causes them lose the Grace of being directly assisted by Heaven.

None of the apparitions of your Heavenly Mother is accepted before time; in this way, in order to preserve and protect the trust of hearts, the Father has asked Me in other eras to make miracles, and in this cycle, the greatest miracle is that I am among you, preaching and opening the consciousness to the truth that many of My children want to hide and thus reject.

Each soul is free and will be so until the end of their days, but the Graces that I pour out in each place are unique and are not repeated.

Each place where I appear receives what it needs, according to the Purpose that the Father presents for each cycle of humanity.

My Face is being presented outside the Church so that My children see that the message is that there are hearts in need of help and the Church does not respond to them with due love.

I want to form the true union with God in souls, and this union has no barriers; that is why I am teaching all to pray, to adore, to contemplate, and to forgive; Grace is for all who search for it and love Christ with all their heart.

Do not be blind and do not close, with your human strength, the door of salvation that I am opening for all souls; all souls deserve the salvation of My Son and I will go on until the end, until I fulfill what the Father has asked of Me.

Do not offend Me anymore; unite out of love and follow Me. Remember, priest sons, that I have already called you once and you did not want to listen to Me; no one on this planet has the responsibility for what I ask; it is I, your Mother, who comes to remove you from the eternal dream and from convenience.

I thank you for accompanying My work from your heart.

Who reconciles you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace