Friday, July 6 of 2012

Daily messages

Persist, persist, persist in My call! In this way I will support you in everything! Follow the path of faith that My Son is revealing to you. The world only needs instruments that can donate My Immaculate Peace.  Do not fear for the trials of life so that your hearts may be strong in prayer, so that they may see the Light of God.

In absolute trust approach My Son so that He can irradiate to you with the compassion of His Heart.

Dear children, as I have told you before, I invite you to persist in faith before these times of changes and through the prayer of the heart.  Everything can be alleviated in your hearts and in the world, when large groups of souls live prayer in devotion, reverence and faith.

You My children, come today to My arms because I want to help you and protect you from everything.  For this pray with Me, so that God can hear you and as creatures of His Kingdom, humanity can reach more peace and more forgiveness.

Be loving and brave in this life, because a true disciple of My Son walks for those that do not walk to God, and serves for those that do not serve their peers.

May your hearts be seeds for the new, so that in you my Maternal Love shines.  Now, My children, it is time to grow and mature so that you can face the new time of redemption, a redemption that will give My Son to all those who aspire to be His New Flock in the world.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.